Documents and Cash Security

Secure your sensitive documents and funds with our secure papers, envelopes and pouches. Your original and confidential documents will be protected from any risk of falsification and theft thanks to the security and resistance of our products.

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Documents And Cash Security - SBE Direct

A wide range of products against document leakage

More and more companies are affected by document leakage, fearing the falsification of original documents and the creation of forged documents for personal use. This is why we have developed our range of document security products.

Secure papers

Our anti-fraud papers are forgery-proof thanks to their many security features, some of which are invisible to the naked eye. Our paper will protect you against counterfeiting and guarantee the authenticity of your documents such as contracts, certificates, diplomas and licences. Our papers are complemented by tools such as a security stamp and a UV lamp to prove the originality of documents.

To find out more about the uses of security paper, see the following two articles: What is secure paper used for? and How many fake documents are circulating in (and out of) your company?

Secure envelopes

To send your documents, money, or debits, choose one of our waterproof secure envelopes that comply with current standards. The identification of your shipments will be easy thanks to a numbering and a bar code which will allow their traceability. The closure of these envelopes is secured by a VOID adhesive, perfect for testifying to the opening. You can personalise your sealed pouches with variable information (numbering, barcode, logo, etc.)

Secure pouches

Ideal for transporting precious objects, funds or documents, these pouches are recognised for their resistance and their closure with a security seal, thus avoiding any risk of break-in. These security pouches and bags, made of recycled plastic, are available in several formats and can be personalised with your company's image.