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Tablet anti-theft device, iPad anti-theft device, anti-theft tag, anti-theft cable, SBE direct offers you various solutions to combat theft of mobile phones and tablets.

In 2014, thefts of telephones, tablets and iPads rose steeply. Therefore, it is important to opt for a tablet anti-theft or a mobile phone anti-theft solution to secure your tablets and mobile devices.

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the lock

This tablet anti-theft stand helps secure most touchscreen tablets available in the market measuring 10 to 13 inches (Galaxy Tab, iPad, etc...). A tablet...
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The anti-theft support

This tablet anti-theft stand helps secure most touchscreen tablets available in the market measuring 7 to 10 inches (Galaxy Tab, iPad, etc...). A tablet...
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the lock

The antitheft iPad Safe Tech enables you to secure your Apple tablet easily. Moreover, this antitheft for tablet provides an elegant support for daily use....
Security notch
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the notch

Check out our Safe-Tech security notch for lock cable that helps you secure your computer equipment. You will be able to deter malicious persons and...

Discover our anti-theft tags

Theft can happen to anyone, at any time. Your business address book can end up in the wrong hands and cause many problems. Did you know there are anti-theft solutions for mobile phones such as anti-theft markings? SBE offers you a range of effective anti-theft devices for tablets and mobile phones.

Another complementary solution to our range of tablet and phone safety: a tablet anti-theft device to secure your iPad for example. Please note that our anti-theft devices for mobile phones and our anti-theft devices for tablets are available here at a highly degressive rate : using anti-theft marking at an affordable price is the answer.

Strengthen the security of your computer equipment with our tablet locks 

Another complementary solution to our range of tablet and phone security: a tablet lock to make your iPad as secure as possible. Our tablet locks are very practical because they allow perfect access to the device's connections and normal use. Our anti-theft brackets are secured with a passkey to lock the anti-theft device so that the tablet is unbreakable. 

We offer anti-theft devices with a reinforced metal base that can be fixed to any surface for excellent hold and security of the touch pad. In addition to being secure, your tablet will be protected from all shocks, rubbing and scratches.

An adhesive anti-theft label

To secure and identify your computer equipment at your premises or on business trips, you can use an affordable anti-theft label. This anti-theft label can be stuck on all your devices such as phones, tablets, computers, cameras, etc. It reduces the risk of theft, certifies your property and allows you to find your lost equipment thanks to the number on the label registered in our database. 

To identify your goods, we offer you to personalise your anti-theft marking in your colours. We can print your logo, text, sequential numbering, barcode, etc. This solution will reinforce your brand image.

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