Nos tarifs dégressifs jusqu'à -70%

Benefit from the transparency of the prices displayed! Almost all the prices we present on this site are degressive on quantities. It is our total transparent pricing policy we display this way, in order to make you benefit as much as possible from bulk purchases.

All our rates are clearly displayed: no unpleasant surprises

Unlike some competitors who do not display their charges for customized products, offering quotes that are sometimes difficult to understand and subject to endless negotiations, we have chosen price transparency. This means that you will never pay more than the price indicated, and you will see that our prices are always calculated according to your real needs.

Well thought-out pricing for easy comparison

Our rates are indicated per unit by product category. The unit is any of: the label, the 1,000-label roll, the A 4 board…. This gives you the advantage of easily comparing the products by unit, and giving you a precise and accurate idea of the cost of the products we offer, with no last minute surprises.

A degressive reduction of up to -70%!

Our products cost less if the quantities are larger. And we give you this benefit when your needs are greater. This degressive effect is significantly more pronounced on customized printing products such as labels or business badges than for physical security products such as anti-theft cables.

To gain a better understanding of this, it is important to know that every customized production has fixed startup costs (machine sets, tests, first runs.) which are very consuming of time and raw materials, regardless of the final quantities to be made. These costs are included in unit prices of labels, but they become insignificant on large quantities but penalize smaller quantities. That is why we suggest for each product a minimum order limit, below which the unit cost would be prohibitive. 
Read more about this in the article: " "

Before ordering, we invite you to look carefully at the degressive rates we offer for each item, and you will notice that it is sometimes very advantageous to order a slightly higher quantity, which will be at a very low price, to benefit you the most.

Finally, it is advisable to order your items in anticipation of your annual, rather than one-off, consumption. You will pay a lot less per unit for one order of 5,000 labels than for 5 orders of 1,000 units.