Hospital Wristbands

Secure identification of patients in hospitals is nowadays a key guarantee for both institutions and patients themselves. The hospital bracelet solutions we offer are classic and proven: pastel colour patient bracelets for adults and children in quality flexible vinyl (doubled), provided for daily use, even for long stays.

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the 100 bracelets

This hospital wristband for children meets special hospital requirements. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, medical institutes and other health-care...
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the 100 bracelets

The adult hospital wristband perfectly meets the requirements of health establishments. Ideal for hospitals, clinics or retirement homes, this...
Pink Children’s hospital wristband
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the 100 bracelets

This hospital wristband for children meets special hospital requirements. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, medical institutes and other health-care...

Hospital bracelet, handy, hygenic qnd custimizable

Resistant to water and common cleaning products, frequent handling, this bracelet designed for perfectly hygienic hospitals guarantees safe patient identification throughout their hospitalization while also improving comfort. Our patient bracelets can also be customized on behalf of the institution, with names (patient names) and individually numbered (numbers, barcodes, QR codes) providing even higher security. All these secure medical bracelets have an excellent finish (strict quality control). Test our samples yourself and enjoy the quality!

Why use medical wristbands?

Medical wristbands allow healthcare facilities and medical staff to guarantee the identity of patients during consultations and for the duration of care. In addition, patient safety is ensured as there can be no exchange of bracelets.

This identification bracelet is automatically put on by the nurse when the patient is first taken care of. 

Thus, the medical bracelets allow the staff to be more efficient in the identification of the patients. Scanning the wristband allows access to records, room numbers, etc...

Also, it minimizes the risk of errors during care, travel and consultations. Errors are often caused by the lack of transparency of information between the administration, nurses, doctors etc...

The identification bracelets have a writing panel. This panel allows you to indicate the strict identification features of the patient at all times and to do identity surveillance. These features are the following information: 

  • The name of the patient
  • The sex of the patient
  • The date of birth
  • His IPP: Permanent Patient Identification

These data can be entered manually or you can create labels to stick on the bracelets. Ideally, the VOID tags cannot be reattached and leave a trace when they are removed. 

Other information such as social security numbers cannot be displayed on the wristband due to hospital privacy policies.

Thus, with such information on the identification wristbands, clinical hospitals will be able to easily identify patients, even when they get lost or flee their resting room. 

How to remove a hospital wristband?

The security of the wristband depends on how well it closes. It varies according to the model chosen: tyveck, vinyl, with simple pressure, inviolable pressure...

Only bracelets with a simple snap can be detached without breaking and be reused. This is the case of death bracelets. These bracelets are of little interest in hospitals, they are adapted to funeral management. 

All other bracelets are secure, that is, they cannot be removed without being broken. Therefore, none can be reused or transferred to another person. They are therefore individual and unique.

The tamper-proof snap closure of the ID bracelet is a very strong attachment system that prevents the wearer from removing the bracelet. In fact, the patient identification bracelet cannot be removed once closed. Thus, it is not transferable from one person to another. Thanks to the multiple closing points, this single-use medical bracelet adapts to all types of wrists and morphology. To take off the bracelet, you have to cut it with some scissors. 

A bracelet for each departments 

A hospital is composed of several very distinct departments that may require specific bracelets. In particular, in the maternity department, a bracelet on a mother will be duplicated on the newborn. With this bracelet, the mother and child will share a unique sequential number throughout their stay in the department. 

Unfortunately, hospitals do not only have births. Deceased people, like other patients, need to be identified and tracked. For this purpose, we offer death bracelets that are easily removed with a simple push of a button.