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The transparent badge holder is the optimal and indispensable solution for protecting your company badges and cards. Optimise their durability and promote the visibility of your staff within your company or outside at various public or private events. In order to control and facilitate the access of your employees while protecting your badges over time, the card holder is recommended.

Clear plastic badge, hard protective case

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the 100 badge holders

This soft badge holder is an effective solution: Are you looking for a simple and effective way to wear your badge, keeping it visible while protecting it...
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the 100 badge holders

This soft vinyl badge holder measuring 86 x 101mm or 105 x 70mm is of very high quality, fully transparent and ensures that your badges have maximum...
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the 100 badge holders

Discover our case for badges and cards: a discreet, practical and economical solution for protecting your cards and badges. This ultra-soft case allows you...
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the 100 badge holders

This double sided flexible badge holder is the ideal solution that will help save time during security recognition in the workplace. Henceforth your badges...
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the 100 badge holders

This flexible badge holder is suitable for all types of events and helps you to clearly identify all the participants. This 80 x 135mm or 105 x 148mm...
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the 100 badge holders

This flexible badge holder with a suspender clip is the perfect solution to hold, protect and clearly display your badge at the work place. This fully...
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Pack of 100

Transparent adhesive pockets Looking for a way to temporarily or permanently  display business cards? We provide sets with 6 adhesive packs...
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the 100 badge holders

The Rigid badge protector is the most radical solution to protect your cards and badges from deterioration. In fact, this badge protector is made of...
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the 100 badge holders

This new badge holder allows you to permanently seal your badge and secure it with its unique and patented system. Once this badge holder is closed, it...
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the 100 badge holders

Your employee badges and company cards are in constant contact with objects that can cause damage to their usage. That’s why we have created the rigid...
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the 100 badge holders

This flexible badge holder specially designed to be fixed to your windshield allows quick and accurate identification and access to your work place....
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the 100 badge holders

This rigid badge holder made of unbreakable polycarbonate with anti-UV treatment allows your badges to retain their colors. This rigid badge holder is...
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This rigid badge holder has been specially designed to hold two cards separately with the help of an internal partition. A genuine security badge holder,...
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The RFID protection case is the effective solution to protect your sensitive data likely to be copied or retrieved from your RFID card. With tear-proof...
Batch of 100 magnetic badge holders - 1
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Pack of 100

Batch of 100 magnetic badge holders Does your badge holder interfere with your movements and would you like a solution to this? This magical...
waterproof passport holder with lanyard en
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the set of 10

The transparent waterproof passport holder with transparent lanyard is the essential accessory to securely protect your documents in a perfectly visible...

A wide and complete range of transparent badge holders

To best support you in the protection and security of your property and employees, we have chosen to offer you a wide range of plastic badge holders.

To do so, we have divided our secure solutions for your personalized badges and corporate cards into two categories (the material remains the same in both options):

  • Transparent rigid badge holders;
  • Transparent flexible badge holders.

Each of these ranges has been designed to best meet your needs and specifications. As such, several sizes and formats (horizontal and vertical) are available, ranging from 86 x 54 mm (credit card format) to 105 x 148 mm (A6 format).

Because we know how important your company's brand image is, we have chosen to give all our transparent badge holders a glazed, shiny and anti-reflective finish. This ensures that your card has flawless visibility and optimal highlighting. To increase the visibility of your conference badges and other badges, our transparent badge holders can be combined with lanyards, cords, clips or even pins.

But our card holders are not just fashion accessories. They have a real security dimension. Indeed, an access card or a chip badge (RFID or not) that is kept in a pocket, bag or wallet is subject to countless rubbing or contact with a phone. These can cause card demagnetization, wear, breakage and/or worst of all, loss.

And because we are aware of the budget that ordering personalized electronic badges and cards can represent for a company, we want to emphasize the importance of a transparent badge holder.

The SBE Direct team wants to adapt to technology and above all to your needs by offering you an RFID protection case. Other more specific models exist, such as vehicle badge holders, which are useful for identifying access to people in a parking lot.

Our transparent card holders are generally sold in lots of 100, so you can take advantage of our attractive and decreasing prices to anticipate and meet your needs.

If you're wondering what a card holder can do for you, we recommend reading the following article we wrote: The badge holder, an essential protection for your badges.

The usefulness of a transparent rigid badge holder

As mentioned earlier, we have divided our card holder offerings into two categories. The rigid badge holder reflects a primary interest if you require maximum protection and long-term durability.

We recommend using this type of product if you have PVC RFID cards or badges with electronic chips (standard format). This technology is relatively expensive, and for good reason. They have chips that store a large amount of information and data. These cards also allow flawless checking and identification of your personnel from a distance using RFID card and badge readers.

In short, if the card typology of your company requires a high level of security, we advise you to opt for an ultra-secure transparent rigid badge holder (plastic material).

Our transparent rigid badge holders are compatible with the use of lanyards, cords, clips, or pins. These accessories reduce the risk of loss or theft of your cards.

The usefulness of a transparent flexible badge holder

For similar use but with different requirements, the transparent flexible badge holder integrates perfectly into the business world (standard format). Less resistant but with unparalleled lightness and finesse, flexible badge holders are recommended for occasional use.

If you regularly welcome visitors, their access to the company is by definition temporary. You probably issue limited-time badges on a daily basis. In this case, the use of a transparent flexible badge holder is more than suitable.

In the same scheme, if you are an event organizer and decide to provide access badges to visitors, they require the use of a card holder to access the event.

This type of badge holder has an oblong perforation allowing the passage of a lanyard. The cord will therefore enhance the ultra-secure nature of the transparent flexible badge holder (plastic material).

Our transparent flexible badge holders are compatible with the use of lanyards, cords, clips, or pins. These accessories reduce the risk of loss or theft of your cards.

Enhanced security with the use of accessories

A badge holder is effective in preventing damage to the plastic card. However, a badge holder is only effective if it is easily accessible and within reach. That's why we have put together a range of complementary accessories that not only make it easier to wear your PVC cards, but also reduce the risk of loss or theft.

Several types of solutions exist to facilitate the wearing of your PVC cards. Among these are our customizable or non-customizable lanyards, which allow you to highlight your badges, identify your staff perfectly, and strengthen your brand image at all public and private events. You can therefore, according to your preferences, match the cord straps to the colors of your company or choose more traditional solid colors (black, white, red, yellow, ...). We also offer different types of materials.

If the badge reader is at hip height, don't worry, we also have the appropriate attachment: the badge reel. Thanks to its locking clip, you can easily attach the product to your belt and clip the badge to the reel. Its retractable cord gives you 72 cm of amplitude. In addition, on the front of the reel housing, there is a surface for a logo or inscription.

Sometimes simplicity is also an excellent driver of efficiency and security. You will therefore have the choice between metal or plastic clips and clamps. Our metal badge clips are equipped with a transparent plastic strap and a metal snap, while our plastic badge clips or metal pin badge clips are equipped with a simple badge clamp for one and an ultra-resistant glue point to attach to the back of the transparent badge holder for the other. These small accessories allow the badge holder to be attached to your chest. As for the choice of materials for our accessories, beyond the security aspect, the choice remains visual.

Regarding formats, our lanyards, cords, clips, and clamps are standard and therefore suitable for most transparent badge holder and badge formats.

Discover our article on lanyards: Custom lanyards for a personalized touch.