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The purpose of identifying business staff or people in public places is to allow very quick naked eye identification of those authorised to be at a given place. This visibility is paramount and we have designed a range of badge protection with this idea in mind: a badge protector for maximum readability for people in situations where professional presentation must be maintained. Next, the goal of this badge protection is to protect PVC cards, so that company badges remain unchanged despite frequent daily handling and wearing.

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the 100 badge holders

This soft badge holder is an effective solution: Are you looking for a simple and effective way to wear your badge, keeping it visible while protecting it...
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the 100 badge holders

This soft vinyl badge holder measuring 86 x 101mm or 105 x 70mm is of very high quality, fully transparent and ensures that your badges have maximum...
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the 100 badge holders

Discover our case for badges and cards: a discreet, practical and economical solution for protecting your cards and badges. This ultra-soft case allows you...
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the 100 badge holders

This double sided flexible badge holder is the ideal solution that will help save time during security recognition in the workplace. Henceforth your badges...
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the 100 badge holders

This flexible badge holder is suitable for all types of events and helps you to clearly identify all the participants. This 80 x 135mm or 105 x 148mm...
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the 100 badge holders

This flexible badge holder with a suspender clip is the perfect solution to hold, protect and clearly display your badge at the work place. This fully...
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Pack of 100

Transparent adhesive pockets Looking for a way to temporarily or permanently  display business cards? We provide sets with 6 adhesive packs...
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the 100 badge holders

The Rigid badge protector is the most radical solution to protect your cards and badges from deterioration. In fact, this badge protector is made of...
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the 100 badge holders

This new badge holder allows you to permanently seal your badge and secure it with its unique and patented system. Once this badge holder is closed, it...
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the 100 badge holders

The Rigid badge protector is the most radical solution to protect your cards and badges from deterioration. In fact, this badge protector is made of...
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the 100 badge holders

This flexible badge holder specially designed to be fixed to your windshield allows quick and accurate identification and access to your work place....
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the 100 badge holders

This rigid badge holder made of unbreakable polycarbonate with anti-UV treatment allows your badges to retain their colors. This rigid badge holder is...
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in packs of 100

This rigid badge holder has been specially designed to hold two cards separately with the help of an internal partition. A genuine security badge holder,...
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the 100 cases

The RFID protection case is the effective solution to protect your sensitive data likely to be copied or retrieved from your RFID card. With tear-proof...
lot de 100 porte badges souples grand format
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the lot

Set of large format flexible badge holders  This flexible vinyl badge holder in 88 x 103mm or 105 x 70mm format of very high quality is completely...

Discover our whole range of badge protectors and badge-holders

Badge protection is separated into two basic ranges: rigid badge-holders (best durability, maximum protection) and flexible badge holders (light, durable and slim), all ultra-transparent and anti-reflective, in all their sizes and appearances to suit your plastic card. In addition, this the plastic badge-holder and the rigid card-holder protect company badges from moisture and scratches, and also have an excellent glossy finish. SBE is adapting to latest technology and your needs by also offering RFID protection and rigid badge protection.

Why wear a badge? 

Badges are increasingly used in companies, and are even mandatory, because they can serve several purposes. The first is to identify people in companies or at events. Thus, access control is facilitated and secured in order to avoid any risk of identity theft and damage.

To learn more, you can read our article on PVC cards and badge readers.

The advantages of a badge holder

Choosing a badge holder is a very good decision. First and foremost, it protects your badge from being handled and from any risk of moisture or heat that could damage it.

In addition, a badge holder allows you to wear your badge without thinking about it by putting it around your neck or hanging it on your trouser belt or small shirt pocket. This reduces the risk of loss and theft.

Wearing your badge also increases your company's visibility by customising your badge holder with your colours and logo. It is a good way to convey your brand image both internally and externally, especially during trade shows, conferences, etc.

To sum up, the badge holder, rigid or flexible, can be adapted to all types of PVC badges and cards. It facilitates the identification of people and thus better controls the entry and exit of your company.

Accessories to complement a badge holder

There are many fasteners that allow you to wear your badge in addition to a badge holder.

At SBE, we have lanyards that can be personalized with your own colours, so that your badge is always within reach.

If you want to have your badge attached to your belt to scan it at a reader, we also offer badge reels, also customizable. This accessory is very practical because you can unwind the wire to which the badge holder is attached to increase its range, and it will automatically rewind.

We also have simpler but effective accessories such as metal pins and clips and plastic clips that allow you to attach your badge holder to your chest. They are ideal for identifying people at a glance.

For more information on badge holders, see our article.