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Discover our textile label range composed of our label rolls (sewing or iron-on), ink ribbons and a textile label printer. You can print your own garment labels directly on your premises. Identify your textile products in an efficient way.

Blank textile labels for sewing or iron-on in rolls

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The roller

The sew-on textile label roll allows you to print your own textile labels directly on your company premises. You will be able to print data on your blank...
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the box

The ink ribbon for thermal transfer labels is specially designed to print labels for textile and to stick to them.  The thermal transfer ribbon...
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This CAB Squix 4MT textile label printer allows you to quickly print your own professional quality textile labels. A textile label printer with high...
Thermoadhesive butterfly color label - 3
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The label package *

Color heat-seal textile labels are your all-in-one solution for printing and personalizing textile labels directly in your facility. All heat-seal labels...
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The roller

The pre-cut heat-seal textile label roll allows you to print and customize your textile labels directly in your premises. On the blank label, you can print...
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a press

This heat press machine is ideal for heat setting patches, iron-on labels or other ink transfers onto your garments. Known for its ease of use, you will...

What is a textile label and what is it used for?

A textile label allows you to write down important information about your textile. You will be able to put as data the type of fabric used, put a barcode, the washing precautions or any other additional information on your product. A clothing label allows you to represent and differentiate a brand.

How to make a textile label for clothing, leather goods ... ?

To create a clothing label, you must have a special textile label printer. Our textile label printer allows you to quickly print your own clothing labels and customize them. You must also have ink ribbons and rolls of textile labels that you can find on our site.

How to apply a textile label?

There are different ways to apply a textile label. If you choose our iron-on label, it will then be heat-set at more than 200°C using a heat press. Whereas if you choose our sew-on label, it will simply have to be sewn on by hand or with a machine.

What is the difference between our two types of textile labels?

First of all, we have a sew-on garment label and a heat-stitched garment label. Then the iron-on labels are already pre-cut, while the sew-on labels can be cut to the desired length by yourself.

The iron-on labels are easy and quick to apply, they are resistant, but they are not applicable on all materials. While the sew-on labels can be applied on all types of fabrics, they are durable, but they are also longer to apply than iron-on clothing labels.

The different formats of our textile labels 

We offer two types of textile labels with different formats.

First of all, we have rolls of textile labels to be sewn in the following formats : 

  • 30 mm x 200 m
  • 38 mm x 200 m
  • 100 mm x 200 m

Then we have rolls of iron-on textile labels in the following formats: 

  • 41 x 16 mm / 3000 labels
  • 44 x 19 mm / 2632 labels
  • 82 x 25 mm / 2000 labels
  • 82 x 38 mm / 1315 labels
  • 90 x 50 mm / 1000 labels

We also have iron-on textile labels to cut out: 

  • 60 mm x 50 m
  • 70 mm x 50 m
  • 80 mm x 50 m 
  • 90 mm x 50 m