Thermal Transfer Labels Rolls

SBE Direct offers a range of labels on rolls so you can create your own custom labels to suit your project.

Our self-adhesive label rolls are suitable for thermal transfer printing. Self-adhesive labels on rolls are frequently used by our customers for product and fleet inventory and transport labels. 

Thermal Transfer Labels Rolls - SBE Direct

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the roller

This 3M blank heavy duty asset tag roll is the most effective solution that helps you to accurately identify your assets. It is available at a very...


Customized labels for effective marking 

Self-adhesive labels can be used for many projects and purposes. That's why SBE offers a range of different label types to suit your needs.

Blank polypropylene labels rolls are suitable for many different uses. It is the most economical version of synthetic labels. It is often used for package labelling such as carrier labels or price tags.

Destructible PVC Blank labels rolls are suitable for furniture and computer identification. They are extremely difficult to remove and break into thousands of small pieces if someone tries to remove it, making it almost impossible to tear off.

Blank asset tag labels rolls are suitable for outdoor inventory. These permanent adhesive labels are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, chemicals, extreme temperatures (-55° to +155°), humidity, etc. 

Blank heavy-duty polyester labels rolls, also known as property labels, are useful for identifying a company's property. Their particularity is their large size, which allows to write a lot of information (serial number, manufacturing date, ownership, device type, barcode...).   

Blank VOID polyester labels rolls are often used as seals, for example to seal cabinets containing confidential information.

How can I personalise my labels? 

thermal transfer printer for label rollsIf you have opted for on-site personalisation of your labels, you need a self-adhesive label printer. To find out which printer is compatible with your label, I suggest you consult the following article: Label rolls: essential consumables for printing with a label printer.

On the other hand, if you don't know how to choose your printer, I recommend that you read this article: Barcode label printers: the 4 professional questions to ask before your purchase. 

label edition software nicelabelIn order to facilitate the personalisation of labels on rolls, we propose Nicelabel, an intuitive label designer software. This software allows you to create your label templates for all your needs: product labelling, shipping labels, inventory labelling, etc. 

Thanks to this software, your rolls of self-adhesive labels can be personalised with barcodes, QR-codes, Datamatrix codes... In all, more than 70 barcode possibilities are available!

This software does not require any programming knowledge and is compatible with all printers.

What is the difference between a thermal transfer and direct thermal label roll? 

If you have to choose between a direct thermal printer and a thermal transfer printer, you may be wondering what exactly the difference is.

Thermal transfer: Thermal transfer printing technology uses heat to transfer the ink from the ribbon to the substrate. These printers require a thermal transfer ribbon for printing as well as synthetic or paper labels. It is possible to print in colour with the addition of a coloured ribbon. This printing is resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures and is suitable for medium to long term labels.

direct thermal printer Direct thermal: In this case, this type of printing does not require ink, toner or ribbon. Thanks to a thermal print head equipped with a heating resistor, the chemically treated paper will blacken on contact with the heat. This type of paper can only be printed in black and white and is not suitable for high contact use.

At SBE direct we only supply labels that work with thermal transfer printing and therefore it is necessary to use specific ink ribbons and printers.

Which ribbons should I use? 

ink ribbon print label rollsrange of black and red ribbons are available to ensure that your stock labels and any thermal transfer labels are resistant to a wide range of stresses.

Take advantage of degressive prices on your order quantities as well as a money back guarantee to buy all the material you need. 

If you don't know how to choose your ink ribbon, don't hesitate to consult the following article: How to choose the right ink ribbon for quality labelling?