Audio-visual Locks

Secure your audio-visual equipment. Discover our range of anti-theft solutions for audiovisual equipment.

Audio-Visual Locks - SBE Direct

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White Safe-Tech Anti-theft Cable For Remote-Control
  • New
De 14.00€ à 25.00€ Tax excluded
  • Reinforced cable: maximum security
  • Discretely protects your belongings from theft
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Specially designed for exhibition equipment
  • Wide range of movement
De 129.00€ à 151.00€ Tax excluded
  • Anti-theft support secured with lock + padlock
  • Design in resistant steel
  • Adjustable ceiling heights
  • Universal videoprojector anti-theft: adapts to all types of videoprojectors
  • 360° swivel ceiling support

Why adopt our laptop anti-theft cables and other devices in our range?

Audio-visual equipment security can never be taken for granted, it is often expensive equipment made available to the public, in permanent use and visible to everyone in your institution. That is why we are creating this new range of anti-theft devices for audio-visual equipment.

The benefits of our audio-visual security range

  • Simple to install and use
  • High efficiency
  • Greatly reduces the risk of theft of your property

SBE offers various security systems for audio-visual equipment, such as the anti-theft cable for remote control, laptopanti-theft cable or anti-theft motion alarm for example. We will soon be introducing new systems for the safety of audio-visual material in particular for video projectors.