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SATO CL4NX PLUS industrial label printer

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the printer

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  • Industrial label printer 2.0
  • 3.5 inch color LCD screen
  • RFID and HF RFID compatible
  • Fast, accurate and smart

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At home on Saturday 01 October 2022

Printing your own color labels has never been easier! The SATO CL4NX Plus industrial label printer offers a wide range of high-end printing options: on rolls, by the unit or sequentially. It’s the industrial printer that makes all kinds of identification easy with its barcode, custom text and logo printing. Fast, accurate and smart, the SATO CL4NX Plus offers the best print resolutions on the market !

The most ergonomic industrial label printer !

This industrial label printer is a jewel of technology, it offers an ergonomics and a flow without equal. Its universal character allows it to adapt to all sectors of activity. Printer 2.0 rhymes with adaptation and evolution, the SATO CL4NX Plus is able to work with new and old printing tools.

Gone are the days of opulent printers that take up the entire workspace and leave no room for creativity. Today, beyond adapting perfectly to your workflow, with flawless precision. The SATO CL4NX Plus is pure ergonomics, simplicity and minimalism. Its aluminum components and removable metal cover make this industrial label printer light, robust and reliable.

SATO CL4NX Plus, the printer 2.0 :

The SATO CL4NX Plus industrial printer is the spearhead of a new generation of thermal printers. With its 3.5 inch color LCD screen and real-time messages (available in 30 languages), it's an optimal printing flow guaranteed. For those who are less comfortable with technology, don't panic, video tutorials and diagrams are displayed on its screen if needed. 

Often, functionality goes hand in hand with ease of use. Well, the SATO CL4NX Plus label printer meets this challenge once again. Changing label rolls and ribbons is child's play. Everything is designed in such a way that a novice user can service the printer in record time.

This label printer is not only ergonomic and easy to use. It is also able to print just-in-time in high resolution, from 203 dpi to 609 dpi on a wide range of consumables. Its print width may surprise you, as the SATO CL4NX Plus is able to print with a maximum print width of 104 mm, in 47 different languages. The 2D is not afraid of this printer which is also able to print barcodes in very high quality.

With this printer, you can now reduce your label waste with the uniform print position. 

How to design your own labels ?

There are several graphic design software that allow you to think, create and design your own labels. On our site, we offer the intuitive and fast label design software: NiceLabel Designer. This software will allow you to design your personalized labels in the smallest details, whether they are in the form of conventional linear barcodes, 2D barcodes and/or QR codes.

The SATO CL4NX Plus industrial printer has a USB port on the front panel that facilitates pairing and data transfer from a computer/USB stick to the SATO.

This 2.0 printer tends to operate autonomously, so it does not need to be connected to a host system. In addition, the LAN connection and Bluetooth also allow the printer to work autonomously. 

The SATO industrial label printer: a foolproof print flow !

The SATO CL4NX Plus is a real technological achievement, with a printing speed of up to 355 mm/s. Working just-in-time and exceeding your objectives becomes possible. The printing speed of this printer is a strong added value, with its 16% faster than other industrial printers!

The RFID technology is compatible with the SATO industrial label printer and can also work with the optional HF RFID.

Although it is suitable for all sectors of activity, the most common areas of application for this label printer are industry, healthcare, distribution, warehousing, transport and logistics

Options and accessories :

Options and accessories : *DescriptionPrice
Guillotine cutter Precise, individual cutting of self-adhesive cardboard labels as well as continuous printing and cutting of labels. 176 €
Dispenser with internal glassine rewinder Easier to peel off the label for immediate application 139 €
Real time clock Print an additional variable, the date and/or time 95 €
External rewinder Rewind the labels at the printer output. Can be powered by the printer or an optional power module 838,50€

* On estimate, consult us.

Features :

Printing methodThermal transfer / Direct thermal printing
Print module Continuous, Tear, Cutter, Dispenser, Linerless
Print resolution 8 points/mm (203dpi) 12 points/mm (305dpi) 24 points/mm (609dpi)
Maximum print speed 355 mm/sec 152 mm/sec
Maximum print area Width 104 mm
Lenght 2 500 mm 1 500 mm 400 mm
Processor Dual CPU and dual system d’exploitation : CPU 1 : 800 MHz for Linux OS, CPU 2 : 800 MHz for ITRON OS
Printer memory CPU 1 : ROM 2 Go, RAM 256 Mo, CPU 2 : ROM 4 Mo, RAM 64 Mo

Deliverables :

The SATO CL4NX Plus label printer is delivered with its power cable, user manual and warranty.

To download the printer driver, click here. Fill in your printer model and follow the instructions.

SBE advises you : How to choose the best label printer?


Data sheet

the printer
1 year
Direct thermal and thermal transfer
15 kg
271 x 457 x 321 mm
Print speed
Up to 355 mm/s
Printing width
104 mm
203 dpi / 305 dpi / 609 dpi
Max. roll diameter
90 mm
Diameter of the ribbon mandrel
25,4 mm
Diameter of the roll core
76 mm
Outside width of the ribbon
39,5 - 128
outside width of the roll
22 - 128 mm


Brochure en français Cl4NX Plus

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Leaflet of CL4NX Plus

Here you will find the caracteristics and explanations of this printer

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Resolution 203dpi Ref. IMP-TT-CL4NX-PLUS-203

Quantités Prix € HT
1 2352 €

Resolution 305dpi Ref. IMP-TT-CL4NX-PLUS-305

Quantités Prix € HT
1 2820 €

Resolution 609 dpi Ref. IMP-TT-CL4NX-PLUS-609

Quantités Prix € HT
1 4532 €

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