cab eos1 thermal transfer printer
    • cab eos1 thermal transfer printer

    CAB EOS1 Thermal Transfer Printer

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    the printer

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    • Touch-screen and backlit LCD
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    The CAB EOS1 thermal transfer printer allows you to print your own personalized labels according to your needs with a variable logo, text, numbering and / or barcode. The labels thus printed have a print quality close to those offered at the beginning of the catalog.

    Our CAB thermal transfer printer: a small format for great performance

    LThe compact shape of this CAB printer makes it ideal for small spaces. Made from high quality materials, all of the components and the outer casing of this German-made thermal transfer printer are perfectly matched to each other. The label printing resolution is 203 or 300 dpi depending on the model selected. With a printing speed of up to 125mm / s, you quickly get all the labels you need.

    The backlit LCD touch screen brings great comfort of use to this thermal transfer printer. Indeed, it is then very easy to view and select all the functions available from this screen.

    Intuitive use, from label design to printer maintenance. 

    Supplied with the CAB label printer, Cablabel S3 Lite software allows you to design your labels. The many tools available allow you to obtain a final personalized label of quality that best suits your needs. Cablabel S3 Lite software does not print variable barcodes. The Pro version of the Cablabel S3 software allows this type of printing, as well as the connection and import of databases from the software, installed on a computer. You can try this Pro version for 30 days before permanently installing it on your computer.

    After designing your personalized labels, you can save the file on a USB key or in the internal memory of the EOS1 printer. Adding data to the CAB thermal transfer printer is easy with three available USB ports: two located below the touch control panel, and one on the back of the printer. You can connect a USB key, service key, Wi-Fi key, Bluetooth, keyboard or barcode reader. Thus, the printing of the roll label can be done in several times, the printer keeps all the files saved in its memory and works autonomously without the need to be connected to a computer.

    The large transparent cover allows you to check the condition of the consumable rollers at any time. In addition, the rolls of labels and tapes can be put in place very easily. Once loaded, the label roll holder is automatically centered when the cover is closed, while the tape holder is adjusted with its stopper according to the width of the tape roll. The label detection cell identifies the start and end of the roll.

    The print head can be removed without tools to be cleaned or replaced.

    A mobile version of this thermal transfer printer to take anywhere printer-thermal-transfer-cab-eos1.

    The EOS1 thermal transfer printer is also available in a mobile version. With an input voltage of 24 V, the printer can be powered by any suitable battery. The battery pack 2 for EOS allows you to carry out more than 500 print jobs in one day with a label size of 100x68 mm and 15% coverage. The charging time for this battery is 2 hours. The maximum printing width is then 105.7 mm. Data transfer can be done by WiFi or Bluetooth.

    As an option, the battery capacity can be doubled if necessary, this corresponds to "battery pack 4".

    This model of thermal transfer printer is very practical if no electrical connection is available.


    The CAB EOS1 thermal transfer printer is delivered with a USB cable, a CD with Cablabel S3 Lite software, and the user manual.

    SBE advises you: How to choose the best label printer?

    Options et accessoires :

    massicot-imprimante-transfert-thermique-cab-eos1Paper cutter: a blade installed at the output of the personalized label of the CAB printer makes it possible to cut the label support after the printing of each roll label. So you have your labels printed in a stack. Personalization of the guillotine is possible to perforate the material in addition to the cut.
    derouleur-externe-imprimante-transfert-thermique-cab-eos1External dispenser: the label roll is automatically centered during insertion. This accessory cannot be used with the mobile version of the EOS printer.
    tendeur-etiquettes-paravent-imprimante-transfert-thermique-cab-eos1Screen tensioner for labels: the tensioner guides the labels in the form of a screen to the printer. The label printing is then more regular and precise. This accessory cannot be used with mobile EOS.
    clavier-imprimante-transfert-thermique-cab-eos1Standard keyboard: the label masks are designed with the Cablabel S3 software on a computer, then they are saved on a memory card, a USB key or in the internal memory of the printer. The keyboard, once connected to the printer via the USB port, allows the label mask to be completed with variable information such as a numbering. The thermal transfer printer can be used independently without being connected to the computer.

    List of bar codes available for the Cablabel S3 Lite and Cablabel S3 Pro versions.


    Options et accessoiriesPaper cut External dispenserTensioner for folding screen labels105-key USB alphanumeric keyboard
    Price370,50 €156 €117 €60 €

    Data sheet

    the printer
    2 years
    Catalog code
    D039 E859 F859
    Direct thermal and thermal transfer
    4 kg
    189 x 322 x 253 mm
    Chuck diameter
    from 38 to 76 mm
    Total roll diameter
    152 mm
    Print speed
    125 mm / s
    Printing width
    108 mm
    203 and 300 dpi


    Cablabel S3 (FR)

    Mode d'emploi logiciel Cablabel S3

    Download (3.82M)


    Manuel d'utilisation : Imprimante TTH CAB EOS1

    Download (1.4M)

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    Resolution 203dpi Ref. IMP-TT-EOS1-203

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    Classic version
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    Mobile version
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    Resolution 300dpi Ref. IMP-TT-EOS1-300

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    Classic version
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    Mobile version
    1 1056 € 1147 €

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