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Protect your computers and data with our anti-vandal screws

Take advantage of our anti-theft systems and screws to protect your computer hardware. A security specialist, SBE Direct offers you a wide range of products and systems for the protection of your physical property.


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Protect perfectly your computer data

Screwed to your PC or laptop, our anti-vandal screws perfectly secure your data, memory, hard drives and other internal components against vandalism and intrusion and act as genuine PC protection screws.

On request, with a minimum order of 1000 pieces, it is possible to make these hardware screws to your measurements (diameter, thread, and length), and even to offer you an individual and customized anti-theft screw head that you alone will have the key to. These PC protection screws are very difficult to open without the appropriate screwdriver, and the “SBE High-Security" screw offers an unparalleled level of security in this field. Do not hesitate to ask us for a free sample to try out!

Discover our range of anti-theft screws and anti-vandal systems

Concerned about ensuring perfect security of your IT equipment, SBE Direct offers you several vandal-proof screws according to your needs:

  • Eco anti-theft screw to benefit from a low price while taking advantage of the quality of stainless steel;
  • High security anti-theft screw made of galvanized stainless steel;
  • Marguerite anti-theft screws very high security.

Our range is also completed with several screwdrivers and bits adapted to the installation and removal of our vandal-proof screws. The latter have curved and smooth heads that make them impossible to dismantle by any other means than those that the products offer.

Take advantage of the effectiveness of our high security screws to protect your equipment and data! Contact us for more information.