Building signage

Identify and secure your premises with our customisable industrial signage.

We want to emphasize that all our signage, whether it's warnings, directions, or instructions, is exclusively available in French. We are unable to produce them in other languages because we can only ensure effective communication that complies with French safety standards.

However, we offer 100% customizable signs that can include text in any language. Discover our custom signage and safety panels.

Worplace safety sign - SBE Direct

A wide range of building signs

Discover our wide range of industrial signs that will help secure your work area.

Our local signage can be adapted to any type of building: hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, warehouses and even transports to identify and secure goods and people within your company.

Our building signs are all compliant with current ISO standards and the law. They can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to their high resistance and are durable over time. In addition, our local deposit signs are available in a variety of sizes and can be made-to-measure on request.

What is the purpose of signage in a company ?

Signs allow users to easily identify the passages and functions contained in the building, especially for people with reduced mobility. 

Signage is essential for easy movement in and around the building. This should be particularly relevant to people with motor, visual, hearing and cognitive impairments. Signs are divided into three categories: direction, location and risk prevention.

In order to be able to reach all users, the elements must be indicated by sight, touch and hearing. Several criteria should be checked: simplicity, intuitive use, visibility, legibility, consistency, quantity and hierarchy of information. 

In the case of text and pictograms, several parameters come into play to ensure effective signage: versatility, homogeneity, shape, size, font, colour and colour contrast of the pictogram, matt characters of the parenthesis to avoid reflections, lighting. The positioning and height of the sign should also be carefully considered.

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