Nos 10 assurances qualité-prix-service

Throughout your visit to this site, as in our catalogue, you will often see these pictograms. Each clearly indicates an advantage reserved for you, a service we provide you or a guarantee we provide you. Locate them well... and take advantage of everything we can bring you!

The best bargains for you.

picto 1er prixMake the most of it! All the products marked with this pictogram present a promotional product, an entry to the range product, always at the best price, but never at the expense of quality. These are the most inexpensive products in a given range.

This time you'll pay less.

picto prix en baisseYes, our prices can drop! We regularly improve our terms for purchasing raw materials, and if we can provide you with a more advantageous price, we will always let you know with this pictogram. These price reductions are never at the expense of quality, it is usually exactly the same product or a higher level product for which our purchase or production conditions have changed. So… Keep on the lookout!

Forget the standard and show your true colours. 

picto sur mesurepicto couleurs multiplesAlthough all the products of our labels, stickers and badges are of course completely customizable, some specific products for which customization is unusual still offer this possibility (A4 boards for laser printers, padlocks…). They are then identified by these pictograms.

To learn more about the customization of SBE products and how to enhance your company's brand image, see to these articles: "SBE advises/Manage the printing of your logo "and"SBE advises/Everything about sequential numbering "

You will not find this elsewhere than at SBE.

picto exclusivité sbeThis pictogram allows you to quickly identify in our catalogue what products are unique, different, better because specific to SBE.

Did you know that SBE designs and develops its own products, with a passion? That SBE selects for you the best solutions in exclusivity and redistributes them as wholesaler or importer? For more information, visit our "Your Guarantees/Our Expert Advice"page.

And if you see any of these products elsewhere, either you're at one of our dealers, which is great, or you should exercise care as you may be dealing with a dubious copy

Complicated? We install our products at your premises.

picto installation sbe possibleSBE does not just sell products, we like to follow right through to the completion of your project. Make your life easier and no longer waste your team’s time installing our anti-theft labels or cables. Our efficient teams of technicians are at your disposal to install all the products in our catalogue at your premises. And as they have a mastery of the products you have bought, they go fast and their work is top notch. 

To learn more about this service, go to the SBE Services page: "Fitting and installation of SBE products".

Your products guaranteed for 1 year… or for their entire life.

All products in the SBE catalogue are guaranteed for at least one year. But we offer you extra quality assurance for certain products that are particularly, durable and high performance. 
label qualité couleur

The “Colour, Graphics, Logo" Warranty focuses on printed products (labels, stickers and badges) and gives you complete security as to the quality of printing, the respect of your graphic chart, and the clear and vivid rendering of colours through high-end printing processes. For more information on customized printing, see: " SBE advises you/Printing your logo"

label qualité garantie"2 year","3 year","5 year” Guarantees, ”Lifetime Guarantee” mainly apply to physical security products, and mean that the product concerned is developed in particularly resistant and durable materials, with a quality finish, which ensures a certain longevity.

In a hurry? We know how to produce faster.

pictos delaisYou will never be left short when ordering from SBE, your customized products are very important and are taken very seriously, we are confronted every day with requests for urgent production and we know how to respond to them. An indicative time frame is automatically offered for each item when browsing, and made precise when ordering. 

For some customized products for which we are able to offer shorter or more advantageous production times relative to what is usually done in the branch, we display these pictograms.

For example, the "1 week" stopwatch is usually displayed for customized products (Labels, stickers, Badges) that allow an express processing and production time. This will usually involve black and white printing, which is faster and well suited to urgent requests.

For more information on production and delivery times in general, see: "Customer Service/Help FAQ/My Delivery"

Keen on the latest new products? 

picto nouveautéOur engineers, technicians and managers are always attentive to our customers' expectations and work hard to create, develop, seek, find new products that “bond” us with our clients. Many products are already being tested and will soon be available on our site. 

That is, every week, every month, new products or product lines will be offered to you. Identify them easily with this pictogram. 

But to navigate more easily towards the latest news in one category at a single glance, go to the main menu and click the “New products" button in the right column, or on the main page of the site simply click on "Sort by:" New products” for the category that interests you."

If you have a suggestion for new products, it will be welcome. Go to the SBE Blog in the category "About SBE Products" and tell us what you think!

Don't buy with your eyes closed, test everything yourself (free)!

picto prêts gratuitspicto échantillons gratuitsTest before you buy! Our only objective at SBE is that you are satisfied with the products you ordered, it is very important for us. That is why we have systematized our policy of sampling and free loans to almost all our product lines, because when you navigate this site you will see that you can easily fill your shopping cart with requests for loans and samples, free of charge.              

For more information, go to the section "Your Guarantees/Your Safe Purchase:" free samples and loans, FAQ: "Is it possible to receive samples or to loan a product? "" and the article "SBE advises you/How to properly test our products yourself"

You will have no concern about our prices.

picto tarif dégressifEnjoy the transparency of displayed prices! Almost all the rates we present on this site are degressive on quantities. It is our policy of total transparency on prices that we display so clearly, so as to make you profit as much as possible from buying in number and from the best possible rates.

Read the full article on degressive rates: "Your guarantees/ degressive rates up to -70%"