COVID signage

During this period of health crisis, it is vital to protect the health of these employees, visitors and customers from possible contamination.  SBE offers you a wide range of COVID displays reminding you of the barrier actions to adopt for optimal protection of employees and customers. You will find social distancing stickers as well as information and prevention displays.

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These coronavirus posters have been created to remind the strict sanitary conditions, the good practices and the barrier gestures to sensitize your...

What is the use of a COVID display in a company? 

SBE direct has several choices of COVID displays, each with its own utility and function: 

- Ground markings: these are very useful to mark the social distance to be respected between people in order to avoid contamination as much as possible. These very resistant stickers make it possible to make respect the gestures barriers. They are very useful in shared public spaces. 

- COVID posters: these COVID posters provide information on the actions to be taken to protect oneself and others in various situations (on construction sites, in workshops, in vehicles, etc.). 

- Mandatory Mask Sign: This is a very convenient sign to inform employees and customers that they must wear the mask to enter the space. Currently in France, the mask must be worn in both enclosed and open public spaces. This sign must be posted at the entrance of a store, warehouse, workshop or shared public space so that no one forgets it.