sbe high security anti theft screw: the screw
  • sbe high security anti theft screw: the screw

SBE high security anti-theft screw: The screw

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  • Against the theft of memories, processors, cards and hard disks
  • The economical solution against opening of the PC casing
  • Can be easily installed

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Do you want to efficiently secure the data and components of your computers? Opt for SBE high security anti-theft screw.

This unique anti-vandalism screw, is the ideal solution for communities, schools and colleges for protecting the components of computers from theft and degradation in the most efficient manner possible.

Very innovative, designed in galvanized reinforced stainless steel, it offers a very high level of security: its domed head, smooth without any grip has been designed to prevent any kind of anchoring with a plier or a traditional screwdriver, making it impossible to dismantle with a conventional tool. Thus it can be assembled or dismantled only with the help of its specific end piece, adapted to the unique profile of the head. This end peice can be used with its own screwdriver or any electrical screwdriver.

Ultra Simple: It is sufficient to replace one or two screws of your casing and that’s it!

Don't forget to get the right screwdriver bit so that you can be the only one to unscrew the screws and prevent your equipment from being compromised.

Rest assured that for obvious safety reasons this screwdriver bit is only available for sale to customers who buy or have bought safety screws.

The bit is compatible with all types of electric handles, but you can also get a suitable handle if you don't already have one. 

Specific design on request starting with 1000 pieces: øM2 to M8, 5 to 100 mm long, sheet metal / wooden / metal screws, countersunk / flat / domed / Steel, stainless steel, titanium heads.


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the opinion
1 year
Catalog code
A076 B076 C101 D106 E217 F217
Pull-out resistance
1 ton
Length under head
8.5 mm

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