sbe high security anti theft screw: the screw
  • sbe high security anti theft screw: the screw

SBE high security anti-theft screw: The screw

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  • Against the theft of memories, processors, cards and hard disks
  • The economical solution against opening of the PC casing
  • Can be easily installed


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Optimize the security of your computers with the SBE High Security Anti-Theft Screw: a preferred solution to effectively and durably protect your data and components.

What is an Anti-Theft Screw / Security Screw?

An anti-theft screw, also known as a security screw, is a specially designed screw to prevent unauthorized removal of a fixed object. It provides a robust and efficient solution to protect your assets, whether it’s desktop computers, computer cases, servers, monitors, or other electronic equipment.

The key feature of an anti-theft screw lies in its unique design, making it nearly impossible to remove without the appropriate tool. Generally, it is accompanied by a nut and a hex socket, forming a complete security kit. The nut securely fastens onto the screw, while the hex socket allows for easy installation and removal while preventing unauthorized tampering.

Using an anti-theft screw offers several undeniable advantages. Firstly, it deters potential thieves by creating an additional security barrier. Ill-intentioned individuals will be discouraged by the complexity of removing the screw without the specific tool, significantly reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized access to your equipment.

Furthermore, anti-theft screws are often made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring optimal strength and long-term protection. They are designed to withstand vandalism attempts, providing peace of mind regarding the security of your assets.

By integrating anti-theft screws into your equipment, you also demonstrate your commitment to protecting confidential data. Whether in a professional or public environment, securing your electronic equipment is essential to preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information.

In conclusion, an anti-theft screw / security screw is a wise investment to protect your valuable assets from theft and unauthorized intrusions. Its unique design, combined with a complete kit including a nut and a hex socket, makes it an ideal choice to enhance the security of your computer equipment. Choosing anti-theft screws shows your dedication to protecting your assets and preserving data confidentiality.

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What is my secure anti-theft screw made of?

We understand the importance for you to know the materials used in the manufacturing of secure anti-theft screws. This allows you to make an informed choice and understand the advantages offered by these highly secure screws. Let me explain what your anti-theft screw is made of and why it plays an essential role in protecting your assets.

Secure anti-theft screws are generally made of high-quality stainless steel. This material is chosen for its exceptional strength and durability. Stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion, allowing the anti-theft screw to maintain its performance and integrity even in demanding environments.

The use of stainless steel offers several advantages for your anti-theft screw. Firstly, it provides superior resistance against vandalism attempts. Potential thieves will encounter a solid and resilient screw, discouraging them from proceeding with their mischief. Additionally, stainless steel provides exceptional longevity, ensuring long-term protection for your assets.

Another advantage of stainless steel is its ability to withstand various environmental conditions. Whether you use your anti-theft screw indoors or outdoors, it will remain robust and reliable. Stainless steel is resistant to temperature variations, humidity, and other corrosive elements, making it an ideal choice for versatile use.

By choosing an anti-theft screw made of stainless steel, you are also opting for an environmentally friendly material. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, reducing its impact on the environment and contributing to the overall sustainability of your equipment.

In conclusion, your secure anti-theft screw is made of high-quality stainless steel. This strong and durable material provides solid protection against theft and intrusion attempts. It also ensures exceptional longevity, resistance to various environmental conditions, and is environmentally friendly.

Anti-Theft Screws: The Kit

At SBE Direct, we constantly strive to offer our customers the most advanced and comprehensive security solutions. We are delighted to announce that our range of anti-theft screws will soon be available as a kit, providing enhanced protection and simplified installation. Let me introduce you to what our new anti-theft screw kit has in store.

The anti-theft screw kit will consist of several elements that you previously had to order separately, to meet your security needs. In addition to the anti-theft screw itself, which is designed to prevent unauthorized removal, you will now find its complementary accessories.

This security screw kit will include several essential components. First and foremost, you will find the anti-theft screw itself, made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure maximum strength. This screw has a unique head and a robust design, making it difficult to remove without the appropriate tool.

In addition to the screw, the kit will include the hex socket (Electric Screwdriver Bit). This socket is used to securely install and remove the anti-theft screw. It is designed to perfectly fit the nut of the anti-theft screw, providing a solid grip and facilitating the installation and removal processes. The hex socket ensures easy handling while preventing unauthorized tampering. The third key tool in the kit is the screwdriver specifically designed for SBE Direct anti-theft screws.

While waiting for the arrival of the Anti-Theft Screw Kit, don’t forget to order each component separately!

The Advantages of SBE Anti-Theft Screws:

SBE anti-theft screws offer numerous advantages that make them a wise choice to enhance the security of your valuable assets. Discover the exceptional benefits they provide, from their intelligent design to their unique features.

  • Enhanced security: Thanks to its special design and security nut, the SBE anti-theft screw provides additional protection against theft and unauthorized tampering. You can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is well protected.
  • Optimal strength: Made of high-quality stainless steel, the SBE anti-theft screw is designed to withstand vandalism and disassembly attempts. It is suitable for the most demanding environments, offering exceptional durability.
  • Versatility: Whether you want to secure desktop computers, computer cases, servers, or other electronic equipment, the SBE anti-theft screw adapts to a wide range of applications.
  • Easy installation: The SBE anti-theft screw is designed for easy installation, allowing you to secure your assets quickly and efficiently. Its security nut securely fastens, making removal without the appropriate tool virtually impossible.
  • Reliability and durability: With the SBE anti-theft screw, you benefit from a reliable and long-lasting solution. Whether for personal or professional use, it ensures long-term protection for your equipment.
  • Smart design: The countersunk head of the SBE anti-theft screw allows for flush installation with the surface, reducing the risk of accidental damage or injury. Additionally, its discreet design offers an elegant and unobtrusive aesthetic.
  • Wide range of sizes: The SBE anti-theft screw is available in different sizes to meet your specific needs. You can choose the appropriate length and diameter for your equipment, ensuring optimal protection.

An Adaptive Anti-Theft Screw:

For quantities below 1000 pieces, the SBE anti-theft screw is available in a standard format that meets your security needs: 3.5 millimeters in diameter and 8.5 millimeters in length. Moreover, rest assured about the strength of your unbreakable nut/screw, as it can withstand a pull force of 1 ton.

In addition, we also offer customized design upon request for quantities exceeding 1000 pieces. You can personalize your anti-theft screw according to your exact requirements. Choose from various options such as diameter (øM2 to M8), length (5 to 100 mm), screw type (sheet metal, wood, metal), and screw head (countersunk, flat, domed). You also have the flexibility to select the material of the screw, including steel, stainless steel, or titanium.

The SBE anti-theft screw is specially designed to adapt to a variety of applications and provide a tailored security solution for your specific needs. With its diverse dimensions, this screw can be precisely used to protect a wide range of devices and equipment.

Available in different lengths and diameters, the SBE anti-theft screw allows you to choose the exact dimensions required for your equipment. Whether you need to secure a desktop computer, computer case, server, monitor, or any other electronic device, there is a suitable size of anti-theft screw for your needs.

This option of customized design enables you to obtain an anti-theft screw perfectly tailored to your equipment, offering optimal protection and complete peace of mind.

With the SBE anti-theft screw, you benefit from a security solution that precisely adapts to your needs. Protect your electronic equipment with confidence by choosing the appropriate size and specifications of the anti-theft screw.


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1 year
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1 ton
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8.5 mm

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