Nos conseils d'experts

When you contact SBE, you receive cutting-edge expertise in the fields of identification and security of goods and people, built over more than 20 years. SBE is not a product seller, it is a real consulting centre and this is our added value.

SBE designs and develops its own products

If we have a mastery of all the products we are presenting here, it is because we are passionate about our own products.

Products such as Inviolable Plates (patented), the SBE Mobisafe Anti-Theft Pellet, protected Polyester Double Adhesive, laser engraving of barcodes on Aluminium Plates, SBE Security Seals, SBE high-security screws, inviolable wall anchorage plates are the main products designed and developed by SBE for its customers. 

You will not find identical or such good quality products except at our dealers.

It is in this spirit that we are able to advise you and provide you with innovative solutions in many areas of property identification and security.

SBE selects for you the best, exclusive solutions

Rigorously evaluated and designed to respond effectively to specific business applications, products such as Polyester Laserlab metallic double adhesive, express small series aluminium plates, VOID anti-theft Holograms, Low cost laptop colour anti-theft cable, Anti-theft cable for remote control Integrated Anchorage for Notebook, High security anti-theft anchorage system, PC TAB alarm system, and many other products are exclusive SBE products.

In other words, we are the only people who offer them on the market. Either because we produce products that meet specific specifications or because we were the first to offer them to our customers. 

Engineers who have worked on these products have a high level of skill and will always be able to advise you very accurately on all your needs

Our technicians put the new products through their paces

Most of the products that you find here have been subjected to many technical tests of quality and durability where nothing is left to chance before they are put up for sale.

These tests are always conducted according to precise specifications, rigorous, executed with the passion to do well, and we can guarantee you, in all sincerity, the highest standards of quality.

SBE always advises you in your best interest

As you will have understood, our whole activity is driven by the passion to offer the best possible products to our customers, by means of our thorough knowledge of the trades and applications of our customers.

It is on these sincere and genuine values that our sales and technical teams can advise you and help you in all your business identification and security projects. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for advice, we are able to bring you far more solutions than the more standard ones presented on this website.