coins tamper proof envelope
  • coins tamper proof envelope
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Plastic money bag for coins

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  • Ideal for corporate fund transfers
  • 5Kg or 8Kg of transportable currency
  • Sequential numbering and unique barcodes

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This high security tamper-proof plastic money bag for coins is the solution to send or move your coins in complete security and serenity. It exists in 2 formats : 5Kg or 8Kg transportable.

This security bag has been designed to hold coins, banknotes, and cheques. It will be ideal for:

- Silver packaging

- The storage of money in your safe or storage cabinet

- Money transfer via La Poste or a private carrier

It will be perfectly suited to any company that has to make money transfers: between branches, customer remittances, cash withdrawals, revenue transfers. 

When ordering online, we do not guarantee a following numbering on the product. It is possible that the numbering on our standard products may be off, but all our products are numbered to ensure proper tracking. 

Resistance is the key word of this cover:

Made of highly resistant transparent polyethylene with a thickness of 100 microns, this security bag can carry, depending on the format you chose, up to 5Kg or 8Kg of coins without any risk of tearing, dust or humidity. It also has two security perforations, allowing ink to penetrate the parts in the event of a violation of a secure cash transport bag.

Its closure with hot-melt glue reinforces the inviolability of this product and the security of your transported coin.

Equipped with sequential numbering and a unique barcode, this security bag for coins will remain identifiable and authenticated throughout the transfer process, from the sender to the final recipient.

To send or move your banknotes securely, discover our high security plastic cash desposit bag.

Your coin security bag can be fully customized according to your needs

From 1000 bags ordered, it will be possible to ask for customization. You can then choose : coins tamper proof envelope

- The size: all your requests can be planned and executed, from the smallest (164 x 275 + R40 + T40mm) to the biggest (247 x 375 + R40 + T40mm) . 

- The seal type: you can select from:

Mixed seal with security message: wide but not very thick, this seal will allow you to write the safety message of your choice, making it impossible to cut and re-seal the sides of the bag. 
Sealing by heat-sealing process: flat and wide, this type of seal has a very smooth and clean appearance.
Fine seal: very fine and clean, this seal has a discreet and aesthetic appearance. Its fineness enables you to maximize the usable space in the coin bag.

- The print design: you can print an image, a logo, or any other design of your choice, with 9 possible different colors (four-color printing + 5 pantone colors)

- The detachable stub: you can duplicate the detachable stub in 1, 2, 3 or more copies on request.

- The kangaroo pouch: the insertion of a kangaroo pocket will allow you to insert a viewable and modifiable document, besides the contents of the bag.

- Wad of bank notes: you can select to insert a wad of bank notes and duplicate them in 1 to 3 copies (one for the sender, one for the bank, one on the bag)

- Perforation: facilitate the opening of the envelop for the recipient by incorporating a perforation to your security bag.

- Bottom gusset: if you plan to transport large items in the bag, choose a bottom gusset which will increase its capacity.

- The security tag: to maximize the safety and security of your shipments, you can supplement your security bag for declared value with a security tag, Prooftag, authentication system via a standard software. Contact us for more information.

For any request of customization of the high security bag for coin, contact us to obtain a quote.


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the lot of 50
the lot of 50
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Burglar-proof security adhesive
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Format 247 x 375 + R40 + T40 Ref. SEP-SED-PM2

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