Tamper proof with gold coins
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    • tamper proof envelope for coin and gold ingot
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    • tear resistant tamper proof envelope
    • Tamper proof with gold coins

    Tamper Proof Envelope for gold coins and precious objects

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    • New format : 101 x 140 mm
    • VOID Security adhesive
    • Security numbering and barcode
    • Tear-resistant envelope

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    Waterproof and tear-proof, the tamper proof envelope for gold coins and precious objects was designed to protect and guarantee the traceability of your coins, gold bullion, precious objects. You can use this secure bag to store, sell your precious items during auctions for example or others.

    Restrict access to your valuables or letters with the high security envelope.

    With its high-performance VOID security adhesive, this high-security envelope will safeguard internal access to your gold coins and valuable items, and you will no longer need to constantly carry them with you. Flexible and practical, it will easily slip into a drawer or cupboard once the coin and gold ingot have been placed inside.
    If someone tries to open the pouch, the theft will be automatically evident due to the " OPENED VOID " message displayed.

    The tamper proof envelope for gold coins et precious objects: A perfect solution for multiple activities 

    Our secure pouch is ideal to protect and trace your precious items. For example, for auctions, you can carry the objects, the seals and thus mark on the bag a date or other additional information. These bags are ideal for sale and resale. 

    This security pouch is ideal for all companies whose activities require a certain number of keys (car garages, hotels, guest rooms, hospitals, etc.) or with storage areas intended for the packaging of money or for restaurant tickets, lunch vouchers, or gift vouchers. It is therefore more practical than a sealed envelope.

    This sealed envelope is also perfectly suited to all stores using a cash drawer whose access is limited to only one or few people.


    Provide optimum safety for sensitive objects with the high-security envelope

    The VOID security pouch for gold coins and precious objects will perfectly ensure its safety, thanks to:

    - Tamperproof VOID adhesive: it is not possible to remove the adhesive without tearing the pouch. At the slightest tampering attempt, the message "OPENED VOID" will appear, thus making the opening attempt evident.

    - Traceability barcode : it enables to trace the cover while limiting the risks of loss or theft.

    - Sequential numbering: in addition to the traceability barcode, the numbering makes it possible to reference the pouch and protects it from the risks of being misplaced.

    NEW: The VOID Secure Key Pouch is now available in 101 x 140 mm format. You can secure your large format keys or even your keychains. 


    Data sheet

    the lot of 50
    1 year
    Burglar-proof security adhesive
    80 microns thick polyethylene
    60 x 100mm or 101 x 140 mm

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    Format 60 x 100 mm Ref. SEP-SED-PSC

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    10 59 €

    Format 101 x 140 mm Ref. SEP-SED-PSC2

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    10 63 €

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