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  • customized two bags blueu red with sbe logo en
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  • customized bag envelope and pouch en
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Customized Bag, Envelope and Pouch

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the little bag

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  • Carry items and documents securely
  • Very resilient
  • An antimicrobial protection to protect from the infections
  • A personalised secure transportation solution

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These bags and pouches have been designed mainly for public organisations such as banks or large companies. The objective is to allow and ensure the secure transport of funds, confidential documents or other sensitive products while avoiding any attempt at fraud. The personalised bags allow you to transport valuable objects and documents in your name, while protecting them from theft attempts.

A Customizable Safety Bag

Your safety bag can be customized with your own details, such as your name, so it can be easily identified. Pouches and safety bags customized with your logo enhance your brand image, and are available starting from 20 units ordered. A customized bag also serves as promotional material during the transport of your goods.

Customization is not just printing on pre-existing products. For your specific needs, it is entirely possible to create the ideal product according to your specifications. The printing is of superior quality whether it is your logo or something else and is extremely resistant to solvents and abrasions.

The price indicated is valid for a single print, on one side of the product. For more information regarding this customization, please contact us.

The customization lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Un sac navette sécurisé, solide et résistant

scellé de sécurité pochette

Made of woven polyester and coated with PVC, the security bags have been designed to withstand all kinds of external aggression..

They can withstand heavy loads without the risk of tearing. Waterproof, the bags, pouches and envelopes do not let rainwater penetrate and are therefore weatherproof (ideal for money or document transfers).

A transparent window on the front allows you to write, for example, an address to identify your universal security pouch..

Our cases consist of a main compartment and come in many sizes to suit your needs. We have large, padded cases that will protect your laptops and tablets. Others are particularly suitable for carrying cash.

The ultra-secure closure: secure transport to prevent fraud or theft

Theft and fraud usually occur when your products are being transported. Thanks to the numbered T2 security seal, your material contained and transported in the bag will be protected against any attempt at fraud or theft. Thanks to the original design of the closure, this bag has been awarded the "secure" label.

To make your bag tamper-proof, simply place a seal on the product of your choice. Its use is simple and efficient. To open it, anyone will have to break the seal to open the envelope, making the seal unusable, non-transferable and allowing fraud to be reported immediately. 

But then, how can a simple plastic seal be enough to secure the transport?

The positioned seal prevents unwanted opening of the anti-theft bag. Thanks to its sequential number, the sender can tell the recipient which number to check on the seal. If the number does not match, then the violation is established. A seal does not prevent opening, but it discourages ill-intentioned people from opening shuttle bags in a discreet manner.

Once a seal is broken on a shuttle bag, it cannot be replaced by an identical seal to conceal the fraud. Indeed, the T2 seal clings to the pouch thanks to its back legs. When the seal is removed, the tabs are cut off to release the zip. Without the tabs, the seal can no longer be attached to the secure pouch and is therefore unusable. Moreover, it cannot be replaced by an identical seal because the laser-printed number is unique and sequential. There are no other seals with this number. The laser-printed number prevents the seal from being damaged during transfer and will always be legible

Anti-theft bags are generally used for cash in transit and cash in hand, as money is the target of choice for fraudsters.

scelle de securite plastique exemple numero

It has a unique patented design with increased printable area for easy scanning and legibility of barcodes and numbers. It is antimicrobial to help prevent infection and has two flaps for added security. The T2 offers you the ultimate level of tamper evidence and traceability..

It is available in plain, numbered, personalised, 1D and 2D barcodes in a choice of colours. Barcodes have many advantages in the transport of sensitive products: they increase legibility, even with partial degradation of the barcode, and carry data. For more information, see our article "All about barcodes and their readers".

Antimicrobial protection to protect against infection

In addition to being secure, these bags feature VersaShield ™ technology, antimicrobial protection in the inner/outer lining, handles, locking chamber, zip puller and tamper evident T2 security seals. Ideal for receiving or sending your documents and valuables while protecting you from infection.

How to choose a secure bag

All our pouches have secure closure and a small transparent pocket for the recipient’s address.a The size of the pouch and the objects to be transported and protected will influence the choice.

All our models are suitable for the transport of banknotes and coins, depending on the quantity to be kept. However, it should be noted that these envelopes have a wide variety of uses. In particular, the transfer of confidential documents between two firms can be handled by our security shuttle bags. Mail management in a postal centre or large corporation may require a more traceable and transparent transfer. In this case, the secure mail pouches will allow the mail to be handled with complete peace of mind.

With remote, it is not uncommon for laptops to be couriered to different offices. With confidential company information, the transit must be as secure as possible. Our universal secure sleeves are ideal for transporting one or more laptops.

A wide range of sizes of secure pouches and bags

Find below all our bag models available for personalisation and the different uses they offer:

For each type, 3 colours are available: blue, green or red
High Security Envelope for Confidential Documents
  • 366 x 286 mm
  • 411 x 355 mm
  • 500 x 355 mm
  • Documents et contracts
  • Manuscripts and books
enveloppe haute securite document sensible differentes couleurs rouge bleu
Secure Cash Bag
  • 182 x 178 x 50 mm
  • 267 x 267 x 50 mm
  • 356 x 356 x 50 mm
  • Cash funds
  • Card tickets
  • Gift and restaurant tickets
  • Valuable jewellery
sac de caisse sécurisé differentes couleurs differentes tailles
Secure Mail Shuttle Pouch
  • 380 x 355 x 75 mm
  • 470 x 355 x 75 mm
  • 510 x 406 x 75 mm
  • mail service and postal transport
  • Manuscripts and books
pochette securise navette courrier differntes couleurs differntes tailles
Universal Secure Pouch
  • 406 x 305 x 76 mm
  • 450 x 330 x 76 mm
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Clothin rental
pochette securisee universelle rouge bleu
Secure Cash Transport Bag
  • 406 x 305 x 203 mm
  • 508 x 356 x 152 mm
  • 584 x 406 x 254 mm
  • Cross-country transport
  • Large amount of sensitive documents
sacoche securisee transport fond couleurs differentes bleu rouge vert
Secure Key Storage Pouch
  • 230 x 152 mm
  • Key sets
  • Smartphones
  • USB key
  • Memory cards
pochette garde cle securisee couleur bleue
Universal Secure Pouch with Gusset
  • 355 x 250 x 75 mm
  • 406 x 305 x 75 mm
  • 457 x 355 x 75 mm
  • 457 x 355 x 125 mm
  • Services courrier et transport postal
  • Manuscrits 
  • Documents sensibles (cotrats, accords commerciaux)
pochette securisee universelle soufflets differentes couleurs bleu rouge vert


Data sheet

the little bag
1 year
PVC coated polyester with antimicrobial protection
Light blue, green, red, black
Bags: 250x300x55mm, 300x400x100mm, 300x400x200mm Pockets: 250x300x55mm, 300x400x100mm Envelopes: 200x250mm, 250x300mm, 300x400mm
With zip secured by an optional numbered seal

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Format 406 x 305 x 203mm (47g) Ref. MSEC-CCBX4-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 129 €
30 123 €
50 113 €

Format 508 x 356 x 152mm (50g) Ref. MSEC-CCBX2-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 136 €
30 130 €
50 120 €

Format 584 x 406 x 254mm (88g) Ref. MSEC-CCBX3-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 144 €
30 137 €
50 126 €

Format 230 x 152mm (20g) Ref. MSEC-ZF1-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 47 €
30 45 €
50 42 €

Format 450 x 330 x 76mm (322g) Ref. MSEC-VFT3-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 99 €
30 94 €
50 87 €

Format 406 x 305 x 76mm (254g) Ref. MSEC-VFT2-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 94 €
30 90 €
50 83 €

Format 510 x 406 x 75mm (458g) Ref. MSEC-CG6-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 116 €
30 111 €
50 102 €

Format 470 x 335 x 75mm (707g) Ref. MSEC-CG3-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 104 €
30 99 €
50 91 €

Format 380 x 355 x 75mm (488g) Ref. MSEC-CG2-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 99 €
30 94 €
50 87 €

Format 500 x 355mm (157g) Ref. MSEC-CVF3-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 60 €
30 57 €
50 52 €

Format 411 x 355mm (137g) Ref. MSEC-CVF2-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 52 €
30 50 €
50 46 €

Format 366 x 286mm (113g) Ref. MSEC-CVF1-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 50 €
30 47 €
50 44 €

Format 355 x 250 x 75mm (223g) Ref. MSEC-ZG1-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 102 €
30 97 €
50 89 €

Format 406 x 305 x 75mm (255g) Ref. MSEC-ZG2-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 112 €
30 106 €
50 98 €

Format 457 x 355 x 75mm (311g) Ref. MSEC-ZG3-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 116 €
30 111 €
50 102 €

Format 457 x 355 x 125mm (367g) Ref. MSEC-ZG4-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 126 €
30 120 €
50 111 €

Format 182 x 178 x 50mm (72g) Ref. MSEC-CCB0-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 47 €
30 45 €
50 42 €

Format 267 x 267 x 50mm (120g) Ref. MSEC-CCB1-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 57 €
30 54 €
50 50 €

Format 356 x 356 x 50mm (197g) Ref. MSEC-CCB4-PE

Quantités Prix € HT
20 72 €
30 68 €
50 63 €

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