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    STEB VOID Security Pouch

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    • ICAO and ETRC standards
    • Red VOID Security sticker
    • Ensures security on flights

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    At home on Thursday 03 December 2020

    Designed in accordance with the new air transport regulations on carrying liquids on board, this VOID security pouch seals all purchases made in the Duty Free zone and ensures a safe trip for all passengers.

    Ensure the authenticity of the products allowed on board with the high security envelope.

    As of January 31, 2014, liquid goods purchased from Duty Free stores at airports can be carried on board the aircraft as hand baggage if they are placed in a STEB security pouch along with the receipt.

    Equipped with a tamperproof high performance red VOID adhesive tape, this transparent sealed envelope can safely enclose all types of aerosols, perfumes, alcohol bottles and gel or liquid substances from the time of purchase until boarding.

    Certified in accordance with ICAO standard(International Civil Aviation Organization) and ETRC (European Travel Retail Council), the Airport security VOID pouch has a barcode and progressive identification numbers, enabling the traceability and authentication of the contained products.

    This high security envelope specially designed for airports is an advantage for both airport stores and customers: Enjoy shopping in Duty Free without any security issues.

    High security envelope: The best companion of zero-rated sales

    The VOID Airport security pouch is used particularly for the transport of containers of less than 100mls such as:

    • Cosmetic products (perfumes, make-up, lotions, creams, aerosols, etc.)
    • Alcohol bottles or soft drinks
    • Food products etc...

    It can also be used for other objects that may need special attention by airport security, such as watches, medicines, etc.

    This high security envelope will be ideal for Duty Free shops located inside or outside the airports, aircraft companies selling zero-rated products on flights and the airport security forces (customs officers, police officers, etc.).

    Maximize the security of your clients

    This airport security pouch will perfectly perform its task effectively, thanks to several security points such as:

      • A high performance red VOID security adhesive: The pouch seal is secured by an extremely powerful security adhesive. Thus, any fraud attempt will be immediately made evident by a highly visible and indelible "VOID OPENED" message.
      • The security seals on the sides: The red seals on the sides bear the words "DO NOT OPEN", which appear repeatedly throughout the length of the pouch. Once opened, the pouch cannot be cut and resealed, as the words will disappear.
      • Numbering and barcodes for traceability: The sequential numbering and a unique barcode ensures the traceability of the envelope.
      • Transparent internal pouch: The receipt can be placed inside and scanned, and the content of the bag can be easily checked.

    Customize the size of your high security envelope with VOID seal

    Custom-STEB-VOID-airport- security-pouch

    The sizes can be customized starting from 10,000 envelopes ordered. All requests are possible, from the smallest cover (60x100mm) to the largest (700x700mm).

    SEP-SED-PDS-1280 x 350 mmBox of 10 000
    SEP-SED-PDS-2370 x 550 mmBox of 10 000
    SEP-SED-PDS-3520 x 510 mmBox of 10 000

    Data sheet

    the lot
    1 year
    Catalog code
    C162 D168 E823 F823
    Burglar-proof security adhesive
    80 microns thick polyethylene

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    Format 280x350 + 8mm Ref. SEP-SED-PDS-1

    Quantités Prix € HT
    10000 box
    1 4923 €

    Format 370x550mm Ref. SEP-SED-PDS-2

    Quantités Prix € HT
    the box of 1000
    1 1412 €

    Format 520x510 + 9mm Ref. SEP-SED-PDS-3

    Quantités Prix € HT
    10000 box
    1 10222 €

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