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Plastic cash deposit bag

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  • Pre-printed reliable component
  • Antitheft VOID adhesive
  • Unique security numbering and barcodes

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The tamperproof plastic cash deposit bag helps to conduct all your money transfers safely and without worries, while reducing the maximum loss of risks, theft or vandalism.

The funds are transported under high surveillance thanks to this declared value high security envelope.

Using this tamperproof anti-fraud device with high security complete closure, this plastic money bag will be a cheaper alternative to traditional means of shipping such as sealed envelopes, basic envelopes, or remittance tapes.

Along with sequential numbering and a unique barcode, this sealed envelope will remain identifiable and authenticable throughout the transfer process from the sender to the final recipient.

The antitheft closure will indicate any opening of the declared value by mechanical, thermal or chemical means, through an "OPENED VOID" warning message.

In addition, you have a choice of 3 sizes of plastic deposit bags to suit all your needs:

ReferenceSizeMaximum capacity
SEP-SED-EFSI-1 218x325+T30mm 1 500 banknotes
SEP-SED-EFSI-2 307x420+T30mm 2 500 banknotes
SEP-SED-EFSI-3* 381x550+T40mm 3 500 banknotes

*This size is temporarily unavailable. 

When ordering online, we do not guarantee a following numbering on the product. It is possible that the numbering on our standard products may be off, but all our products are numbered to ensure proper tracking. 

The declared value security envelope is ideal for companies where the movement of funds takes place often.

The tamperproof plastic cash deposit bag is designed for coins. It is ideal for:

- Packaging of money
- Storage of money in your safe or storage cabinet
- Transfer of money via post or private carrier

It is perfectly suited for banks to carry out transfers between agencies, for customer discounts and all types of stores to make cash withdrawals or transfers of receipts.

To send or move your coins safely, discover our tamper proof plastic money bag for coins available in 2 sizes: 5kg and 8kg.

Declared value envelope: security first and foremost

This tamperproof plastic money bag has many security points that will ensure that your funds transit in maximum security:

  • numbering-sequential-envelope-reliable-numbering-sequential-security-tamperproof-reliable-high-security-tamperproof-declared-value A pre-printed flap: It enables you to define the content of the declared value and the total amount that it contains in detail and in a clear, visible manner . Thus, no fraud is possible.
  • VOID security closure: Any possible tampering will be visible automatically due to "OPENED VOID" marking displayed on the high performance security adhesive.
  • A numbered detachable stub: The sequential numbering enables to authenticate and identify the envelope for the declared value at any moment of the transfer process, thus making it impossible to exchange envelopes in transit.
  • A traceability barcode: In addition to the sequential numbering, the barcode enables the tracing of the envelope and helps to minimize the loss of risks
  • The security seals on the sides: Patterns printed on the side seals will make it impossible for a fraudster to cut the edge of the envelope and reseal it after removing the contents.

Your tamper proof plastic money bag can be customized

From 1,000 envelopes ordered, it is possible to request for customization. You can then choose:

  • The size. All your requests are feasible and achievable, from the smallest (60x100mm) to the largest (700x700mm) envelope.
  • The seal type. You can select between a:
  • Mixed sealing with safety message
    Wide but not very thick, this seal will let you write the safety message of your choice, making it impossible to cut and re-seal the sides of the envelope
  • Sealing by thermosealing
    Flat and wide, this type of seal leaves a very smooth and clean appearance.
  • Fine seal
    Very fine and clean, this seal has a discreet and aesthetic appearance. Its fineness enables you to maximize the usable space of the envelope. security tamper proof enveloppe
  • The print design. You can print images, logos, additional barcodes (up to 13 digits) or any other design of your choice with a choice of 9 different colors (four-color printing + 5 Pantone colors).
  • The detachable stub. You can duplicate the detachable stub in 1,2,3 copies or more, on request.
  • Wad of bank notes. You can select to insert a wad of bank notes and duplicate them in 1 to 3 copies (one for the sender, one for the bank, one on the envelope)
  • The pre-cut opening.Simplify the opening of the declared value envelope for the recipient by adding a pre-cut to your envelope.
  • Bottom gusset. If you wish to transfer a bulkier wad of bank notes using the envelope, opt for a bottom gusset which will increase its capacity.
  • Material. You can choose between transparent polyethylene, opaque polyethylene or recycled polyethylene as per your requirements. You can also decide its thickness.
  • Wrists. You can decide whether you want to include handles for your pouch for easy transport and handling.
  • The security tag. To maximize the safety and security of your shipments, your envelope for declared value can be supplemented with a security tag, Prooftag, authentication system via a standard software. Contact us for more information.


Data sheet

the lot of 50
the lot of 50
1 year
Burglar-proof security adhesive
222 x 265 mm + T25 mm / 307 x 420 mm + T30 mm / 381 x 550 mm + T40 mm

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Format 307x420 + T30mm (max. 2500 banknotes) Ref. SEP-SED-EFSI-2

Quantités Prix € HT
1 62 €
5 50 €
10 38 €

Format 218x325 + T30mm (max. 1500 banknotes) Ref. SEP-SED-EFSI-1

Quantités Prix € HT
1 73 €
5 65 €
10 56 €

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