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  • three tamper proof envelopes
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Tamper Proof Envelope for Declared Goods

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  • Orange VOID Security adhesive
  • Unique unalterable numbering
  • Tear resistant pouch
  • Declared value envelope

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This security envelope for declared goods is useful only for the declared value service of La Poste (French postal service). This high security pouch enables the mailing of all small objects of value for an amount less than €5000 in a secure manner, at a suitable courier rate.

Ship your valuables securely with postage, through this declared value envelope.

The declared value envelope is tear resistant because of its orange color security VOID adhesive. This "VD" approved security pouch by La Poste (French postal service) provides a maximum level of security. Tear-proof and waterproof, this high security envelope contains an unalterable number in the closure of the adhesive, enabling its authentication.

Together with a security marking on the edges of the VD pouch and a wallet flap, it will allow you to transfer your goods according to the current legislation and postal rates.

Please note that this high security envelope is only intended for sending important valuable objects. Any transfer of currency, banknotes or checks via this declared value envelope is strictly prohibited.

The declared value envelope approved by La Poste (French postal service): suitable for your most delicate packages

The security pouch for the declared value is particularly suitable for transporting:

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Valuable technical items
  • Spare parts
  • Restaurant tickets/Lunch vouchers
  • Holiday vouchers/entertainment vouchers/gift vouchers

This sealed envelope for declared values, approved by La Poste (French postal service), is ideal not just for jewelers, garages, machining companies, and computer supply companies, but also for all the postage free companies that provide lunch or other benefits to its employees. Thanks to the Declared Value term, you will be able to benefit from a special postal service that ensures the transport and safe delivery of your envelope at suitable mail charges.

The declared value envelope: ensuring secure mailing

In order to ensure optimum security for the transport of your goods, this pouch provides several security benefits:

An orange VOID security closure: A specific feature of the envelopes approved by La Poste: it highlights any attempt made to open or peel by any thermal, mechanical or chemical process.

  • Security seals on the sides: The "DECLARED VALUE" term appears throughout the circumference of the sealed envelope, and makes it impossible to cut the pouch edges to remove the content and later reseal it. If the writings disappear, the tampering becomes directly evident.
  • A sequential numbering. The unique number written on the declared value envelope enables to identify and authenticate the sealed envelope at any moment

during its transfer. The risk of loss, theft or exchange is thus minimized.

For more information on the security adhesive of the declared value envelope, please refer our article on, the various security seals.

Data sheet

the lot of 50
the lot of 50
1 year
Burglar-proof security adhesive
80 microns thick polyethylene
235 x 265 mm / 260 x 340 mm / 335 x 465 mm

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Format 235x265 + PL120mm Ref. SEP-SED-PVD-1

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Format 260x340 + PL120mm Ref. SEP-SED-PVD-2

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5 72 €
10 68 €

Format 335x465 + PL120mm Ref. SEP-SED-PVD-3

Quantités Prix € HT
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5 150 €
10 139 €

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