Prison security pouch for personal effects - 6
  • Prison security pouch for personal effects - 6
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  • prison security pouch for personal effects back side
  • information of the back side of the prison security pouch
  • detachable stub prison security pouch for personal effects
  • full sealed prison security pouch for personal effects
  • VOID seal prison security pouch for personal effects

Prison security pouch for personal effects

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  • Secure pouch for personal items
  • ideal for prisons and police stations Size 200x297mm
  • Anti-fraud VOID seal
  • A unique sequential number on each pouch for better traceability

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In prisons, remand centres and police stations, it is common to detain people in cells. Upon arrest, people are likely to be carrying personal belongings that are not allowed in custody. Secure personal effects pouches ensure that items are returned in full.

Permitted and prohibited items in cells

Items that detainees are not allowed to keep for reasons of order and security are deposited in the locker room where they are registered so that they can be returned on release from detention. The items allowed are limited to the daily needs of the stay in the disciplinary ward. Prohibited items are used to ensure the safety of the detainees and to guarantee the integrity of the investigation. 

Detainees may only keep certain personal items in the cell:

  • Wedding rings and watches, unless they are too expensive, and family portraits;
  • Items and books needed for religious activities;
  • Items purchased in the cafeteria;
  • Newspapers and books (unless the court decides otherwise and provided they come from outside or from other prisoners);
  • Medicines and medical devices prescribed by prison doctors, unless the head of the institution decides otherwise for security reasons.

Prisoners’ identity documents, money and valuables or jewellery are prohibited and kept by the prison.

How do I use the Secure Detention Pouch?

It is very easy to use. When depositing the items, indicate the information of the detainee (name, first name, prison number, number of items...) in the appropriate box. Then, place the detainee’s personal effects in the bag (cards, wallets, valuables, etc.). When the bag is full, remove the blue strip and seal it. The stub containing the tracking number should be given to the trusted person (detainee, lawyer, family member). When handing over personal belongings at the end of detention, ensure that the contents have not been compromised:

  • check that the number on the stub matches the number on the pouch
  • check that the seal has not been removed (the word STOP appears)
  • check that the seals are still clean
  • Once these points have been checked, the handover can be carried out with complete peace of mind.

Personal belongings well secured in their pouch

To protect your institution from potential accusations of theft or loss of inmates’ personal belongings, the prison security bag is the ideal solution.

The security bag has a unique double sequential numbering. This tracking number can be found on the pouch but also on the detachable stub. The stub is either given to the prisoner or the lawyer. Thus, when handing over personal effects, it will be easy to demonstrate that the contents have not been compromised by comparing the number on the stub with the number on the pouch.

Double security with the VOID seal. The adhesive sealing tape is made from VOID technology. This technology makes it possible to certify if an attempt has been made to open the pouch by force. If someone tries to open the bag discreetly by removing the seal from the opening, the word STOP appears. On the sides of the bag, which are heat sealed, the word justice prevents any side opening and a new seal to make the intrusion invisible. The new seal will damage the word and will be visible at first glance.


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Pack of 100
In packs of 100
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Burglar-proof security adhesive
Material High Density Polyethylene 70µ

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