Sealed anti-spy-cam bag for smartphone without photo sbe
    • Sealed anti-spy-cam bag for smartphone without photo sbe
    • Sealed anti-spy-cam bag for smartphone with smarthone sbe
    • Sealed anti-spy-cam bag for smartphone sbe
    • sealed anti spy
    • sealed anti spy cam bag for smartphone

    Tamper Proof Pouch anti-cam Safe-Tech® for Smartphones

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    • Inviolable 
    • Prevents the taking of pictures
    • Seals the smartphone
    • Guarantees the confidentiality of the company

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    The sealed anti-cam pouch for smartphones is ideal to guarantee professional secrecy during company visits. Indeed, it seals the cell phone while allowing its use and making it impossible to take pictures. 


    A bag that prevents the taking of photos  

    This sealed anti-cam pouch for smartphones is ideal to protect the work of a company during for example seminars or company visits. This pouch is therefore ideal for companies that do not want their visitors to be able to take pictures on their premises.  

    The bag seals the cell phone with a polyethylene DG 29 mm security adhesive, and it will not be possible to remove it from the bag without the break-in being visible. Thus, throughout the visit, the phone will be contained in the bag which will prevent the taking of pictures thanks to its 70µ high density polyethylene material which blurs the vision of the front and rear cameras of the phone. Know-how and professional secrecy are therefore protected.  

    With a format of 94x190 mm, this anti-cam sealed bag is universal and therefore suitable for any type of phone.  

    This pouch only deprives its owner from taking pictures, but the phone remains fully functional. The phone’s touch is always accessible and micro perforations at the top and bottom allow the phone’s microphone and speakers to be used. Phone calls, messages and all phone features remain 100% usable.  

    Here is our article on our Tamper Proof Pouch anti-cam Safe-Tech® for Smartphones.

    A VOID bag to limit tampering 

    Thanks to the highly superior VOID technology, this sealed anti-cam smartphone pouch will prevent anyone from taking their phone out while using it.  

    In fact, this pouch has security points that will be immediately highlighted if an individual tries to open the sealed pouch. 

    If you notice on the adhesive tape :  

    • The appearance of the words " VOID OPENED " in the blue strip, 
    • The transition of the central line from gray to orange
    • The appearance of the word "FRAUD" on either side of the central line  

    Someone tried to open the sealed anti-cam bag for smartphones. 

    In the table below, we explain how the security adhesive seal on our pouch shows an attempt of fraud : 


    Safety pointDescriptionVisual
    Appearance of VOID OPENEDThe words "VOID OPENED" in the strip appear when a person tries to open the cover. This indicates fraud or attempted fraud.appearance of void opened
    Thermo-reactive central lineThe central line changes from gray to orange because someone tries to heat the pouch to open it. The central line changes color irreversibly.thermo reactive central line
    Appearance of the word FRAUDThe appearance of the "FRAUD" on both sides of the central line, does not appear at each attempt of fraud. In order to make it appear, it is necessary to use a cold device such as a cold bomb.appearance of the word fraud

    Data sheet

    box of 100
    per box of 100
    1 year
    Material High Density Polyethylene 70µ
    1 row of micro-perforations
    Polyethylene Safety Adhesive DG 29 mm
    Lateral welds
    Incremental numbering
    Code 39

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