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adhesive seals

Many companies are confronted with the theft of their goods, both internally and externally, resulting in significant financial loss. To deter thieves, VOID adhesive seals are an effective and durable protection that is becoming increasingly popular with companies. In this article, discover the advantages of adhesive security seals and their uses.

What is a VOID adhesive seal?

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A VOID adhesive seal is a tape or label made of a very strong adhesive that leaves an indelible "VOID OPENED" message when removed. Thus, it can be used to permanently seal packages or entrances and to report the opening, authorized or not, of the latter. This seal can be stuck on any type of material (wood, plastic, metal, cardboard, paper...)

There are 3 types of VOID adhesive:

- Non-transfer adhesive: the sticker leaves no residue on the secured surface but the break-in is visible on the adhesive side. It is ideal for sensitive, valuable objects and products as they will be intact if the seal is affixed to them.

- Partial Transfer Adhesive: The sticker leaves a partial residue on the surface revealing the opening message "VOID OPENED", proving the opening.

- Full transfer adhesive: The sticker fully reveals the tampering message on the surface.

What are the uses of VOID security seals? 

The use of tamper-evident adhesive seals protects products from external tampering and access. They also combat fraud and falsification as they are difficult to replicate. It is a solution for the identification and traceability of goods.

VOID seals are used in many sectors of activity:

- Transport: used to secure doors, windows, containers, trolleys, security zones, pallets, etc.

- Industry: to secure alarms, emergency and safety equipment (fire extinguishers, medical cabinets, etc.), computer equipment.

- Surveillance: securing doors, meters, communication and technical premises.

- Finance: securing vending machines, cash registers.

- Sales: secure packaging, parcel shipments, products in stock, cash pouches.

What are the advantages of VOID adhesive seals?

VOID adhesive seals have many advantages: 

- Ease of use: Adhesive sealing tapes can be easily unrolled on all types of media and materials. Label seals are also very practical, they can be applied very quickly and are suitable for small items such as envelopes, bags, parcels, cupboard doors, drawers etc.

- Personalisation: You can personalise your seals with your own colours, logo, sequential number, QR-code, barcode which proves that the equipment belongs to you. The message left by the seal can also be personalised.

- Long-lasting protection: The stickers are a deterrent to theft. They cannot be tampered with or reattached after removal, so proof of break-in will be visible in the long term.

- A guarantee of authenticity: Seals help to fight against counterfeiting, especially if they are personalised with your company's image.

- A great resistance: Once glued, the seals resist to extreme conditions as well as to frequent manipulations causing risks of tearing and rubbing.

How to install anti-fraud adhesive seals?

To install your security seal, simply clean the surface to be secured beforehand so that there is no dust or traces of moisture to promote adhesion. For the labels, you have to peel off the paper protection that protects the sticky part, then stick it where you want it.

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