Tout savoir sur le Fichier Antivol SBE, comment déclarer un vol ?

SBE records in its Anti-Theft File all the identification numbers of the Mobisafe Anti-Theft Tamper Evident Plates and Anti-Theft Pads, in order to return its property to its owner when it is found. Here's how it all works.

How does the SBE Anti-theft File work?

When purchasing Inviolable Anti-theft Plates or Mobisafe Anti-theft Pellets, SBE automatically registers your details linking them to the corresponding Identification Serial Numbers of the anti-theft marking.

SBE takes into consideration a buyer owner (you) of a number of Inviolable Anti-theft Plates or Mobisafe. At this stage, the buyer is free to affix his Inviolable Anti-theft Plates or Mobisafe where he wishes.

In the event of check or request for evidence, SBE shall inform whom it may concern the property relationship declared between the single serial number of an Anti-theft Inviolable Plate or a Mobisafe and an owner, natural or legal person, whatever the object on which the Anti-theft Marking was affixed.

Any material found so marked and identified will be proof of ownership, and must be returned to its owner.

This information is archived by SBE for the entire life of the device.

Each Inviolable Anti-theft Plate or Mobisafe has its own unique serial number. Any attempt at falsification or false declaration would immediately be detected and rejected.

What do you do if marked property is lost or stolen?

Report the incident to the nearest Police Station. You must obtain an official, signed and stamped theft declaration form.

Make your statement to your insurer by transmitting a duplicate of your official Police statement.

You must then send us the following information by mail or fax addressed from your company, dated, signed and stamped:

  • No. of Inviolable Plate(s) (s)
  • Mark of the stolen/disappeared device(s)
  • Model(s)
  • Manufacturer serial no.(s)
  • The type(s) of device (Micro, laptop, printer…)
  • Other specifications (if any) on the device(s)
  • Date and place of incident
  • Circumstances of the incident (theft, loss, disappearance…)

We will contact you directly as soon as your equipment is found, or with any positive indication to that effect.

What do you do if marked property has been resold?

If you resell equipment marked, then the buyer, this other company (or natural person) becomes the owner of the equipment in question, and retains all rights on SBE benefits for the entire life of the device.

Simply recommend them to contact us in writing with the contact information and serial numbers of the Inviolable Plates concerned.

We will record them as a new owner in the SBE Anti-theft File, but we will keep your references as original owner. In case of different circumstances, we will always be able to prove your prior ownership.