How to secure your motorcycle or scooter with an anti-theft device?

Did you know that every 10 minutes a motorized two-wheeler disappears in France? Scooters and motorcycles represent 7% of the transportation used by the French to go to work (Alphabet France/ IFOP survey, September 2021). And its popularity is only going up in 2021, the market for motorcycles and scooters took 9.19% in 2021. This makes it one of the most stolen vehicles of this year.

What is the best motorcycle or scooter lock? 

Do you own a scooter or motorcycle and regularly park in large cities and fear for your means of transportation? The best solution to prevent your two-wheeled vehicle from being stolen is a long anti-theft device (U-shaped or a chain) that allows you to make a loop around the wheel and also around a fixed and solid object such as a fence, a post, a bollard...

By tying your vehicle to a heavy and anchored object, it will be impossible for a malicious person to take the motorcycle or load it into a utility. This theft technique is becoming more and more widespread, so you must be extra vigilant. 


What are the different locks for a motorized bike? 

First of all, it is necessary to know that there are several types of anti-theft devices: 

  • the disk lock: a small device often used for short stops. With this device, it is not possible to connect your motorcycle to a fixed point. In this respect, the disc lock is not very effective because it does not prevent criminals from taking the two-wheeled vehicle into a utility. 
  • Anti-theft cables are not very strong and can break more easily. They are often used to attach helmets to the motorcycle and not to secure the motorcycle itself. 
  • The U-lock is used to prevent the vehicle from moving forward or backward while attaching it to a pole. The disadvantage of this lock is its rigidity and its diameter which does not always allow it to be attached to any fixed support.
  • The security chain has the same advantages as the U-lock. However, thanks to its links, it adapts much better to the size of the post to which you will attach your motorcycle or scooter. However, the chain is much heavier and a little more cumbersome. 

Finally, there is the size of the lock to consider. The size of your wheel is the main criterion of the lock but also its usefulness. If you rarely park your bike in town or only for a few minutes, it will not be useful to invest in a big security chain. We recommend that you opt for a disc lock in these cases.

If your motorcycle is your daily means of transportation and you use it to go to work, we recommend that you opt for a two-wheel safety chain. 

How does a motorcycle safety chain work? 

A two-wheel safety chain alone is not very useful. A simple security chain does not always have a built-in code lock.  

For a good motorcycle lock, you need to pass the chain through the wheel of your vehicle, then pass the chain around a post and connect its two ends with a very strong lock such as the ALPHA high security lock.

There are also combination locks that do not require a padlock.


What types of security chains are available from SBE Direct? 

Our security chains consist of a case-hardened steel body surrounded by a high quality textile sheath of various sizes. 

The textile jacket protects the chain and your vehicle from potential friction between the two objects. Thus your motorcycle remains intact and protected. 

We have two safety chains available, however the most suitable chain for motorcycles and scooters is the 100mm High resistance square security chain - Highly unbreakable - top unbreakable. The links are 10mm thick.

This chain is available in 3 lengths: 1m, 1,5m and 2m length. 

Our other safety chain with 6-8mm thick links is much smaller in length and lighter. Its size is more suitable for securing gates, bicycles, tools, outdoor furniture...

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