Why use plastic seals?

plastic seals

Plastic security seals are an effective tool used in all sectors of activity. They ensure the traceability of goods or the identification of security equipment thanks to a unique identification number. This allows them to act as a deterrent and witness to fraud thanks to their single-use closure. In this article, discover how a plastic seal works and the different possible applications.

How do plastic seals work ?

Plastic seals are usually a notched plastic tie with a tag at the end to record the identification number. This seal is inserted into a passageway and is closed by sliding the plastic tie through the hole at the end. The tightening of the seal is progressive and adaptable thanks to the beaded wire which allows a non-return for a single use. A plastic seal can be easily opened by breaking it by hand, tearing the tab or cutting it with scissors.

Plastic seals can withstand a pull of several kilos and temperatures between -20°C and 60°C. 

How to choose the colour of plastic seals?scellé plastique

Plastic seals are available in different colours (white, blue, yellow, red, green, orange etc.) This can be very useful to categorise secure equipment, for example: yellow for fire extinguishers, blue for medical cabinets, green for defibrillators, white for doors, black for electricity meters.

Use bright colours to make equipment visible and secure in dark places or far from the eye. 

In addition to the colour, it is possible to personalise the security seals with your logo, numbering, barcode for more security and to optimise your company's image.

Why put a plastic seal on an extinguisher ?

Every company must provide fire safety devices such as fire extinguishers and regularly check their conformity according to the requirements of the regulations on protective installations. One of the requirements mentioned is the presence of safety seals holding the pin of the extinguisher to prevent tampering with the extinguisher. They also certify that the extinguisher cartridge is intact. The seal must therefore not be missing or broken during an inspection, otherwise it would be evidence of a breach.

Plastic seals are ideal for identifying and protecting fire extinguishers. They resist the traction exerted by the fire extinguisher but are easy to break in case of emergency thanks to their stems with balls or notches. In addition, they allow the extinguisher to be identified by its unique identification number.

Why put a plastic seal on an electricity meter?

Plastic seals are commonly used to secure electricity meters both in companies and private homes to prevent theft of electricity or gas. Thus, to prevent this phenomenon, it is recommended to add a seal for anti-theft action but also to serve as a certificate of compliance. Indeed, it has a specific code issued on the meter's warranty document. Once installed, the seal can only be removed in the presence of a professional certifying the veracity of the opening. Otherwise, it will be treated as a break-in.

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