Tamper proof pouch anti-cam : the guarantee of professional secrecy on your premises

showing blur photos with anti camera pouchIn 2020, the average cost of data leaks in France was 3.65 million euros. More and more data leakage and industrial espionage are taking place within companies, whether they are SMEs or large groups, no sector is spared. Even internally, espionage and data leakage are present because of a lack of vigilance. That's why SBE Direct has created the Tamper proof pouch anti-cam to help you reinforce security during a visit, a meeting, a filming ... With this sealed bag, you will feel safe in your premises and your secret information will be protected.

How will this tamper proof pouch anti-cam help your company to protect itself against fraud or industrial espionage? 

In this article you will find the following points to help you understand the principle and how to use this sealed pouch: 

  • What is the purpose of this pouch?
  • How does this anti-cam pouch work?
  • Who can use this anti-cam pouch?
  • Where and when to use the pouch? 

What is the purpose of this pouch ?

tamper proof pouch anti cam

Every time a stranger visits your company, without you being aware of it, you expose yourself to permanent threats and you can put your company at risk.

This sealed anti-cam pouch is a simple and inexpensive system to avoid any unwanted filming on your premises. This effective means that we have created allows you to avoid any untimely video or photo taking during company visits, but also when foreigners pass through your company...

This sealed smartphone pouch with DG 29mm security adhesive will be impossible to remove without noticing the tampering. Thus, during the entire visit, as its 70µ high density polypropylene material will blur the line of sight of the phone's front and back cameras, so it will be impossible to take pictures. Therefore, know-how and professional secrets are protected. This universal size pouch (94x190 cm) will fit all types of smartphones (e.g. Apple, Samsung Huawei, from the smallest to the biggest like the Iphone 12 pro).

This tampeer proof pouch has a barcode, a unique serial number, a date field and a signature. All of this makes it possible to allocate a unique pouch to a person. These security features make it possible to check at the end of a visit, for example, whether there has been an offence without having to search the phone and thus violate the privacy of the phone's owner. In this way, outsiders will not be able to buy sealed pouch and then transfer between two bags using the serial number and barcode.

How does this anti-cam pouch work ?

Nothing could be simpler than this tamper proof pouch anti-cam. Simply place the smartphone in the bag and close it with the VOID. This closure is completely tamper-proof. If someone wants to open the bag or anything else, you will be able to see the break-in immediately. 

Below, we remind you of the security features of the VOID on the anti-cam pouch : 

Safety pointDescriptionVisual
Appearance of VOID OPENED The words "VOID OPENED" in the strip appear when a person tries to open the cover. This indicates fraud or attempted fraud. appearance of void opened
Thermo-reactive central line The central line changes from gray to orange because someone tries to heat the pouch to open it. The central line changes color irreversibly. thermo reactive central line
Appearance of the word FRAUD The appearance of the "FRAUD" on both sides of the central line, does not appear at each attempt of fraud. In order to make it appear, it is necessary to use a cold device such as a cold bomb. the appearance of the fraud

You will be able to use your phone in a normal way (telephone, send messages...). It will only be impossible to take photos and videos, as the front and back cameras will be automatically blurred thanks to the pouch.

Thus, the owner of the smartphone will only be prevented from taking pictures, but the phone remains functional. For example, the phone's touchscreen is fully accessible. Micro-holes at the top and bottom allow you to use the microphone and speakers.

Who can use this anti-cam pouch ?

Any company wishing to protect information, sensitive locations and especially to avoid industrial espionage and data leakage. Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, the food industry or the film industry, this bag will be ideal to reinforce your security procedures.

This product has a real advantage for the film industry. For example, during your secret shoots, you will have the possibility to protect your work by avoiding the taking and diffusion of photos or videos that could divulge secret information. For example, on shoots with a lot of extras, you are sure to maintain the security on your set.

Where and when to use the pouch? 

This tamper proof pouch anti-cam will be particularly useful and secure when you organise internal company events, presentations and prototype tests, visits to sensitive locations, film shoots, meetings with personalities, etc. This bag that we have designed should be an integral part of your security procedure for all your future visits of people outside your company. 

Do not hesitate to go to our product sheet to find all the technical information and contact our sales team to answer your questions. You have the possibility to request samples to test our tamper proof pouch anti-cam.

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