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    PVC Card blank

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    • PVC card
    PVC card

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    Opt for blank PVC cards to create your own cards. These high-quality cards are very robust and durable. The options offered allow you to have PVC cards corresponding to different needs.

    The usefulness of PVC cards

    The format of PVC cards is similar to the format of bank cards (86x54,03mm), its size allows them to slip into the wallet. PVC cards can be personalized using a printer. This "Top of the Range" PVC card is 750 microns thick (quality and material of credit cards). The plastic card is made up of a 320 µ heart and a 250 µ recto / verso plastic coating.

    There are different formats of PVC cards:

    - White blank PVC cards are plain cards. They are useful for identification cards or "pass" cards for events such as fairs, meetings, meetings ... It is an alternative to conventional cardboard cards because more robust, they will be more durable in the weather.

    - Blank PVC cards with a magnetic stripe are useful for payment solutions, catering cards, identification badges, gift cards or loyalty cards. In order to read these cards, it is imperative to have a magnetic stripe reader. The magnetic strip arrives blank and to be encoded. In order to encode the track, you have to slide the PVC card into the reader slot and the encoder software allows you to record the desired data. The tape uses HiCo technology (high coercivity or high energy) and it is recommended to avoid contact with a magnet.

    For more information on PVC cards, see our article.

    A customisable PVC card 

    carte PVC personnalisée

    Personalise your PVC cards by adding a logo, graphic, text or other variable information such as numbers or barcodes, names and contact details (different on each card). A personalised PVC card is perfect for visits, conferences, trade shows and other events where advertising your company is good for your brand image. 

    Finally, this personalised PVC card can have a magnetic strip so that it can be used as a means of payment and be checked by a magnetic stripe reader.

    Discover our personalised PVC cards: personalised PVC card with four-colour printing on the front, personalised PVC card with four-colour printing on both sides, personalised PVC card with black printing on the front.

    A flap for more protection

    The transparent adhesive flap (thick and very transparent) on the PVC card offering excellent resistance to attack and manipulation, and the sealing of handwritten information and paper photos against fraud. This PVC card has a glossy and glossy finish. It is possible to choose the flaps pre-positioned or not. Note that when a flap is pre-positioned, it is impossible to pass it through the printer in order to personalize it. If you want to personalize your badge using the printer, you must order flaps that are not pre-positioned!

    The adhesive flap with infrared mask allows to hide a barcode which can only be read with infrared light. So you need a special reader to read through. This infrared mask allows you to avoid possible copying of the barcode. The infrared protection is a 19mm high line that only hides the barcode.

    The badge holder for maximum protection

    porte badge rigide

    Wearing your pass or badge is essential in certain companies and at events. It is therefore essential to protect these identity documents to ensure that they will last for a long time. Whether flexible or rigid, the badge holder protects your badge against handling, rubbing and external aggressions such as UV rays and rain. In addition, you can add an a badge fastener to your badge holder such as a neck strap, a reel or a clip.

    These accessories optimise the identification of people and ensure better security within the premises.

    To find out about the different badge holders, please consult our article.


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