The badge holder, an essential protection for your badges

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The identification of people is essential in most companies and essential to attend events (trade shows, conferences, concerts...). Badges are therefore the solution adopted by companies to control the access of their employees and visitors. In order to simplify this process and make it easier to wear the badge, the badge holder is recommended to protect them over time.

Why wear a badge?

First of all, let's take a look at the purpose of wearing a badge. Badges are increasingly used in companies, and in some cases they are even mandatory, as they can be used for several purposes: 

- Identification of individuals

The main purpose of the badge is to identify each person within an organisation or event with their first name, last name, position and company name. It creates a sense of belonging to the company and facilitates contact between work colleagues or participants.

- Access control

Wearing a badge allows employees to control who enters and leaves the premises. This makes it possible to set up a secure system and thus avoid any type of vandalism or damage. For more information, please see our articles on PVC cards and badge readers.

- Company promotion

A badge is a great way to promote your brand both internally and externally to your staff, customers and partners. The personalised badge looks great and shows the professionalism and ambition of the company. 

Why have a badge holder?

A badge holder is essential if you use a professional badge. It protects your badge against external aggression and the many manipulations that can damage it in the long run. The badge holder makes your badge more visible by attaching it to clothing or putting it around your neck, and above all reduces the risk of loss or theft.

A badge holder can be adapted to all types of access cards, from blank or personalized PVC cards to fragile RFID badge or barcode badges.

A badge holder is therefore very practical to use and allows for effortless and secure access to the premises. They are also used to increase the visibility of your brand image and allow contact with potential customers or partners.

You can read our article on the personnalization of badges to know what you can do.

What are the different badge holders available? 

There are many different types of badge holders to suit all types of badges. At SBE, we have a wide range to satisfy all kinds of needs.rigid badge holder

Rigid badge holder

This type of badge holder offers the best protection for your badges in the long term. They have an oblong or round hole to add a neck strap and can be hung. They are suitable for standard size 86x54mm badges.

Flexible badge holder

flexible badge holder

This type of badge holder is slightly less resistant than the rigid ones but is also less expensive. They are known for their lightness and thinness and are recommended for occasional use, especially for visitor badges or event passes. This badge holder has a round or oblong (oval) perforation which allows it to be hung with a clip or neck strap. The advantage of this badge holder is that it is often available in several sizes and is more easily personalised.

- Vehicle badge holder

These badge holders can be very useful for identifying people's access to a car park. With a mirror badge or windshield badge holder, you can identify each vehicle by affixing a badge or card with the identity of the owner or borrower.

- Case and card protector

If you want to protect your badge without wearing it, you can simply choose a transparent, flexible or rigid badge protector, or a case to protect it from manipulation. These protectors are available for one or two badges and can be personalised with your company's image. Once you have identified yourself, you can put your badge in your wallet or leave it in a secure place without your badge being damaged.

- Document case

To secure your badges, IDs and keys, you can choose a transparent document case. Known to be unbreakable and waterproof, your documents will be protected from shocks, water, UV rays...etc. Our cases can hold up to 8 badges and are worn around the neck with a lanyard.

What accessories are needed to complete a badge holder?

At SBE we have a wide range of accessories and badge holders.


lanyard for badge

The most popular accessory is the neckband, which can be adapted to all types of events and companies. It allows you to highlight your badge, easily identify your staff and reinforce your brand image by customising it with your colours, logo or text. You can also choose the size, the type of fastening (steel carabiner, nickel-plated hook) or the safety option with a breakaway clip in case of excessive tension or risk of strangulation.

Reelbadge reel

Ideal for hanging a badge on a belt, this small box allows you to unwind a wire to which the badge is attached. By pulling on the badge, it can be brought into contact with the card reader, which is particularly useful for access badges that require short-range contact.

The badge reel does not provide physical protection for your badge but allows you to keep it close at hand and never lose it.

You can personalise your reel with your company logo to put your image on your equipment and thus better identify people.

Metal badge pin

You can attach your badge to your clothing with a discreet and strong metal pin. You can then clip your badge into the badge clip provided.

Metal badge clip

Ideal for attaching your badge to your shirt pocket or trousers, the badge clip is very practical to use. 

Plastic badge clip 

The plastic badge clip is ideal for soft badge holders. Available in several colours, they can be used to differentiate between categories of visitors, employees, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of personalization request.

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