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75/100th Four-Color Front PVC Customized Access Badge

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  • Digital quality
  • Neat finish
  • ISO standard badge
  • Customizable
Selective varnish option

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The 75/100th PVC custom access badge is a high quality badge that always ensures greater tenacity

A PVC card to identify people 

The format of PVC cards is similar to that of bank cards (8.7x54.03mm), and its size allows it to fit in the wallet. You can use the printer to personalise the PVC card. The thickness of this "high end" PVC card is 750 microns (bank card quality and material). The plastic card consists of a 320 µ core and a 250 µ front/back stack.

There are different formats of PVC cards: 

- Blank white PVC cards are plain cards. They are useful for identification cards or "pass" cards for events such as trade shows, meetings, etc. They are an alternative to the classic cardboard cards as they are more robust and will last longer. 

- Blank PVC cards with magnetic stripes can be used for payment solutions, restaurant cards, ID cards, gift cards and even membership cards. To read these cards, a magnetic stripe reader is required. The magnetic stripe reaches a blank space and is encoded. In order to encode the track, the PVC card has to be slid into the slot of the reader, and the encoder software allows you to record the required data. The tape uses HiCo (high coercivity or high energy) technology, and it is recommended to avoid contact with magnets.

A personalised PVC card

The best among custom access badges: a thick, ultra-white PVC badge: 0.75mm, particularly resistant to repeated handling, meets ISO/CEI 7810/11 standards, size: 86x54mm.

Personalise your PVC card by adding a logo, graphic, text or other variable information such as numbers or barcodes, names and contact details (different on each card). A personalised PVC card is perfect for visits, conferences, trade shows and other events where advertising your company is good for your brand image.

This PVC custom access badge for professionals is printed in color on the front, and in black on the back Very fine color printing with screen printing or offset printing, depending on the graphics and the number of badges. The precision of the Pantone colors, print sharpness and glossy surface offer exceptional rendering and finish to the professional badge. First production processing costs.

Discover also our personalised four-colour process PVC card, personalised PVC card with black printing on the front.

An option for custom access badge

Each PVC custom badge for access control is provided with a pre-positioned adhesive flap either on the front or the back (to be specified when placing the order).

On request, we can also deliver these PVC badges with a magnetic stripe or an oblong perforation.

Format: 86x54mm with rounded corners.

Other formats, please contact us.


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1 year
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