sample personalised coloured pvc card
  • sample personalised coloured pvc card
  • example pvc card with variable
  • customized access badge on subscription card litterally personnalised en
  • four color front pvc customized access badge for ensa dijon yellow color
  • map access park holographic effect
  • pvc card pink holographic effect
  • pvc card face coloured
  • blue pvc card with copper coating
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75/100th Four-Color Front PVC Customized Access Badge

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  • Digital quality
  • Neat finish
  • ISO standard badge
  • Customizable
Selective varnish option

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The 75/100th PVC custom access badge is a high quality badge that always ensures greater tenacity

A PVC card to identify people 

The format of PVC cards is similar to that of bank cards (8.7x54.03mm), and its size allows it to fit in the wallet. You can use the printer to personalise the PVC card. The thickness of this "high end" PVC card is 750 microns (bank card quality and material). The plastic card consists of a 320 µ core and a 250 µ front/back stack.

There are different formats of PVC cards: 

- Blank white PVC cards are plain cards. They are useful for identification cards or "pass" cards for events such as trade shows, meetings, etc. They are an alternative to the classic cardboard cards as they are more robust and will last longer. 

- Blank PVC cards with magnetic stripes can be used for payment solutions, restaurant cards, ID cards, gift cards and even membership cards. To read these cards, a magnetic stripe reader is required. The magnetic stripe reaches a blank space and is encoded. In order to encode the track, the PVC card has to be slid into the slot of the reader, and the encoder software allows you to record the required data. The tape uses HiCo (high coercivity or high energy) technology, and it is recommended to avoid contact with magnets.

- Perforated cards are the perfect solution for access and event cards as they can be attached to a lanyard or badge reel. This ensures that badges are not lost. Lanyards allow for quick identification at a glance, which is very useful at professional events (trade shows, conferences, congresses), sporting events (races, marathons), and cultural events (festivals, concerts, exhibitions).

A personalized PVC card

The best quality in terms of customizable identification cards: a personalized quadri recto ultrawhite PVC card, thick: 0.75mm, particularly resistant to repeated handling, meeting ISO/IEC 7810/11 standards, format: 86x54mm.

Personalize your PVC card by adding a logo, graphics, text, or other variable information such as numbers or barcodes, names and contact information for individuals (different on each card). A personalized PVC card is perfect for visits, conferences, trade shows, and other events where advertising for your company is favorable for your brand image.

This personalized quadri recto PVC card is printed in colors on the front only, the back is blank. If you want printing on the back as well, see the personalized recto/verso PVC cards page. Very precise color printing using screen printing or offset depending on the graphics and quantities. The sharpness of the printing and the surface varnish offer exceptional rendering and finishing to this professional card. Printing is done in CMYK but you can add a color (purple, orange, or white) to get the desired Pantones. Plate fees for the first production of the customizable card.

Also discover our black print personalized PVC card. We offer a wide range of customization options to produce an impactful card for your clients. Don't hesitate to add specific options to surprise your clients when they receive the card. Of course, the more original the card, the more they will remember it and be inclined to show it to their peers.

Our customization options on the card background:

Option TypeOption UtilizationExample Image
Transparent Background The transparent card will not leave your customers indifferent; This option can be combined with selective varnish, matte lamination, etc. red transparent pvc card for identification
Gold/Silver/Pearl Effect Background You can have a golden, silver or pearly white background. It is possible to print in CMYK on the gold base. This elegant finish is very effective. Ideal for VIP and loyal member cards. gold pvc cad for identification purposes
Standard Background - Printing on White PVC Card We print in CMYK on a blank PVC card for a "full" effect. PVC card with white background

Our custom varnish options:

Option TypeOption UsageExample Image
Metallic Ink Digital Printing (14 Colors)  This option allows for printing tinted varnishes in relief to give your cards a shiny effect! This beautiful effect will surprise your clients. Available colors: orange, turquoise, red, black, blue, gold, dark blue, rose gold, silver, green, copper, purple, glitter, holographic effect (cat&cure)  pvc card with quadrichromic printing metallic ink
Thick Selective Varnish (Transparent)  10 times more relief and dense than standard varnish - up to 250 microns. Its density can vary from 20 to 70 microns to give different reliefs on a single card. Your clients, intrigued, will often touch your card. The varnish can be applied partially to give a particular texture.  pvc card selective varnish for marketing and identification purposes

Our card finishing options:

Option TypeOption UsageExample Image
Matte Lamination We recommend matte lamination if you are adding selective gloss varnish or metallic ink to better highlight their shiny side. mate lamination for identification pvc card
Glossy Lamination This standard glossy finish does not require any additional cost. glossy lamiantion on indetification pvc card

Our special customization options can be added:

Option TypeOption UsageExample Image
Hico or Loco Magnetic Encoding (Magnetic Stripe Card) Low coercivity Loco cards are suitable for short-term needs. They are encoded by a low-intensity magnetic field (300 Ørsted / Oersted). They are often used for hotel room keys, theme park subscriptions, annual passes, etc.
High coercivity or “Hico” cards are more suitable for long-term use and are encoded with a stronger magnetic field (2750 Ørsted / Oersted). The data encoded on the stripes are less likely to be accidentally erased when exposed to an external magnetic field, making them more durable. They are frequently used as credit cards, debit cards, access control cards, employee identification cards, etc.
silverpvc card with magnetic stripepvc card with magnetic stripes for access control
7-Color Printing (CMYK + Orange, Violet, and White) It is possible to add up to 2 colours to the 5 initials. Normally, the printing is done in cyan, magenta, yellow and black and by superimposing, all the colours are created. The addition of the colour purple and/or orange, also known as pantone colour, allows you to create a wider range of colours. This makes your colours more vivid and deep. A higher contrast is more visually pleasing. This option is relevant if purple or orange are dominant colours in your design.

example of printing with cmjn and orange

example of printing in cmjn and purple

Oblong or round hole By adding a hole, your cards can be attached to lanyards, badge holders, etc. pvc card with a hole and a neckstrap
Signature panel The signature panel on PVC cards is typically used to allow the user to sign the card, which can serve as proof of identity or authorization. This is commonly used for identification cards, credit cards, and membership cards. The signature can be compared to that of the cardholder to confirm its authenticity. signature panel on a pvc card used for credit card
Scratch-off panel Scratch-off panels on PVC cards are used to conceal sensitive information. The user scratches off the panel to reveal the hidden information. They are commonly used for credit cards, gift cards, and lottery tickets. scratch off panel on plastic card
Variable data printing per side You can provide us with an excel file with a variable column for completely unique cards. Available variables include: a barcode or QR code, unique number, photo, text (variable embossing possible). This is ideal for employee identification badges. example travelling pvc card with variable data
Embossing (silver and gold)  This customization is a raised print, also known as embossing. It is the same raised effect as on credit cards. You can put numbers, letters, and even write in braille to be as inclusive as possible. Silver or gold are the most common colors, but it is possible to change the color (contact us). embossing on pvc card like credit card
Hot stamping (gold, silver, green, red) - only on project Hot stamping on PVC cards is a method that involves embedding a colored metallic foil onto the surface of the card using heat and pressure, leaving a recessed impression. The glossy and durable finish gives a high-quality and prestigious impression to the card. Price only on request as a custom stamp head needs to be created. hot stamping in green on pvc card

The process of ordering custom plastic cards at SBE Direct: an economical and tailored solution to your needs

SBE Direct offers cards starting from 200 units. You can then order personalized plastic cards by the unit: 201, 202, 203, etc. The process of ordering custom cards is simple and efficient to meet all professional needs. Firstly, a quick and efficient order for PVC card printing allows for urgent business needs to be met. Delivery times are fast, with a maximum of about one week, for immediate use of PVC cards.

In addition, an order tailored to all budgets allows for economical plastic card printing. Customization options can be adapted to all budgets to meet the specific needs of each business. PVC cards can be ordered in small or large quantities for use tailored to all budgets.
However, a custom order for PVC card printing allows for the needs of each business's volume to be met. Customization options can be adapted to each order for custom PVC card printing. Customization options may vary in terms of quantity, quality, format, and design to meet all professional needs.

An option for custom access badge

Each PVC custom badge for access control can be provided with a adhesive flap either on the front or the back (to be specified when placing the order).

Format: 86x54mm with rounded corners. Other formats are possible, please contact us.


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