Print your own PVC cards or have them printed?

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In recent years, PVC cards have become an indispensable item for securing business premises. Ideal for personal identification and also as a promotional item, PVC cards can be personalised and printed on your premises, saving you time and money.

What are the uses of a PVC card?

In order to choose the right PVC card and its printing, it is important to determine its use.

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A PVC card can be used as a business card, an event pass, a membership card (association, club, culturalcarte magnétique centre...). Plain blank PVC cards are ideal for this purpose and are more resistant than classic cardboard cards.

A PVC card can also be an identification badge (trade fair, concert, VIP area, etc.), an access badge (trade fairs, congresses, seminars, hotel rooms, etc.), a loyalty card or a gift voucher. This type of card must have a magnetic strip in order to be easily read by a magnetic reader. 

How to personalise your PVC cards?  

Personalise your PVC cards by adding a logo, graphics, text or other variable information such as numbers or barcodes, names and contact details (different on each card). A personalised PVC card is perfect for tours, conferences, trade shows and other events where advertising your company is good for your brand image.

You can also choose if you want to add a transparent adhesive flap to protect your PVC cards from handling and stick handwritten information or a photo.

How do you print your PVC cards on your premises?

Once you have determined your needs, you can opt to print your PVC cards yourself, which will save your time, control your quantities and save money.

To do this, take a look at our A4 sheet of 10 badges in durable film for good water and UV resistance. Ideal for printing your own company badges, this is a great solution for identifying your staff. You can personalise these PVC cards with your data (name, logo...ect), suitable for any type of event, using several printers; laser, inkjet or thermal transfer.

You can visualise the personalisation of your PVC cards with the Laserlab Designer label software which allows you to easily create your badges or loyalty cards by integrating variable data such as a logo, text and barcodes.

In addition, we recommend several printers suitable for printing on plastic cards: 

- budget printer: This low-cost printer is ideal for printing small quantities of PVC cards in colour or monochrome. You can buy this type of printer with printing software for less than €1,000 plus VAT.

- single-sided card printer: it allows you to print only one side of the card in colour with the help of card printing and editing software. 

- double-sided card printer: ideal for printing PVC cards and badges in series, in an automated way so that you do not have to turn the cards over manually. These high end printers are suitable for medium to high volume card production.

- badge printer: dedicated to printing and laminating badges and tamper-proof cards: ID cards, driving licences, company badges. This type of printer can print security holograms, information in UV ink and ensures a lifespan of 5 to 10 years for your badges.

Why choose professional PVC card printing? 

If you want to have large quantities of personalised PVC cards, we recommend that you use a professional. At SBE Direct, we offer customisable PVC cards in black or 4-colour printing on both sides. The finishes are high quality and provide durable, ISO compliant PVC cards.

How to automate the reading of your PVC cards?

Manual control of the entry and exit of your employees or outsiders is becoming obsolete. You can modernise this process at a lower cost and make it easier to identify people with a suitable badge reader.

To find out more, see our article: Which badge reader should you choose to control access to your premises?

As an alternative to traditional PVC cards, you can opt for state-of-the-art RFID cards, which meet the needs of companies, hotels and other institutions with a large number of staff and customers.

Discover our blank RFID card and personalised RFID cards. These cards are equipped with a chip to transmit its data to a reader. They allow to facilitate and secure access to buildings and store data related to a person and a company. The information is therefore protected and tamper-proof. At SBE, we offer low, high and very high frequency RFID cards and badges to meet your every need. You will have the possibility to customize them on demand depending on the purpose and the brand image you want to convey.

To better understand what RFID is all about, we invite you to read our article which explains this technology in 10 points.

How to protect your PVC card?

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Wearing your pass or badge is essential in certain companies and also during events. It is therefore essential to protect these pieces of identification to ensure that they last over time. Whether flexible or rigid, a badge holder protects your badge against handling, rubbing and external aggressions such as UV rays and rain. In addition, you can add a badge fastener to your badge holder such as a neck strap, a reel or a clip.

These accessories optimise the identification of people and ensure better security within the premises.

To find out about the different badge holders, please consult our article.

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