replacement ink cassette for high security authentication stamp
    • replacement ink cassette for high security authentication stamp

    Replacement ink cassette for High Security Authentication Stamp

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    The tape

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    • Entirely customisable
    • Only compatible with our High Security Authentication Stamp
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    Recharge your high-security stamp with an ink cassette for optimal use

    Purchase of the ink cassette allows you to replace your used cassette and ensure the proper functioning of your customised stamp. The cassette contains pigments that react to ultraviolet lamps to secure your documents with a single stamp. These cassettes are only compatible with our High Security Authentication Stamp This unique compatibility prevents the use of this technique with another ink pad.

    Customisation of our secured stamp

    1: choose the format of the imprint

    Whether small, rectangular or circular, the imprint of the secured stamp can be customised from among the following formats:

    different sizes of ink pad

    2: Choose your range of security colours

    Select the number of colours you want to appear on your stamp, up to 4 colours. Each colour is available in 3 formats:

    - Visible black: similar to classic stamp inks, this ink remains visible under UV and daylight.
    - Chromotropic: Ink with chemical polymer chains bonded together giving a given colour under daylight: red, yellow or blue, and under colour under UV light. The presence of UV reorganises the chains, transforming the initial colours into new ones: green, blue, yellow or fluorescent red.
    - Invisible ink: Totally invisible under daylight, concentrated UV light causes photo-initiation of chemical polymers and monomers present in the composition of the ink, making their chains unstable. This excitation makes them visible and a yellow or red colour then appears.

    ColourColours under UVInk
    BlackBlack dotBlackBlack dot

    Ink visible

    InvisibleNeon red

    Ink invisible

    InvisibleNeon yellowyellow dot
    RedNeon yellowyellow dot

    Chromotropic visible ink

    RedNeon blueblue dot
    RedNeon red
    Yellowyellow dotNeon greengreen dot
    Blueblue dotNeon greengreen dot
    Blueblue dotNeon blueblue dot

    Imprint examples:

    When ordering, we will ask you to provide us with a model of the type of ink-stamp design you require, showing us which colour and ink combinations are used in the different parts of your graphic. For this, refer to the ink combination table above. You can indicate in the comments box in your order the details of the colours you require. To know more about the type of file to provide us for your model, refer to our page SBE advises you / succeed in the printing of your logo. A final proof will then be supplied for signature before starting manufacture of the stamp.


    Data sheet

    The tape
    1 year
    14 grams
    73 x 53 mm

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    Color Imprint 2 Colors Ref. SEP-SED-THS-CA2

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    Color Imprint 3 Colors Ref. SEP-SED-THS-CA3

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    Color Imprint 4 Colors Ref. SEP-SED-THS-CA4

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    Derived from the technology applied to banknotes, this highly secured stamp allows you to give a high level of security to your most sensitive official...

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