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rfid label four-colour printing

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the label

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  • 3 sizes of ISO standard RFID label
  • An efficient and affordable RFID technology
  • 4 types of RFID chips available
  • Customization and Encoding is optional
  • 100% valid checks after manufacturing
Chip / Format

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In a world where efficiency and precision are crucial for the success of your business, we have developed a solution to optimize your inventory management: our Customizable RFID Tags. These innovative and high-tech labels will significantly enhance your inventory process.

These Customizable RFID adhesive tags are commonly used for in-store asset security and inventory management optimization. They are an essential tool to maintain a safe stock level and facilitate order preparation.

Essential technology for optimized inventory management

RFID technology provides exceptional efficiency and precision, facilitating product tracking and stock management. This leads to efficient warehouse automation. The transfer of RFID data allows accurate tracking of finished products in the supply chain process. These RFID chips, thanks to their custom encoding, offer automated identification solutions, ensuring perfect traceability and increased security in the supply chain.

RFID technology can detect a chip at a reading distance of up to 6 meters, promoting inventory turnover and more precise stock management. By facilitating the implementation of inventories over large areas, RFID tags contribute to increasing warehouse productivity.

Custom encoding for tailor-made traceability

The custom encoding option offers additional flexibility to adapt tracking information to your requirements. Additionally, our adhesive RFID tags ensure increased security by integrating an anti-hacking case option. Investing in our RFID tag technology solutions is a strategic choice, enabling efficient inventory management, optimized product traceability, and increased security.

Durability and robustness with our RFID tags

Our RFID tag labels are made of tear-proof PVC. They are equipped with high-performance adhesives. They can be attached to various surfaces and objects, both inside and outside the product. They are printed by the thermal transfer reprinting process. This is the most used medium as it is discreet and can be read without being visible. Each tag has an antenna and a chip containing a series of data, activated by a magnetic signal emitted by an RFID reader.

Formats and Frequencies: A strategic choice

Choosing the frequency and label format is important, it depends on the nature of the object to be identified and will ensure efficiency. The higher they are, the more efficient and readable the label will be over a greater distance. This is comparable to an RFID card.


Fudan 08NTAG 2013NXP i-code SLIXAlien H3

Several models of RFID tags are available, three formats are available:

Chip TypeUseFrequencyCommunication ProtocolReading Distance
Alien H3 Label (73 x 21 mm) Read / Write 860-960 MHz (UHF)  ISO18000-6C/EPC Gen2 From 3 to 6m
NXP NTAG 2013 Label (∅ 27 mm) Read / Write 14-14.4 MHz (HF) ISO 15693 Around 5cm
Fudan 08 Label (∅ 27 mm) Read / Write 13.8-14.2 MHz (HF)  ISO 14443 A 2-3cm
NXP i-code SLIX Label (47 x 47 mm) Read / Write 13.8-14.2 MHz (HF) ISO 15693 From 6cm to 8cm

Label memory:

The memory of the chosen label will vary according to its use. Depending on what it needs to be encoded (in hexadecimal or ASCII). Here's the memory and its proramming of our different labels:

Alien H3Fudan 08NXP NtagNXP I-Code SLIX
800 bits of memory EEPROM memory: 1024x8 bits EEPROM memory: 45 with 4 bytes/page = 180 bytes EEPROM 1024 bits, organized in 32 blocks x 4 bytes
EPC: 96 Bits expandable to 480 Bits Organized in 16 separate sectors based on security, allows for multi-application use. 144 bytes of freely available read/write area for user (36 pages) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) protected by password
512 user bits Typical transaction time: <100ms Automatic integration of the unique identifier (UID) in NDEF messages (format compatible with all NFC devices) Anti-theft label for EAS gateway (with password)
Unique 64-bit TID (unalterable serial number) Encryption algorithm compatible with M1 standard Authenticity control supported by ECC High data reliability: 16-bit CRC, framing
32-bit access and kill passwords Fast communication transmission speed: 106Kbit/s Data transfer of 106 kbit/s Fast data transfer: up to 53 kbit/s
User memory can be locked by block and protected by a reading password in 64-bit blocks Encryption algorithm compatible with reader following the Mifare Classic standard Configurable password protection with optional unsuccessful attempt limit Password protected Application Family Identifier (AFI)

Personalization of the adhesive RFID label

personalized-rfid-label-nxp-protection-caseOur RFID labels are sold in rolls of 2,000 labels, activated and ready to use. Each RFID tag chip is encoded with a unique serial number readable with an RFID reader compatible with the chip’s frequency, or re-encoded with another number or information if the chip supports writing (through an RFID encoder).

You can personalize their surface by printing them yourself using one of our CAB or SATO thermal transfer printers or entrust this task to us.

We can customize your labels in four-color process printing. The production lead time is 3 weeks from the signing of the Proof of Approval. Plate charges of €90 are expected for a first production.


Optionally (on request)

We can also encode the chip (if compatible for writing) with a custom identifier, personal information of the holder, or even encrypted information.

Discover also our blank RFID label

To enhance security, do not hesitate to protect your RFID chip with our RFID protection case, the anti-hacking case for RFID chip.

Finally, to learn everything about RFID technology, read our article « Understanding RFID in 10 points » in the section « SBE advises you » of this site.


Data sheet

the label
The roll of 2000
1 year
Square / Rectangular / Round
Alien label: 73 x 21mm

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Chip / Format Alien H3 Ref. MSE-ERF-CO-AH3

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Chip / Format NXP NTAG 2013 Ref. MSE-ERF-CO-NTG

Quantités Prix € HT
1000 2.35 €
3000 2.02 €

Chip / Format Fudan 08 Ref. MSE-ERF-CO-F08

Quantités Prix € HT
1000 2.06 €
3000 1.77 €

Chip / Format NXP i-code SLIX Ref. MSE-ERF-CO-SLIX

Quantités Prix € HT
1000 2.55 €
3000 2.15 €

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