high security paper x15
    • high security paper x15
    • security paper fifteen points security sight naked eye eng
    • security paper fifteen points security tracing gray seen naked eye tracing yellow vision uv eng
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    • fifteen points high security paper example use french version
    • secure paper fifteen points explained details english eng
    • fifteen points high security paper example use english version

    High Security Paper X15

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    • Protection against falsification of documents
    • 15 fiduciary level security points
    • 3 levels of safety (naked eye, magnifying glass, UV)
    • For all types of printers

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    The X15 High-Security Paper helps protect you against counterfeit documents and alteration attempts thanks to these numerous high-level security points. In addition to guaranteeing the origiality of the document, the extremely complex fiduciary-level security points make replication almost impossible.

    Check out our video dedicated to the X15 security paper to understand its usefulness and all its high security points.

    A support for various functions

    Falsification of authentic documents is a serious problem for businesses and organizations. The stakes are considerable. Secure paper is an effective tool for protecting sensitive documents. Its high level of security allows you to guarantee the compliance of documents that may be counterfeit such as your contracts, certificates, diplomas or licenses. A contract can be quickly certified as being original at low cost. It is a universal paper, that is to say it is neutral and can be used for all structures wishing to protect themselves from bad intentions.

    3 control levels for 15 security points.

    This paper combines different control level:
    • visible to the naked eye
    • visible only in UV light, UV ink springs bright yellow or blue
    • only visible with magnifying glass and/or microscope

    Thanks to these three levels of verification, paper replication is extremely laborious if not impossible. Some checking levels are not visible to the naked eye and require a high level of technology. Therefore, imitation of the identical document is impractical.

    The paper used here is a paper called “without optical brightening”, which is similar to the paper used to make cheques and bank notes. Its particularity is that it is inert to UV and therefore brings out the present UV ink.
    In order to obtain these different levels of security, the paper has different layers, which makes it possible to have as many safety points.

    Another relevant point is that the paper is also treated with a special coating that improves the adhesion of laser toner. When a laser printer places the toner on paper, it is possible to use a scalpel or tape to remove the toner from the paper and make a fraudulent alteration. The coating improves the way the toner adheres to the paper with an improvement of at least 50%. So it also protects against fraud.

    Security pointDescriptionVisual
    1. Microtext et guilloches in nanotextTexts imperceptible to the naked eye but revealed under UV light can be perceived only with a magnifying glass + UV light.nanotext guilloche secure paper visible under uv visible magnifying glass
    2. Nanotexte in vertical lineText readable only with magnifying glass / microscope. Cannot be scanned or photocopied because it is too small.fifteen point security paper nano security text vertical line invisible naked eye
    3. UV safety tapeLine perceptible only to the naked eye under UV light.secure paper vertical uv band visible uv
    4. Background with guillochesLines visible to the naked eye becoming blurred at photocopying and disappearing in case of an attempt to erase the text, in reactive inks.security paper fifteen points security background guilloches fine lines
    5. Watermark "Iris" in two tonesIris-shaped figures in two different tones, showing only when a light source is placed behind the leaf. Included in the paper.fifteen point security paper watermark security two-tone iris shape embedded in paper
    6. Numismatic 3D sculptured text "DOCUMENT SECURE ORIGINAL"Intricate lines that are woven to create an image or a word in a sculptured format.fifteen point security paper numismatic text security
    7. Fantom wordWord visible only when photocopying or scanning the document preventing replication.secure paper ghost word copy appearing only scan copy
    8. Paper and reactive inksThe paper has a special coating that increases the adhesion of the toner by at least 50% to protect against potential fraud.secure solvent reaction paper different colored stains
    9. Guilloches et emblem in UV inkSafety point only visible to the naked eye under UV light.secure paper guilloche visible shield uv naked eye
    10.Sequential number UV inkThe same sequential number appears only in UV light and is identical to that of penetrating black ink.secure paper sequential number uv ink ten digits
    11. Encrypted sequential number with penetrating, migrating black inkThis sequential number is visible to the naked eye. It cannot be erased because the black ink has penetrated the paper. In addition, the ink migrates to the back of the paper and turns red. The last 2 digits are a unique encryption key to lock each number.encrypted sequential nuber
    12. Blue microtextMicro text at the bottom of the page, visible with magnifying glass and chromotropic ink. Too small to be photocopied or scanned.papier securise microtexte bas de page bleu encre chromotropique devient rouge
    13.Thermoreactive inkBlue ink visible to the naked eye, disappears at +27° to reappear later.secure paper thermo rective ink changes color under heat
    14. Safety hologram built into paperHolograms are an authentication tool by themselves. They are very difficult to replicate and cannot be photocopied or scanned.secure paper hologram inlay color change paper light function
    15. Chromotropic inkInk visible to the naked eye and perceived blue. Under UV light, perceived red.secure paper chromotropic ink change color

    What is it used for?

    Secure paper is versatile and can adapt to the activity of your company. It is suitable for profit and non-profit organizations. An important contract, commercial agreements, press releases are documents which emanate from your organization and which must not be able to be modified or falsified. A diploma or nominative certification may also be subject to counterfeiting. Choose this paper to make your important documents inviolable.

    Find our high security customized paper X21.

    To learn more about the uses of secure paper, see the following two articles: What is secure paper for? and How many false documents are circulating in (and outside) your company?


    Data sheet

    the ream of 250
    the ream of 250
    1 year
    Printing resistance
    Light grey
    1.5 kg per ream
    A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
    Printer compatibility
    Laser or inkjet printer (black and color), dot-matrix impact printers
    A4 laser paper 95g

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