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Protective padded secure carrying case for fragile material

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the little bag

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  • Fragile electronic device protected during transport 
  • Very resistant to transport 
  • An antimicrobial protection to protect from the infections
  • Waterproof keeping your device dry 
  • Reusable nearly 2000 times 

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This protective padded case for fragile material has the particularity of being padded to protect all your devices (computers, tablets) and therefore your company’s data during transport.  

Protection that can’t be beaten  

This protective padded bag is ideal for safely storing and transporting electronic devices such as memory cards, hard drives or laptops. Its contents are then protected from any attempt at infringement or theft, as well as from the weather. Made of quality materials, your pouch is tamper-proof, tear-proof and waterproof. This pouch has rounded corners and a tamper-proof zipper that seals the information and protects it from theft.  Thanks to its padding, the container protects the devices from any potential physical damage caused during transport.  

The bag is equipped with three padded internal compartments, the other two contain two sewn-in pockets on each side, making it possible to hold a total of 8 cell phones. 

A total of 4 shelves can be placed in the pocket between the padded pockets.

You can also close the container with the T2 security seal if you wish to benefit from a superior protection for your goods and eliminate all attempts at fraud or theft.  The seal on the zipper guarantees secure transportation and preserves the integrity of your data.  

If an individual opens the protective padded pouch then the seal breaks and the recipient may realize that their data has been tampered with.  

An Antimicrobial protection to protect against infections 

In addition to being secure, this case features VersaShield ™ technology, antimicrobial protection into the Extremal / internal Lining, the Locking Chamber, the Zip Puller and the Tamper Evident T2 Security Seals.  Ideal for receiving or sending your materials while protecting you from infections. 

A bag adapted to secure transport 

It is possible that the information contained in the phones or USB may need to transit. Transmitting it digitally often involves a risk of hacking and leakage. This padded pouch is particularly suitable for travel:  

    • An internal identification window shows the routing address.
    • Made from durable, weather-resistant materials, it will stand up to transport. 
    • A secure seal closes the pouch, making it impossible to attempt fraud or theft. This high-end patented security seal is made from recycled plastic. 

For more security, all our seals are numbered or have a sequential barcode to protect all envelopes. This numbering is essential to guarantee the authenticity of the seal placed on a secure envelope or bag. This security point prevents attempts at fraud or theft by denouncing unauthorized openings. Seals are also customizable for even more protection.  

seal for protective padded secure case

A large capacity to store a maximum of your devices

Due to its large size (300x230x90mm), this protective padded bag has been designed for optimal storage. You can store up to 8 smartphones and 4 shelves and optimize the movement of your devices. You limit the possibilities of loss while saving time on transport.  

Your customizable protective padded case

Your protective padded case for personal electronic devices can be customized with your own information. For example, having your company name or logo on your security pouch makes it easier to identify it. 


Data sheet

the little bag
1 year
PVC coated polyester with antimicrobial protection
0.88 kg
A zip secured by an optional numbered t2 seal

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