Waterproof protective case - 36x17x29cm - 1
  • Waterproof protective case - 36x17x29cm - 1
  • Waterproof protective case - 36x17x29cm - 2
  • Waterproof protective case - 36x17x29cm - 3
  • Waterproof protective case - 36x17x29cm - 4

Waterproof protective case - 36x17x29cm

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  • Two Press & Pull Latches
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Vortex™ Valve
  • Double-layered, Soft-grip Handle
  • lightweight Strong HPX™ Resin
  • Powerful Hinges
  • Two Padlockable Hasps>

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Sensitive equipment needs protection and since 1976, the answer was the Peli ™ affair. Protective cases allow secure and easier transportation of your fragile and sensitive objects. These difficult cases are designed with an automatic purge valve, which equals the air pressure, a waterproof silicone seal roller cover, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware. Discover immediately the Peli 2100 suitcase with dimensions 36x17x29cm.

Multiple quality safety case

precut cubed foam for protective casesThis 36x17x29cm high-resistance polyethylene safety case is ideal for transporting all your professional equipment easily with its Pull & Press closures and an automatic pressure balancing valve. The folding handle makes it possible to bring your transport suitcase wherever you want.

The waterproof hard cases are available empty or with standard foam. What is the advantage of a waterproof suitcase with foam? The standard foam supplied is a pre-cut cubed foam. You can create specific foam inserts for your objects to improve its safety. The object is thus protected by the extremely solid shell and the foam absorbs shocks to guarantee optimal protection.

Certified and tested suitcases for maximum protection

The waterproof hard cases are all tested and certified so that you have the guarantee of complete protection of your equipment and equipment. This waterproof case has been IP67 rated, this means that the briefcase is totally dustproof and is immersible in the water for 30min at one meter deep.

Those equipment cases can withstand extreme temperatures: from -40 ° to 99 °. Attention, it is not flame resistant, it does not protect its contents from the flames because the temperature is too high. However, a special adjuvant can be added on special series (200 minimum units) to make the flame retardant suitcase.

The Certifications DEF STAN 81-41 and STANAG 4280 are military standards used by NATO countries that guarantee excellent vibration resistance as well as high shocks (falling test).

Lock all your waterproof hard cases with security padlocks

All Peli cases have 2 reinforcement rings 9 mm in diameter on the sides. Thus, in addition to push & pull closures, you can choose to protect your suitcase and content byprotective cases with security seal inserting either:

  • A safety seal: Check the contents of the bag with the tracking number displayed directly on the seal. However, this does not prevent a forced opening, but allows to leave a trace of the break-in.
  • Padlock: This product makes it easy to move the suitcase while locking it.
  • Padlock + Security Cable: This system connects the hard case to a fixed object, preventing any flight. The cable has a loop end and a shielded steel termination to accommodate the padlock handle. Thus, before closing the padlock, it is enough to wrap the cable around a solid and fixed object, to pass the end of the cable into the loop and finally to lock the system passing the armored end of the cable into The padlock handle before closing last with the key. This solution allows you to fix the briefcase on a fixed support: table, car trunk, counter, etc.
  • If you finish your previous system with wall anchors plate, you can be sure that it will not be stolen with its tensile strength of more than 2 tons.

To facilitate the management of the case and its corresponding padlock, we advise you to use a key system pass or the same key system for handling padlocks and / or cables.

  • A main key is a special key that allows you to open all locks. When you order a key padlock pass, you also receive the set of 2 conventional keys supplied with the padlock. It is also called a master key. To buy this key separately, we ask for proof of purchase of the padlock or the corresponding cable.
  • The same key is a system in which all the keys provided are similar, allowing to open all the locks of the same lock. This system is done on request only.

In order to better understand the different types of lock locks, I suggest you consult our article on key systems.

What is the difference with safety cases?

Our secure transportation cases are similar on many points and both for desires to facilitate the transportation of your sensitive objects while protecting them. However, the major difference lies in the padlock insert. Indeed, both have an insert so that you can slip a padlock and make it impossible to open. But waterproof suitcases have ABS and non-steel inserts, but reinforced as on safety cases.

To summarize, the safety cases comprises an extra level of safety because it is very difficult to remove the padlock without damaging the briefcase or even damaging the content.

If you want an additional level of security, SBE Direct advises you to browse our safe protective case range, which is the strongest range of briefcase we have.

Customizable transport cases

All our chatters are customizable. There are several customization options (not all available on all models):

  • Marking: It is possible to affix your logo on your suitcase to shine your brand image
  • Custom foam machining: This foam is denser and resistant than the pre-cut foam that you find as an option classic.
  • Foam padding: This thin coating stuck on the inner walls leaves all the place in the briefcase while protecting your objects.
  • Machined platinum: this raw aluminum plate can be machined on Measurement for all your uses, often used to install connectors

To know the conditions of customizations of your transport cases, contact us directly.


Data sheet

1 year
Longueur exterieure (cm)
Largeur extérieure (cm)
Hauteur extérieure (cm)
Longueur intérieure (cm)
Largeur intérieure (cm)
Hauteur intérieure (cm)
Body material
Injection Molded HPX™ high performance resin
Minimum temperature (C°)
Maximum temperature (C°)
Weight with foam (kg)
Depth of inner lid (cm)
Depth of inner base (cm)
MIL-STD-810F / ATA 300 / FED-STD-101C
Weight without foam (kg)

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