standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal for documents en
    • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal for documents en
    • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal anti fraud en
    • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal disposable
    • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal visible grubbing up on evelope en
    • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal on deposit box
    • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal with powerful breakable adhesive en
    • standard anti tampering security seal uv reactive inks en

    SBE Standard Ultra-thin Anti-tampering Security Seal

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    The 100 labels

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    • It is composed of only glue and ink
    • Tearing-off is immediately visible
    • Ideal for paper documents
    • Ultra-efficient against frauds

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    NEW ! This SBE ultra thin anti-tampering security seal is an exceptional tool for ensuring a high confidentiality and integrity of goods like highly confidential documents , contracts, defense secrecy ... . It discourages anyone from accessing it and clearly exposes the tampering. The technology of this seal does not allow it to be removed intact once it is placed and it is not reproducible.

    This security seal meets the strictest requirements of companies, private or governmental institutions needing to ensure the authenticity of certain documents, to preserve high confidentiality or to ensure non-tampering of goods.

    Advanced technological design for 4 safety points

    seal-security-resistant to tear-off-untransferable-anti-tampering 1- A powerful breakable adhesive in the form of a honeycomb allows it to firmly cling to all types of supports, and makes it naturally breakable therefore difficult to remove.

    2- The absence of support between the glue and the inks provides a strong security point which makes the seal resistant to tear-off, untransferable and therefore impossible to remove in one piece once glued.

    ink-UV-reactive-seal- security
    3- UV reactive inks: "SBE" UV logos react in red color when the seal is exposed to a UV lamp (totally invisible under ambient light). This third security point makes it non-reproducible and is proof of the authenticity of the property you want to protect.


    4- Unique authenticator : The white space on the security seal allows authentication and therefore making it unique for your use. You will be able to manually enter the text of your choice, such as a number, a code, a date, or your signature with a permanent pen, which will make this seal unique for single use.

    seal-safe-anti-fraud A seal that discourages fraud

    The seal discourages anyone from the very first fraud attempt at tampering an item because the technology used immediately exposes the fraud by leaving visible traces. The assembly of the extremely strong glue and inks, causes the seal to fray and provide a real deterrent against fraud.

    Moreover, the high resistance of this security seal against the most diverse conditions such as water, solvents, temperatures guarantees a secure permanent marking.

    seal-safe-anti-fraud A security seal that clearly reveals tampering

    The seal is ideal in two distinct situations:

    - Glued on a document (paper, envelope, box, folder, booklet), the seal will prove its authenticity.

    - Glued to an object like the fastening of a box, a door (safe, vehicle), a drawer, the integrated seal will prove it’s non-tampering. Indeed, if it remains intact, you will be assured that no one has attempted to open the fastening thus sealed.

    With a design similar to an industrial decal, this adhesive seal is affixed in one second thanks to its applicator: remove the protective paper from the adhesive, place the seal on the desired support by pressing hard, and remove the top protective layer, the seal is fixed in a durable and reliable manner.

    seal-security-sbe-ultra thin-anti-tampering-standard

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    Data sheet

    The 100 labels
    In packs of 100
    1 year
    Catalog code
    A052 B052 C138 D144 E153 F153
    Untransferable destructible
    Printing resistance
    General resistance
    Oils / Solvents
    30 x 20 mm, 60 x 25 mm

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    Format 60x25mm Ref. MSEC-SSS-STD2

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    Format 30x20mm Ref. MSEC-SSS-STD

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