standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal for documents en
  • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal for documents en
  • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal anti fraud en
  • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal disposable
  • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal visible grubbing up on evelope en
  • standard ultra thin anti tampering security seal on deposit box
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SBE Standard Ultra-thin Anti-tampering Security Seal

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  • It is composed of only glue and ink
  • Tearing-off is immediately visible
  • Ideal for paper documents
  • Ultra-efficient against frauds


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The security seal label meets the most stringent requirements of companies, private or governmental institutions needing to ensure the authenticity of certain documents, to preserve a strong confidentiality or to guarantee the non-infringement of goods.

What is a safety label?

Thefts and break-ins of all kinds are multiplying and occur every day in companies. This is why we have decided to react and to accompany you in the fight against burglary and fraud within your activity.

Various solutions have been developed, including security tags. The principle is simple: to dissuade and prevent any malicious act of fraud. Unlike simple zero-transfer adhesive labels, security labels are designed to show any infraction.

There are many types of safety labels :

  • VOID tag : VOID message written at takeoff, to prevent undue opening.
  • Hologram label : Generated by an elaborate three-dimensional technological process, falsification is made almost impossible.
  • Ultra-destructible label : Totally destructible if torn off, making it impossible to transfer from its original support to another.
  • Sealed security label: The technology of this label does not allow it to be removed intact once applied and is not reproducible.

Your choice of security label will depend on several criteria, including the area of application and the use you will make of it.

We have written a very interesting article dealing with : How to avoid fraud with a security tag.

A technological process based on 4 security points

At first glance, we may think that this security label is a simple label. Nevertheless, it is full of technological process making it ultra-secure for your goods, products and documents.

  • The adhesive that has been chosen for this product has not been left to chance. Indeed, it is called "honeycomb", this technical choice allows the label to stick firmly and durably on any type of support.
  • Very fine, this label is indeed without support between adhesive and ink. This gives the product a strong point of security because the label is untearable, intransferable and therefore impossible to remove in one piece once stuck.
  • The choice of ink was not left to chance either. We use UV reactive inks that authenticate the product and make falsification impossible.
  • We have chosen a unique authentication made possible by the blank insert. You will be able to write manually the text of your choice (number, serial number, a code, a date or a signature).

With these 4 security points, this label is more than legitimate to defend your goods against the risks of theft attempts or break-ins. The standard Safe-Tech ultra-thin anti-burglary security seal label is therefore an essential and optimal tool to ensure the protection, confidentiality and authenticity of your products.

We offer you the possibility between two possible formats:

  • 30 x 20 mm ;
  • 60 x 25 mm.

You can therefore easily adapt the format of the sealed label of your choice according to your needs. Don’t worry, even the smallest format remains visible thanks to the colors chosen by us. Indeed, the yellow color on the perimeter of the security label makes it a conspicuous identification element.

When to use a security seal label

This Safe-Tech SBE ultra-thin tamper-evident security label is an exceptional tool to guarantee a high level of confidentiality and integrity of assets such as ultra-confidential documents, contracts, defense secrets... . It dissuades anyone from accessing them and clearly indicates the break-in.

Thanks to the technological processes used, we have succeeded in designing a security label of very high resistance. In this sense, the label is totally resistant to the most diverse conditions, keeping an optimal marking in front of :

  • Water ;
  • Solvents ;
  • Temperature variations.

Thus, the standard Safe-Tech ultra-thin tamper-evident label can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

In this sense, two distinct uses can be made of it :

  • Prove the authenticity of a document (paper, envelope, cardboard, file or booklet);
  • To prove the non-infringement of an object (box, safe, vehicle or even an entrance or access door).

How to use the security seal label

Because we know how precious your time is, we have been striving for a long time to offer you efficient, effective and durable products, but above all, quick and easy to use and apply.

The Safe-Tech ultra-thin tamper-evident security label is the result of this desire. With a design similar to an industrial decal, this sealed security label can be applied in a second, thanks to its applicator.

The application of the label is summarized in three steps :

  • First, remove the paper protection from the adhesive;
  • Then proceed to apply the label on the desired surface by pressing generously;
  • Finally, remove the top protective film

Your label is now permanently affixed to your surface and ready for use!

Opt for the guarantee of optimal authenticity and anti-fraud protection of your products: the Safe-Tech ultra-thin anti-tampering standard security label-seal.

Would you like to customize your security solution ?

This tool does not yet allow it, however, we have a large choice of customizable security labels at the cutting edge of technology..

The personalization of security labels allows your security solution to display your color code making the product unique and visible. Thus, security and authenticity are guaranteed as well as the communication of your company.


Data sheet

The 100 labels
In packs of 100
1 year
Untransferable destructible
Printing resistance
General resistance
Oils / Solvents
30 x 20 mm, 60 x 25 mm

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Format 60x25mm Ref. MSEC-SSS-STD2

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Format 30x20mm Ref. MSEC-SSS-STD

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