How to avoid fraud with a security label?

security label

The number of business thefts has been on the rise in recent years. It is therefore essential to protect your business assets. Security labels are an effective and inexpensive way to authenticate your equipment and avoid any risk of theft, counterfeiting or fraud.

Which security label to choose? 

There are many labels available to identify your goods and protect them from theft. Here is our range of labels with a very good quality/price ratio and a formidable efficiency. These labels can be stuck on any type of support (cardboard, metal, PVC...ect). They can be used to prevent computer theft, seal a door or a confidential file, close and secure a box of goods...ect. They can be used in all types of environments and have an excellent long term durability thanks to their resistance to temperature and solvents. These non-transferable and non-reusable labels are a reliable and unique solution. 

etiquette void

VOID labels highlight the violation of the substrate. They identify and secure your property by highlighting its removal and tampering through the adhesive that leaves the word VOID on the substrate. This label is very effective in dissuading any malicious person and allows the attempted theft to be quickly established. 

etiquette destructible

Destructible labels have the same function as VOID. Made of 2 layers of strong adhesive and a satin printed surface, these highly resistant labels allow the attempted removal to be seen through the crumbling. These labels are ideal for stock management and inventory taking.


-Hologram labels immediately authenticate the object to the naked eye and are composed of numerous security points. These labels require a high level of technology and are extremely difficult to duplicate. Unforgeable, they are used to seal and secure your confidential documents or copyable products. For example, collector's items are often sealed in a case with a hologram to guarantee their authenticity. To better understand the technology behind these labels, read our article.

etiquette antivol

Anti-theft tags are control tags that detect attempted theft through their RFID technology, using a radio frequency system, ormagneto-acoustic. They remotely trigger the alarm of the magnetic portal if their chip has not been deactivated.

How to identify your goods with security tags?

In order to better identify your goods and products, you must affix a label proving ownership. To do this, you can use fixed or variable information (barcodes, text, logo...) to personalise your labels. You can also choose the format of your choice and the colour of the print. Personalisation also allows you to enhance your brand image.

How to apply a security label correctly? 

In order for your anti-fraud label to secure your material in the long term, it is essential to properly prepare the surface on which you want to stick the label. To do this, the surface must be clean, dust-free and degreased so that the label adheres well. Once the surface has been cleaned, rinsed and dried, you can apply the label in a visible place on the surface. Be careful not to get your fingers on the adhesive. Once it is stuck on, apply pressure to it to make the adhesive stick, especially on the edges. Be careful not to scratch the label with your fingernails or any other tool if it does not have a transparent protection. Note: your label will be truly stuck after a minimum of 72 hours, the time it takes for the adhesive to polymerise the substrate. 

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