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Polyester Void Anti-fraud Label Color Print

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the label

Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
  • Immediately visible tear-off
  • Colour and UV printing available
  • Not reusable
  • Not transferable
  • Security check
  • Reveals proof of break-in
Background color

Total : 1400.00€ HT

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At home on Tuesday 12 December 2023

Between quality and efficiency, ensured by numerous tests carried out in the laboratory, and economical due to its high bulk discount rate, this VOID polyester anti-fraud color print label is an efficient solution against removal, opening of your goods and is a real indicator of guarantee.

Protect efficiently thanks to VOID polyester label.

The diversity of our customers who have acquired our VOID anti-fraud labels proves their versatility, you can affix them, on your tools, machines, industrial parts, as well as on your cars, high-tech products, furniture and other manufactured goods.

It is very easy to use: once the sticker backing has been removed, you just have to apply it on to the material you would like to inventory or seal, the VOID label will fit the contours perfectly. Non-transferable, it is impossible to restick it elsewhere.

Far more than identifying, this bar code VOID label (identification example) also secures your goods. In fact, in case of removal, the breakable sticker reveals the word VOID, or a checkerboard pattern, on the material as well as on the label itself, which makes the label invalid, obsolete and destroys it so that it cannot be reused. By using it as a seal on your objects, you will thus easily see if someone has opened it forcibly. Used for police checks, for safety of pieces of evidence, medical packages, as computer seals, for safes or even for confidential envelops; this VOID polyester label is a real deterrent and can also be used for protection of warranties.

A good quality SBE VOID polyester label

Designed for real situations involving frequent handling, this anti-fraud VOID polyester label withstands temperatures from -40° to +180°, and also withstands oil, humidity, conventional cleaning products and UV radiation .

Made of three layers which bind together while mounting, the finish and rendering of this VOID anti-fraud label is

1) The first part is a very strong breakable acrylic VOID adhesive (metallic or white) which ensures an excellent hold. It will leave a trace, on the label itself, and on the product, in case it is removed.
2) This sticker is attached on a flexible surface made of transparent polyester, resistant to moisture and common cleaning products.
3) Finally, the third layer is the surface treatment with a glossy agent which efficiently absorbs print inks of the label which will then be embedded on this surface.

Customized your VOID polyester labels!

Ideal for meeting your large volume requirements, please clearly estimate the quantities of your customized label which you would need and please order in bulk in order to benefit from our bulk discount prices, you will make considerable savings.

It is possible for you to include variable information on these anti-fraud labels such as numbering, bar codes, QR codes, and also fixed information : texts and logos, which will reinforce the brand image of your company thanks to the customized label fixed on your goods.

Choose the print of your choice, in colour or in transparent UV. UV ink is an advantage when it comes to printing information that is invisible to the naked eye. With the help of a UV lamp, you can prove that the destructible label belongs to you and thus justify the ownership of the product. This is an effective anti-fraud measure. UV ink is invisible on glossy synthetic labels, it is not visible to the naked eye, as you can see in the example below.

exemple of uv printing

This bar code VOID anti-fraud black print label made of polyester is available in three different sizes: 40 x 15mm, 50 x 20mm and 60 x 25mm. Furthermore, the delivery is quick and is done within a week after press proof approval.

For any specific application and use, request your samples by clicking on the button "request for samples": you could thus carry out your own tests and check if the product corresponds to the use for which you intend it.

Tip: To make your customized label last longer, protect it with adapted Transparent Protection !


Data sheet

the label
in roll
1 year
VOID non-transferable
Thermal / Digital Transfer
Printing resistance
Common use
General resistance

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Format 40x15mm Ref. MSE-VOID1-MT-CO

Quantités Prix € HT
Colour printing
Prix € HT
Colour + UV printing
1000 1.4 € 1.65 €
3000 0.86 € 1.11 €
5000 0.63 € 0.87 €
10000 0.5 € 0.74 €

Format 50x20mm Ref. MSE-VOID2-BL-CO

Quantités Prix € HT
Colour printing
Prix € HT
Colour + UV printing
1000 1.44 € 1.69 €
3000 0.91 € 1.15 €
5000 0.72 € 0.98 €
10000 0.54 € 0.79 €

Format 60x25mm Ref. MSE-VOID3-MT-CO

Quantités Prix € HT
Colour printing
Prix € HT
Colour + UV printing
1000 1.47 € 1.72 €
3000 0.95 € 1.19 €
5000 0.77 € 1.02 €
10000 0.63 € 0.89 €

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