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    X8 High Security Carry Bag

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    the bag

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    • Your documents carried in full safety 
    • Durable and weather resistant materials 
    • An antimicrobial protection to protect from the infections
    • Can support heavy loads and large documents 
    • Tamper-proof thanks to eight security points
    • Secure closure through the use of a seal

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    This X8 High Security Carry Bag is specially designed to store and transport your confidential objects and documents under high surveillance.

    An ultra high security bag  

    This bag is ideal for companies that need their data to be protected from fraud attempts. Very sturdy, made from durable and resistant materials, this bag will be able to support heavy loads without tearing.

    Thanks to its quality material, making it waterproof and tamper-proof, the security bag for background transport of large confidential documents resists all types of external aggressions or weather conditions. 

    This bag has a small transparent pocket on the front where you can put your contact information, the delivery address or your logo, making this bag identifiable and authenticatable.

     This security bag has the particularity, due to its large capacity, to be able to contain any kind of bulky sensitive documents or to carry several security pockets. Thanks to its high quality material, the container will protect the devices from any potential physical damage caused during the sending of documents.  

    Specially designed to carry bulky confidential documents, this bag is often used for jewelry which is itself contained in other security pouches, secret official files, sensitive data...

    An Antimicrobial protection to protect against infections 

    In addition to being secure, these bags feature VersaShield ™ technology, antimicrobial protection into the Extremal / internal Lining, the Handles, the Locking Chamber, the Zip Puller and the Tamper Evident T2 Security Seals.  Ideal for receiving or sending your documents and valuables while protecting you from infections. 

    A unique and ultra-secure closing system

    This X8 High Security Carry Bag is particularly suitable for travel: A secure seal ensures a reliable closure, therefore the bag cannot be opened without breaking the seal. Any attempt of fraud or theft is then prevented. If an individual tries to open the bag then the seal will break and the recipient will be able to see that his data has been violated.  

    This top of the line security seal is made from recycled plastic. The pouch is totally secure as soon as a security seal is affixed to the zipper. The seal on the zipper guarantees secure transportation and will preserve the integrity of your data.  

    The unique and patented design of this seal makes copying impossible. For added security, our seals are all numbered or equipped with a sequential barcode to best protect any envelope. This numbering is essential to guarantee the authenticity of the seal placed on a secure envelope or bag. This security point prevents attempts at fraud or theft by denouncing unauthorized openings. Seals are also customizable for even more protection.  

    secured bag

    The security points of the secure bag 

    With more than eight security points, this bag guarantees maximum protection for your personal documents when transporting cash. This way, in case of an attempted fraudulent manoeuvre, you will quickly find out. 

    Safety pointExplanationPhoto
    Internal stitchingThe internal stitching makes the thread invisible, so it is impossible to remove the thread from the outside and re-stitch it without clear evidence of tampering.internal stitching
    Binding on the internal seamsThe binding on the internal seams increases the level of protection on the seams making it more difficult to access the contents of the bag.binding on the internal seams
    Multicolored threadThe multicolored thread makes it infinitely more difficult to adapt the color sequence once the thread is removed, especially along the double seam lines along the zip.multicolored thread
    Handles sewn internallyIf the handles are sewn externally, the thread can be picked up and the handle removed from the bag. On a conventional bag, entry into the bag can be achieved by creating a small cut which can then be covered by a new thread by attaching the handle to the bag. This method of tampering and concealment of evidence is therefore impossible thanks to the sewn-in handles.handles sewn internally
    Double zipIncredibly strong and therefore much more difficult to pierce compared to the standard zipper. The force required to open the zipper breaks the teeth and the zipper cannot be closed and there is clear evidence of tampering.double zip
    Transparent window only accessible from the insideThe window is made of transparent material so that any evidence of tampering is clear to see. As the window opening is inside the bag, it is therefore impossible to get hold of the address or contact details card without opening the bag at the same time.transprent window only accessible from the inside
    T2 Locking SystemWhen the seal is opened, its tabs fall into the inside of the pouch, revealing the attempted tampering.t2 locking system
    Seamless baseThis base supports heavier content and prevents access to the vulnerable base. It also reduces the number of walls in the bag and therefore the number of access points. Thus, the intrusion will be made visible and does not go unnoticed.seamless base

    Data sheet

    the bag
    the bag
    1 year
    Optimal - Tamperproof
    PVC coated polyester with antimicrobial protection
    400x290x90 mm

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