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    Secure cash bag

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    the little bag

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    • Carry items and documents securely
    • Very resilient
    • An antimicrobial protection to protect from the infections
    • A personalised secure transportation solution

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    This secure cash bag is the solution for transporting or storing cash or cheques safely. You may also use it for other purposes, to secure or move confidential documents or medical or other products as required.

    Initially designed to move cash from the cash registers to the bank, to the vaults or even within a company on a daily basis, these bags have been designed to be infinitely reusable.

    Thanks to high-quality, highly resistant and waterproof materials such as PVC, your coin bag is well protected from external aggressions: bad weather, attempted fraud. In addition to being robust, this bag is tear-proof, so you can carry heavy loads without the risk of tearing. 

    This checkout bag closes with a T2 security seal that makes it impossible for anyone to attempt fraud or theft. To open it, you will have to break the seal and then your bag will become unusable. 

    secure seal cash bag

    An Antimicrobial protection to protect against infections 

    In addition to being secure, these cash bags feature VersaShield ™ technology, antimicrobial protection into the Extremal / internal Lining, the Handles, the Locking Chamber, the Zip Puller and the Tamper Evident T2 Security Seals.  Ideal for receiving or sending your documents and valuables while protecting you from infections such as COVID. 

    Your cash bag is customizable

    Your coin bag can be personalized with your own information, such as your company name or logo, so that it can be more easily identified. You also can have the color of your choice.

    Personalization from 15 units.

    For customization, allow 4 to 6 weeks.


    Data sheet

    the little bag
    1 year
    Red, Blue, Green
    With zip secured by an optional numbered seal

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    Format 182 x 178 x 50mm (72g) Ref. MSEC-CCB0

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    Format 267 x 267 x 50mm (120g) Ref. MSEC-CCB1

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    Format 356 x 356 x 50mm (197g) Ref. MSEC-CCB4

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