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Secure cash bag

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the little bag

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  • Carry items and documents securely
  • Very resilient
  • An antimicrobial protection to protect from the infections
  • A personalised secure transportation solution

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This secure reusable cash bag is the solution for safely carrying or storing cash or checks. You can also use it for other purposes, to secure or move confidential documents or medical or other products as needed. It is an economical and ecological alternative to single-use plastic bags.

What is the use of the cash bag ?

The cash bag is essential for the safe storage and transportation of your cash, receipts and checks. Usage can vary depending on the industry. They are regularly used in many sectors: banking, retail and entertainment. But, the transfer of money concerns many other more specific and particular jobs: cafe owners, fairground workers, cabs...

Also useful for the recovery of coins and banknotes from vending machines such as snack machines, cold or hot drinks or ATMS (automatic teller machine).

This pouch is suitable for all trades that are in direct contact with cash.

Size (L x H x P) Weight Colors available
182 x 178 x 50mm 72g Red, Green, Blue
267 x 267x 50mm 120g Red, Green, Blue
356 x 356 x 50mm 197g Red, Green, Blue

The checkout bags are available in 3 colors and all have an interior loading window. The different colors make it possible to differentiate the uses of each bag within the same organization. For example, to identify the different sources of cash in the store, the blue pocket corresponds to the bottom of the automatic cash registers, the green one is assigned to the traditional cash registers and finally the red one is intended to collect the change from the food distributor.

The internal window allows you to add information either on the container of the pouch such as the number of checks, the value of money contained, or on the source of the contents (atm, vending machine, number of the cash register etc).

A bag to keep your cash and change safe

The cash registers often contain a large amount of cash on hand. As soon as cash payments become more frequent at the end of the day, the cash drawer is often full. Typically in supermarkets and other stores, the end-of-day procedure requires cashiers to empty and count the cash float, while maintaining a working capital balance.

The recovered notes should be kept in a safe place. Again, a safe is definitely recommended. The time at which these notes are transferred from the collection area to the room where the safe is kept is particularly sensitive. Lockable removable boxes are available. To enhance the safety of the transfer, the bottom bag ensures safe transportation.

Originally designed to move cash from the cash registers to the bank on a daily basis, these bags were designed to be infinitely reusable.

Durable materials for a bag that can be reused indefinitely

Thanks to high-quality, highly resistant and waterproof materials, your checkout bag is well protected against external aggressions: bad weather, fraud attempts. The bags are made of nylon polyamide and coated with a PVC layer, which makes the bag waterproof.

In addition to being robust, this bag is tear-proof, allowing you to carry many items without the risk of tearing. The cash pouches are designed with a seamless bottom. This allows the bag to withstand heavy loads (ideal for carrying coins). In addition, the seamless bottom prevents any attempt to open the pouch fraudulently from the bottom, thus bypassing the seal and making the fraud invisible.

The brass eyelet makes storage quick and easy. You can hang the pouch on a hook

Its robustness is reflected in the 2,000 times of reuse and the 5-year warranty.

Secure pouch: how does a small seal secure the pouch?

The bottom pocket is very robust but its security comes from its numbered seal. Its operation is extremely simple.

The zip allows you to quickly slide the money into the cash pouch and the zipper is permanently locked with a T2 security seal, making it impossible for fraud or theft to occur.

In order to open the bag, it is imperative to break the seal. When breaking the seal, the small back legs of the seal break off and fall into the bottom of the bag. The top part of the seal can then be removed and cannot be replaced. Breaking the seal is the only way to open the bag. Each seal has a unique sequential number. It is therefore impossible to replace the seal in the same way and to disguise the forced opening.

By replacing only the T2 seal, the bottom pocket is functional again, without any problems.

sac de caisse securise

An Antimicrobial protection to protect against infections

In addition to being secure, these cash bags feature VersaShield ™ technology, antimicrobial protection into the Extremal / internal Lining, the Handles, the Locking Chamber, the Zip Puller and the Tamper Evident T2 Security Seals. Ideal for receiving or sending your documents and valuables while protecting you from infections such as COVID and other toouch-borne viruses.

Your cash bag is customizable

Your checkout pocket can be personalised with your own information, such as your company name or logo, to make it easier to identify.

The customization includes:

  • Overprinting: adding your logo or a number to the bag,
  • Customised size/format: please note that this personalisation is available from 10,000 bags ordered,
  • The broadcast window: you can choose the size and location of the sleeve window,
  • Handles for easy transport,
  • The colour of the bag: to match your brand image

Customisation is available from 15 units and depending on the chosen customisation, production can take between 4 and 6 weeks. All your requests are possible and feasible, please contact us.


Data sheet

the little bag
1 year
Red, Blue, Green
With zip secured by an optional numbered seal

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Format 182 x 178 x 50mm (72g) Ref. MSEC-CCB0

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Prix € HT
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Format 267 x 267 x 50mm (120g) Ref. MSEC-CCB1

Quantités Prix € HT
Prix € HT
Prix € HT
5 35 € 35 € 35 €
10 33 € 33 € 33 €
20 30 € 30 € 30 €

Format 356 x 356 x 50mm (197g) Ref. MSEC-CCB4

Quantités Prix € HT
Prix € HT
Prix € HT
5 47 € 47 € 47 €
10 44 € 44 € 44 €
20 39 € 39 € 39 €

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