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Secure non-photocopiable paper X8

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  • Secure anti-copy and anti-fraud paper
  • 3 levels of control
  • 8 security points
  • Paper and solvent reactive inks
  • Reproduction and falsification impossible

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Do you work in government or in the private sector and are in charge of drafting official documents or contracts? We provide you with the secure paper that ensures an optimal level of security! With its 8 security points, the X8 security paper constitutes a real challenge of imitation and fraudulent replication, we explain you why :

What is a secure paper ?

Today, document security is one of the main issues within companies and administrations. Indeed, the falsification of authentic and official documents is a recurrent phenomenon that affects more and more certain sectors of activity. We therefore make it our duty to secure your sensitive documents of all kinds.

A real protection tool for your sensitive documents, a security paper must constantly push back the limits of innovation in order to be the most efficient and difficult to imitate. Very demanding, we wanted to offer you non-photocopiable security papers.

The degree of security of your document obviously differs according to the number of control points present on the chosen secure paper. In fact, the more control points a security paper has, the more effective it is against undue falsification by a third party. Here, the X8 security paper has 8 security points, guaranteeing a more than excellent document security.

To learn more about the usefulness of a secure paper, we have written an article : What is the purpose of the security paper ?

3 levels of control for 8 security points :

The X8 security paper is fully customizable, however, the 8 security points present on the document have been established upstream with experts. Some are hidden, others are difficult to spot. In order to verify these security points, we give you the keys, in other words, we give you the different levels of controls :

  • Some elements are visible to the naked eye,
  • Other security features are only visible with a magnifying glass or microscope,
  • Other security features are only visible with a magnifying glass or microscope,

Each of these levels of verification makes paper replication virtually impossible. Our experts have used state-of-the-art machinery and technical processes that guarantee a high level of security. This anti-fraud paper is a feat of technology.

The choice of X8 anti-copy security paper is not left to chance, since without optical brightener, it is inert to UV rays and consequently accentuates the visibility of the special ultra-violet ink present. It will of course be necessary to use a suitable light to reveal the ink since it is invisible to the naked eye.

It may seem complicated to understand how so many elements of document security can be present on a "simple" sheet of 21 x 29.7 cm (A4 format). In reality, it is not simply a matter of printing on a sheet of paper. But a technological process allowing us through several layers of paper, to integrate our security points.

Another important security point is that the entire paper is treated with a special coating that enhances the adhesion of the laser toner (the same paper used to make bank bills). Thus, when a laser printer places the toner on the paper, it is possible to use a scalpel or tape to remove the toner from the paper and make a fraudulent alteration.

The coating therefore improves the way the toner adheres to the paper. We can see an improvement of at least 50%, allowing us to say that the X8 paper is once again effective against fraud.

What are the security features of the X8 non-photocopiable security paper :

As you know, the capacity of a secure paper to complexify its fraudulent reproduction is measured by the number of security points it has. Here, the X8 has been thought and designed to meet 8 security criteria, each one more successful than the other.

Rosettes in numismatics Extremely difficult to reproduce, these rosettes are composed of intricate lines that are woven to create the desired visual. rosette numismatic secure paper
Microtext The blue microtext is difficult to see with the naked eye and indecipherable without a magnifying glass or microscope. Too small to be photocopied or scanned, it is a technological feat. microtext on secure paper
Guilloches The background of the page has a multitude of waves also called guilloches. These blur when photocopied and if an attempt is made to erase the text, the guilloches disappear. guilloches background secure paper
UV printing and badges This safety point is visible to the naked eye provided you have a UV light.  uv printing secure paper
Nano Text in UV Because of its small size, the text is unreadable without a magnifying glass and is revealed by a UV lamp. Its wave form is difficult to imitate. nanotext in uv secure paper
Copy protection In case of an attempt to copy, it will appear on the printout "COPY", thus preventing undue replication. anticopy feature secure paper
Solvent-reactive paper Visible reaction of the paper to any chemical erasure attempt. Special coating increases toner adhesion by 50% to protect against potential fraud. ink and paper solvent reactive secure paper
Reactive ink Visible reaction of the ink to any chemical erasure attempt. Special coating increases toner adhesion by 50% to protect against potential fraud.

These different security features make our watermarked papers high performance security papers. Our manufacturing processes have proven themselves and make your sensitive documents forgery-proof!

Discover our range of secure papers by clicking here!


Data sheet

the ream of 250
the ream of 250
1 year
Printing resistance
A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Printer compatibility
Laser or inkjet printer (black and color), dot-matrix impact printers

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