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High security paper x21 Custom

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the ream of 250

Tax excluded Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines
  • Strong protection against document tampering
  • Fully customizable (logo, security points)
  • 17 High Security Fiduciary custom Points
  • + 3 enhanced security options 
  • 3 levels of control (naked eye, magnifying glass, uv)
  • For all types of printers
  • Lock your documents at a lower cost
Paper weight
Holograms options

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At home on Wednesday 22 March 2023

This X21 security paper allows businesses to seriously secure their documents at low cost. This anti-copy paper has 21 unique and tamper-proof features that cannot be photocopied or replicated to prevent from tampering. In addition, this high- security paper is fully customizable which reinforces its uniqueness and anti-fraud.

This custom security paper is ideal to protect your company or organization from any fraud or forgery attempt. Businesses are severely affected by the falsification of documents. This watermarked certificate paper allows you to authenticate your documents quickly. The fact that it is customizable makes paper replication even more difficult. This anti-counterfeiting paper due to these numerous security points requires a very high level of technology which makes imitation extremely difficult. This authenticating paper represents, with its 21 security points, the highest level of document authentication offered by SBE Direct.

What uses for X21 High Security Paper?

Due to its fully customizable character, this secure paper adapts to all businesses, regardless of activity and sector. In any case, X21 high-security paper can be used by any organization wishing to protect documents containing sensitive information or bodies providing certificates of authenticity or certificates.  The infinite possibilities of the SBE safety paper allow to adapt to the desired use of the paper, it is up to the company to decide its design and usefulness. We have selected compatible safety points for the following functions: qualification/training certification, result sheet, matriculation document, certificate of authenticity, patent/licence, health or study report... The possibilities of use are very wide and depend only on the desired design.

List of different uses of high-security paper X21 to customize
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Short course Diploma (Training course)
  • Confidential examination Question Paper
  • Transcripts ambassade 
  • Revenue/Tax Receipts
  • Subsidy Vouchers (Food/Fuel/etc)
  • Parking Permits
  • Vehicle Registration/Ownership Document
  • Land Registry Documents
  • Election documents
  • Election Results/Tally Certificate
  • Company Share Registration Certificate
  • Mining Licence
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Import/Export Licences
  • Inspection document
  • Identification Document
  • Company contract document
  • Patent/Licence certificate
  • Medical Report
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Jewellery description report

21 safety points + 3 levels of control: Tamper-proof paper

The copy protection paper has 3 levels of verification:

oeil nuvisible to the naked eye

emoji lampe torche visible only in UV light, the UV ink spring bright yellow or blue

emoji loupe visible only with magnifying glass and/or microscope

Thanks to these three control options, verifying the authenticity of the original document becomes easier, even without any instrument. The control instruments only intervene in a second stage in case of doubt: certain levels of safety are not visible to the naked eye and require appropriate tools, because they are made on a high level of technology. Consequently, the imitation of the identical document is practically impossible. 

How to order your X21 secure paper with your company’s identity?

1. Choose your safety points

The table below lists all security points. Secure paper can hold up to 21 security points.

In order to build secure paper suitable for its use, you can choose several or all of these 21 security points. You have a choice between all these security points, but the paper does not have to contain them all. The number of security points depends on the use of paper and some security points are more suitable for certain uses. The price does not vary depending on the number of points, it remains fixed regardless your choices (except the 2 options that vary the price: the weight of paper with or without fibers and the presence of a holographic witness). The majority of the points are customizable, that is to say it is possible to choose the color, the text, the shape...

Security pointsDescriptionVisuals
1.Coating increases the adhesion of toner ink When a laser printer places the toner on the paper, it is possible to use a scalpel or tape to remove the toner from the paper and make a fraudulent alteration. The coating improves the way toner adheres to paper with an improvement of at least 50%. coating increassing adhesion toner security point secure paper
2. Chromotropic ink Ink visible to the naked eye and perceived blue. Under UV lighting, perceived red. chromotropic ink ink changing color under uv light security point
3. Micro & Nano text UV fluorescent  Nano-text printed in invisible UV ink, for example "SBESBE". It is a print on paper. We recommend to put 2-3 of 8 to 10 characters on all the documents so that it remains discreet. Micro-text UV visible with magnifying glass for easier control. nano uv text revealing under uv light
4. Ultra violet dull paper Similar to paper used in the manufacture of cheques and bank notes. Its particularity is to be inert to UV and therefore brings out the UV ink present.  Invisible UV ink can be yellow, blue, red or green with UV light. paper without optical brightener reveals uv ink
5. Guilloche design Lines visible to the naked eye becoming blurry when photocopying and disappearing when attempting to erase text, in reactive inks green guilloches fine lines point security
6. Rainbow colour graduation split duct A rainbow color gradient is created by printing at least two different inks at the same time to create a very smooth color gradient. You have the choice of pantone for the graduation of colors. rainbow color graduation security point
7. Watermark "Eye" in two tones Eye-shaped figures in two different tones, revealing only when a light source is placed behind the sheet. Embedded in the paper. watermark eye in two tones point security
8. Ghost word preventing photocopying Word visible only when photocopying or scanning the document preventing any replication. The word appearing in the copy is to be chosen. word ghost revealed photocopy
9. UV inkjet printed image Safety point only visible to the naked eye under UV light. You can choose the desired shape, here for example a patch.  Invisible UV ink can be yellow, blue, red or green with UV light.  uv ink image revealed uv light
10. Chemical sensitive paper Visible reaction with the naked eye of the paper to any (chemical) erasure attempts. The paper reacts and leaves a different colour trace depending on the solvent used. sensitive paper products chemical security point
11. Solid nanotext background with security key This safety point is a very discreet background design, formed by nano-words printed in a small place. This may include a deliberate error, an inverted letter such as the “E” shown below. security point plain background nanotext security key
12. Solvent reactive ink The ink used on the paper reacts and disappears in contact with certain solvents and leaves a trace of the attempt to modify the document. It is therefore impossible to modify a document, which is possible with traditional laser inks. It is possible to choose the color of this again. security point reactive ink solvents leaves traces
13. 3D numismatic carved text  Text visible to the naked eye. Complex lines that are woven to create an image or word in a sculpted format. Difficult to reproduce numismatic text point security paper secure
14. Thermoreactive ink   Blue ink visible to the naked eye, disappears at +27° and reappears later thermoreactive ink disappears on heat point security paper secured
15. UV ink encrypted sequential number Secure sequential number is only UV light and is identical to that with penetrating black ink. Invisible UV ink can be yellow, blue, red or green with UV light. sequential number uv ink security point
16. Encrypted sequential number with penetrating, migrating and chromotropic black ink This sequential number is visible to the naked eye. It cannot be erased because the black ink has penetrated the paper and becomes green under UV light. In addition, the ink migrates to the back of the paper and turns red. The last 2 digits are a unique encryption key to lock each number. sequential number chromotropic migratory ink security point
17.  Modulus check digit  The module control digit uses a combination of calculations of each serial number digit to generate the number. This is difficult to predict and seems to be a random number. Therefore, the counter-way will be noticed quickly as the control number would be incorrect. variable control point security point secure paper
18.  Front/reverse registration feature This inking is visible on both sides of the sheet and complement each other. The image or form is then whole when viewed through a light. two-sided inking point security paper secure
19. Microtext Micro text visible only by magnifying glass. Too small to be photocopied or scanned. micro text visible magnifier point security paper secure
20. Hologram & micro-embossed foils (OPTION)

The hologram: This hologram is embedded directly in the non-photocopiable paper and cannot be removed. The visual is not definitive, it is also customizable. However, it is only available in silver.

Hologram strip: This tape is similar to the one found on bank notes. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically on your anti-counterfeiting paper.

 Prismatic micro-embossed foil :  different from holograms, it is micro-embossed. The visual presented is not definitive, you can customize the shape and color. Here are the colors available: Silver (ideal), Red, Blue, Green or Transparent.

options secure hologram paper security point
21. Paper with invisible and visible fibres (only available for 95gsm paper (OPTION) This option is only available for 95gsm paper. Fibers embedded in the paper are visible to the naked eye and other fluorescent fibers of 6mm red, green, blue and yellow reveal themselves in UV light. This paper necessarily has a 2 tone watermark in Triangle. This is an extremely difficult security to replicate requires a high level of technology. fibres visibles and invisibles inlaid in paper security point


2. Complete your personalized secure paper

Here are the last two choices for tweaking your paper:

-Paper weight: Depending on the use of your tamper-proof paper, the grammage may vary. For example, 150g paper will be more suitable for certification, while 95g is more common paper than that used in traditional printers. The heavier the grammage, the heavier the paper. 95gsm paper has an additional option (see point 21 of the table).

- 2-color overprint: Personalized paper would not be entirely personalized without your company logo on it. We suggest that you print your logo in two colors of the 2 Pantones (white is not a color). In the context of uses other than a letterhead, any other type of design is possible: specific graphics, backgrounds, Texts.

3. Prepare the mock-up of your foolproof paper

Now that you have chosen the safety points, we must build the paper model. It is about creating the desired final visual of your printable security  paper. We will ask you to provide us with a model ideally under Adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, including a unique layer for each security point to customize. If not, a mock-up under Word, Powerpoint, Paint with one page per security point to customize will allow us to provide you with a Good to Shoot in return.

Please indicate to us all the necessary customizations details (colors, details, numbering, etc.) on each layer or page of your digital document.

Following this, you will be offered a Print Voucher in digital PDF format and its validation (dated and signed) will allow the production of your secure paper, with production deadlines counting from that date. Allow about 4 weeks of production time and one week of delivery.

Note that the tariff presented here includes the first 3 modifications of the BAT. Any subsequent changes will be invoiced 115 €, excluding taxes, per round trip.

Easy to use 

This copy proof paper is compatible with most printers on the market: black & white laser or color, inkjet, impact matrix. It works like your classic printer paper because it resists heat and twisting. It is therefore directly ready for use within your organization. 

To learn more about our range of secure paper, refer to the following two articles: What is the purpose of secure paper? and How many fake documents circulate in (and out) your company? 



Data sheet

the ream of 250
per ream of 250 sheets
1 year
optimal and personalized
Printing resistance
varies between 1.7kg and 2.8kg
A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Printer compatibility
Laser or inkjet printer (black and color), dot-matrix impact printers
95gsm; 120gsm or 150gsm

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Holograms options Hologram Ref. SEP-SED-PAS-17-95-TH 

Quantités Prix € HT
Prix € HT
95gsm with fibres
Prix € HT
Prix € HT
10 677 € 955 € 764 € 800 €
25 322 € 450 € 365 € 397 €
50 196 € 343 € 225 € 259 €
100 146 € 228 € 173 € 215 €

Holograms options Hologram strip Ref. SEP-SED-PAS-17-95-BH 

Quantités Prix € HT
Prix € HT
95gsm with fibres
Prix € HT
Prix € HT
10 887 € 1182 € 990 € 1027 €
25 418 € 554 € 469 € 502 €
50 252 € 404 € 286 € 320 €
100 187 € 269 € 214 € 255 €

Holograms options Silver prismatic micro-embossed foil Ref. SEP-SED-PAS-17-95-FD 

Quantités Prix € HT
Prix € HT
95gsm with fibres
Prix € HT
Prix € HT
10 677 € 874 € 764 € 800 €
25 322 € 417 € 365 € 397 €
50 196 € 321 € 225 € 259 €
100 146 € 215 € 173 € 215 €

Holograms options None Ref. SEP-SED-PAS-17-95

Quantités Prix € HT
Prix € HT
95gsm with fibres
Prix € HT
Prix € HT
10 533 € 787 € 669 € 645 €
25 256 € 375 € 319 € 326 €
50 158 € 296 € 198 € 218 €
100 121 € 198 € 155 € 185 €

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