secure certificate paper x17
    • secure certificate paper x17
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    • security diploma paper x17 visible security point englsih
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    Secure certificate paper x17

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    • 17 Safety Points
    • Impossible to falsify diploma
    • Multi-use (diploma, certification, patents, etc.)
    • 3 levels of control (naked eye, magnifying glass, uv)
    • Fast and easy authentication 
    • Strong protection of your certifications at lower cost

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    This certificate diploma helps to protect the official papers of obtaining certificate, diploma, etc. With its 17 security points, you have the assurance that no fake diploma from your institution will circulate in the wild, and provide your graduates with the authenticity of their document.  Its conception was also designed to be multi-purpose. This security paper is not only for diplomas but also for competition prizes, certifications, patents, awards…

    Check out our video dedicated to the X17 security certificate paper to understand its usefulness and all its high security points.

    The use of secure certificate paper

    Indeed, the background of this certificate paper A4 consists of guilloches (thin lines in bottom) with a rosette in the center with guilloche borders. This structure difficult to reproduce is typical of diplomas but this paper is not limited to this use. Due to the characteristics chosen by SBE, this paper diploma adapts to several uses: contest prizes, certificates, titles, patents and patent, deed of notoriety/marriage, etc. 

    This paper is also universal in its format: it can be used in landscape format -more suitable for diplomas and certificates- but also in portrait format -more suitable for patents or deeds. This secure certificate paper is multi-use that is declined according to what is printed on it.

    Ready to-use and easy-to-use paper

    This thick certificate paper is very easy to use. This tamper-proof paper is compatible with most printers on the market: black & white laser or color, inkjet, impact matrix. It works like your classic printer paper because it resists heat and twisting. It is therefore directly ready for use within your organization. 

    To learn more about our range of secure paper, refer to the following two articles: What is the purpose of secure paper? and How many fake documents circulate in (and out) your company?

    A security paper

    The SBE Direct diploma paper contains a large number of safety points that are visible to the naked eye or using inexpensive tools such as a UV lamp and a magnifying glass. Each security point requires a specific technology and by adding all the security points together, the paper requires such technological knowledge that replication becomes almost impossible. Counterfeiting is therefore extremely difficult.  In addition, some of its features are not photocopyable, which ensures the authenticity of your document: it is unique and it is easily verifiable. 

    In addition to the security points, the paper used in this case is a special paper. Indeed, it is «without optical brighteners», which means that it is inert to UV thus allowing to bring out the UV ink present. This specific paper is similar to that used when making cheques and banknotes.  

    When a traditional laser printer attaches toner ink to the paper, it is always possible to use a scalpel or tape to remove the toner from the paper and make a fraudulent alteration. On the other hand, this paper diploma contains a special coating that improves the way the toner adheres to the paper with an improvement of at least 50%, which prevents this type of counterfeiting.

    This paper diploma and ink are also sensitive to solvents (acetone, alcohol, propanol…) and chemicals (chlorine, alkaline solution, acid, polar organic solvent) which means that if there has been an attempt to modify the document, the paper will be stained and the fraud will therefore be immediately visible. 

    The paper is therefore highly secured not only by the characteristics of the paper, but also by all the security points that cannot be replicated or photocopied. It is a paper degree infalsifiable, anti-copy and tamper resistant. 

    The safety points

    It should be noted that, even if the naked eye is enough to check the first safety points, two simple and inexpensive tools will be required in order to do a very complete verification of the document. 

    •  A UV light (link) to reveal points in UV or chromotropic ink. 
    •  A magnifying glass to identify the smallest safety points and therefore the most difficult to tamper with such as the micro text and nano text

    Security pointsDescriptionVisuals
    1. Silver prismatic micro-embossed foil Unlike holograms, it is micro-enbossed. It is anchored in paper and cannot be lifted off. paper security point micro embossed foil embedded
    2. Sequential number with penetrating, migrating and chromotropic black inkThis sequential number is visible to the naked eye. It cannot be erased because the black ink has penetrated the paper and becomes green under UV light. In addition, the ink migrates to the back of the paper and turns red. The last 2 digits are a unique encryption key to lock each number.paper security point sequential number penetrating migrating chromotropic ink
    3. Modulus check digitThe module control digit uses a combination of calculations of each serial number digit to generate the number. This is difficult to predict and seems to be a random number. Therefore, the counter-way will be noticed quickly as the control number would be incorrect. secure point secure certificate paper modulus check digit
    4. MicrotextMicro text visible only by magnifying glass. Too small to be photocopied or scanned. This micro text is in the border and in the rosette. paper security point microtext rosette
    5. Guilloche designLines visible to the naked eye becoming blurry when photocopying and disappearing when attempting to erase text, in reactive inksgreen guilloches fine lines point security
    6. Rainbow colour graduation split ductA rainbow color gradient is created by printing at least two different inks at the same time to create a very smooth color gradient. You have the choice of pantone for the graduation of colors.paper security point rainbow split duct
    7. 3D numismatic carved text

    Text visible to the naked eye. Complex lines that are woven to create a word in a sculpted format. Difficult to reproduce. This safety point is:

    • on front in the rose window 
    • on front in corners 
    • on the reverse
    paper security point 3d numismatic text
    8. Chromotropic inkThe ink is visible to the naked eye in black but appears green under UV light.paper security point chromotropic ink rosette
    9. Front/reverse registration featureThis inking is visible on both sides of the sheet and complement each other. The image or form is then whole when viewed through a light. paper security point front reverse registration feature
    10. Watermark "Eye" in two tonesEye-shaped figures in two different tones, revealing only when a light source is placed behind the sheet. Embedded in the paper.paper security point watermarked certificate paper
    11. Micro & Nano text UV fluorescentNano-text printed in invisible UV ink, for example "SBESBE". It is a print on paper. Micro-text UV visible with magnifying glass for easier control. secure point secure certificate paper micro nano text uv fluorescent
    12. UV inkjet printed imageSafety point only visible to the naked eye under UV light. secure point secure certificate paper uv inkjet printed image
    13. Coating increases the adhesion of toner inkWhen a laser printer places the toner on the paper, it is possible to use a scalpel or tape to remove the toner from the paper and make a fraudulent alteration. The coating improves the way toner adheres to paper with an improvement of at least 50%. paper security point coating increasing adhesion toner ink
    14. Chemical sensitive paperVisible reaction with the naked eye of the paper to any (chemical) erasure attempts. The paper reacts and leaves a different colour trace depending on the solvent used. paper security point chemicals sensitive paper
    15. Solvent reactive inkThe ink used on the paper reacts and disappears in contact with certain solvents and leaves a trace of the attempt to modify the document. It is therefore impossible to modify a document, which is possible with traditional laser inks. paper security point solvent reactive ink
    16. UV ink encrypted  sequential numberSecure sequential number is only UV light and is identical to that with penetrating black ink.  sequential number uv ink security point
    17. Ultra violet dull paperSimilar to paper used in the manufacture of cheques and bank notes. Its particularity is to be inert to UV and therefore brings out the UV ink present. Here the example of an image paper security point uv dull paper bills under uv light


    Data sheet

    the ream of 250
    per ream of 250 sheets
    1 year
    Printing resistance
    A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
    Printer compatibility
    Laser or inkjet printer (black and color), dot-matrix impact printers

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