customized plastic retractable reel for badge sbe
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge sbe
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge for ratp transport en
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge with ratp logo
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge sbe logo en

    Customized Plastic Retractable Reel for Badge

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    • Convenient to use
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    • A large choice for optimal presentation of your badges
    • High quality level
    • Customisable badge-holder reel
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    Keep your badge handy by hanging it on your belt with a zip-tie

    Ideal for hanging your badge on your belt, this zip-tie is mainly used in companies for access-control badges to be presented or inserted in a reader. The SBE badge holder zip-tie easily adjusts to the belt and ensures optimum user comfort. The retractable cord of the badge holder reel is 72 cm long and ends with a lanyard with a reinforced metal clip, providing high resistance to pull-off thanks to better contact during closure.

    Customise your zip-tie reel

    1) Customisation of the logo

    The zip-tie can be customised with a logo (1 colour or four-colour) so as to include a brand image for your company. The 30 mm diameter box exists in 6 colours:

                       Dark grey GRF
     Light greyGR
     Dark blueBL

    Your company logo can be shown on the zip-tie using a Ø20mm vinyl label without protection or with a resin dome on the label. The dome is a transparent dual-component polyurethane resin, which is usually deposited on the label and provides a resin layer of 1.5 to 2 millimetres with a slightly convex effect. The resin provides both protection — a varnish of 2 millimetres is deposited on the label, protecting it and making it almost indestructible — and also an aesthetic appearance to your logo. You therefore have a choice between two finishes when selecting your product.

    2) Label protection

    If you are more interested in a Single-colour plastic badge reel without customisation, you can follow the appropriate link.


    Our zip-ties are sold in packets of 100 and require no assembly before use.


    Data sheet

    les 100 zip
    Par paquets de 100
    1 an
    Code catalogue
    C211 D221 E084
    Format du boîtier
    Ø 32 mm
    Format du cordon
    72 cm
    Diamètre de l'étiquette
    Ø 20 mm

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    • Increases the longevity of your badges
    • Easy to use
    • Ensures maximum visibility in any situation
    • Degressive pricing

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