customized plastic retractable reel for badge sbe
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge sbe
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge for ratp transport en
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge with ratp logo
    • customized plastic retractable reel for badge sbe logo en

    Customized Plastic Retractable Reel for Badge

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    100 rewinders

    Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
    • Convenient to use
    • Lower prices for quantity
    • A large choice for optimal presentation of your badges
    • High quality level
    • Customisable badge-holder reel

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    Keep your badge handy by hanging it on your belt with a zip-tie

    Ideal for hanging your badge on your belt, this zip-tie is mainly used in companies for access-control badges to be presented or inserted in a reader. The SBE badge holder zip-tie easily adjusts to the belt and ensures optimum user comfort. The retractable cord of the badge holder reel is 72 cm long and ends with a lanyard with a reinforced metal clip, providing high resistance to pull-off thanks to better contact during closure.

    Customise your zip-tie reel

    1) Customisation of the logo

    The zip-tie can be customised with a logo (1 colour or four-colour) so as to include a brand image for your company. The 30 mm diameter box exists in 6 colours:

                       Dark grey GRF
    Light greyGR
    Dark blueBL

    Your company logo can be shown on the zip-tie using a Ø20mm vinyl label without protection or with a resin dome on the label. The dome is a transparent dual-component polyurethane resin, which is usually deposited on the label and provides a resin layer of 1.5 to 2 millimetres with a slightly convex effect. The resin provides both protection — a varnish of 2 millimetres is deposited on the label, protecting it and making it almost indestructible — and also an aesthetic appearance to your logo. You therefore have a choice between two finishes when selecting your product.

    2) Label protection

    On the right side, the vinyl label with the top resine and on the left side, the label without the top resine.

    If you are more interested in a Single-colour plastic badge reel without customisation, you can follow the appropriate link.


    Our zip-ties are sold in packets of 100 and require no assembly before use.


    Data sheet

    100 rewinders
    In packs of 100
    1 year
    Catalog code
    C211 D221 E084
    Housing format
    Ø 32 mm
    Cord size
    72 cm
    Label diameter
    Ø 20 mm

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    Label Vinyl label Ref. ICB-ZIP-4CO-VIN

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Four color process
    Prix € HT
    1 color
    3 234 € 218 €
    5 193 € 175 €
    10 156 € 147 €

    Label Top resin vinyl label Ref. ICB-ZIP-4CO-VTR

    Quantités Prix € HT
    Four color process
    Prix € HT
    1 color
    3 239 € 223 €
    5 196 € 177 €
    10 158 € 147 €

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