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Rigid badge holder

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the 100 badge holders

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Your employee badges and company cards are in constant contact with objects that can cause damage to their usage. That’s why we have created the rigid badge holder. A true ally for long-lasting badges, it will keep your cards away from friction!

The rigid badge holder is an essential accessory for identifying employees and visitors during events or within a company. Our transparent badge holder is designed for daily use, ensured notably by its solidity, transparency, anti-UV treatment, and environmental sustainability. In this product sheet, we will present in detail all the characteristics and advantages of the rigid badge holder. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for any general or technical questions.

What is a rigid badge holder used for?

There is a wide typology of badge holders, where each one is equipped with specificities making them essential in some cases and useless in others. Here are the different types of badge holders:

  • Soft badge holder (transparent or not);
  • Rigid badge holder (transparent or not);
  • Plastic badge holder;
  • Leather badge holder.

The family of badge holders is large and extensive, grouping together types of transparent, opaque, personalized, horizontal, vertical badge holders, etc..

If you require maximum protection for your company cards and badges, the rigid badge holder is the ideal product. The choice of a badge holder is often made lightly or occurs at the end of the line, thereby reducing the budget allocated to it.

Nevertheless, choosing a suitable badge holder is essential for the longevity of your badges. We recommend that you choose the transparent rigid badge holder if you have badges or PVC RFID cards equipped with electronic chips. These chips contain and store a large amount of data; it goes without saying that they are sensitive to water contact. Also, they must be preserved from the slightest drop of water and friction.

Technical Features of the Rigid Badge Holder

The rigid badge holder is made of polycarbonate for the front face, while the back face is frosted to improve the visibility of the content. Polycarbonate is a high-quality material known for its strength and shock resistance. The frosted back face offers a matte surface that reduces reflections, allowing for better visibility of the badge’s content. The badge holder is transparent to allow for easy and quick identification. The complete transparency also allows for a 360° visibility of the badge’s content, making it an ideal solution for professional events and trade shows.

The transparent badge holder has a standard format of 86 x 54 mm, which accommodates credit cards, standard PVC cards, badge cards, bank cards, and identification cards. We have chosen the credit card format because the majority of cards (conference badge, loyalty card, company card, etc.) are of this size. The badge holder is also available in two different orientations: horizontal and vertical. This way, we can meet all your needs, whether your visuals require portrait or landscape orientation. The horizontal format is best suited for bank cards, while the vertical format is perfect for badges and business cards.

At SBE Direct, we focus on effective and durable products. Therefore, our transparent badge holder has undergone UV protection treatment for better protection against fading and deterioration. This treatment protects cards and badges from harmful UV rays, thereby prolonging their lifespan.

Finally, the entire SBE Direct team works every day to offer you environmentally responsible products whenever possible. Therefore, we are proud to announce that the rigid badge holder is recyclable. Polycarbonate is a recyclable material that is recovered and reused at the end of its life. Therefore, the transparent badge holder is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Why is Using a Rigid Badge Holder Essential?

For professional use, the use of a badge holder is essential. Besides the added security dimension that a badge holder brings to its content, it makes it visible and less cumbersome. Attachment solutions exist and even allow you to clip your transparent badge holder to your clothes, significantly reducing the risk of loss or theft. In this regard, discover our badge attachments compatible with our transparent badge holder. The compatibility of our badge holder allows you to pair it with various attachment solutions such as plastic badge clips, metal badge clips, badge retractors, or even badge lanyards.

The rigid badge holder is an easy-to-use tool and is suitable for all types of badges and plastic cards. Inserting and removing cards is simple and quick, thanks to its rigidity. This provides effective protection against shocks and damage, thereby protecting cards and badges.

The transparency of the rigid badge holder ensures quick identification and clear visibility of the badge’s content. Its size is perfectly adapted to most badges and identity cards, making it an ideal choice for professional or personal use. The rigid badge holder is thus a practical and functional solution for all your identification needs.

In addition, the rigid badge holder is easy to maintain and clean. Simply wipe it with soapy water and let it air dry to keep it clean and in good condition. It is recommended to store the badge holder away from direct sunlight for better protection. The rigid badge holder is thus an accessory that is easy to maintain for daily use.

Transparent badge holder: A low-cost advertising tool

While a badge holder certainly provides additional security for its contents, such as credit cards, identification cards, company badges, and RFID cards, it also has a marketing dimension. It turns a simple company badge into a showcase for your brand image and allows you to connect with potential clients or partners.

By customizing your company badges and cards with your brand’s colors, adding a transparent badge holder will highlight essential identification information, as well as your brand image.

Ultimately, choosing the rigid badge holder means choosing secure identification, enhanced brand image, and card protection (credit cards, access cards, identification cards, loyalty cards, or even identity cards).

Would you like to learn more about access cards and RFID badges and cards? Discover our wide ranges! Do you have a question about our range of compatible accessories? Contact our teams now: Contact us.


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