Waterproof hard case

The waterproof hard cases allow you to transport your large professional equipment in complete safety. Thanks to its automatic pressure balancing valve technology, its waterproofness ensures the protection of its contents in the most extreme conditions. Available in many sizes, you will find the right waterproof case for your needs. Your fragile objects deserve the best protection. 

Waterproof hard cases: to transport your professional equipment safely

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Why choose a waterproof carrying case?

You are a photographer reporter in a marine environment and your working tools must benefit from a maximum protection? Your activity requires you to transport sensitive and fragile equipment in optimal conditions? Then the waterproof transport cases are the products you need! 

The waterproof cases are improved cases for an optimal protection during the transport of your professional equipment, resistant to shocks. Instead of carrying bulky and fragile items in bags, carrying cases are the best option. Some cases are available in different colors: green, orange, yellow or sand color. The different colors can help differentiate the different contents of the cases or their affiliation. For example, the orange cases contain fragile and potentially dangerous materials while the black ones carry confidential documents. 

Our cases close with two "push and pull" latches that close and open easily. These latches make the case waterproof and dustproof. 

All of our cases are equipped with a O-ring for a padlock to prevent unauthorized opening of the case. This ring is 9mm in diameter, therefore compatible padlocks must have a handle less than 9mm in diameter to fit through the ring. We advise you to use the PROFI High Security Padlock - Large Shackle or the DIAMOND Very High Security Padlock.

 The key options on the latter, allow a better management of the access to the case. To understand the difference between the same and different keys, consult our article that will help you choose your padlock. Plastic security seals with unique sequential numbers can also be used to ensure that the contents have not been compromised.

For added security, there are safe protective cases that have a metal reinforcement at the padlock ring to prevent forced opening. Standard pre-cut foam is optional on our cases: this foam is made up of small pre-cut cubes, which can be easily removed to create the right cavities for your equipment. This way, it is well protected and you ensure that no breakage is possible. 

A robust copolymer case for easy transport 

Our waterproof hard cases are all made from very strong polymers: 

  • Polypropylene: particularly hard and rigid, this material resists very well to high temperatures (over 100°) and is extremely resistant to shocks and external aggressions (UV, solvents...) 
  • High resistance injected polyethylene: this material is lighter than polypropylene (PP). This technology offers a military protection, your objects deserve the best protection. 

The padlock rings, handles and latches are also made of polymer, the same material as the case. 

What are the advantages of a waterproof case?

example of submerged  waterproof caseWaterproof hardcases, unlike conventional cases, have been tested and certified to be resistant to dust and liquids. Thanks to these tests, it is possible to assign a Protection Index (IP) to a case that measures the resistance of a device to dust and water. This index applies to all products: smartphones, walkie-talkies, cases ... It was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission. 

The protection index consists of two numbers: the first indicates the level of protection against dust and the second, its waterproofness. 

There are two levels of protection in our cases. The first and least effective protection is IP54. Level 5 on the solid protection scale corresponds to impermeability to dust deposits. Level 4 on the waterproofing scale corresponds to protection against water splashes. The case cannot be submerged without damaging its contents. 

The second highest protection rating is IP67. Knowing that the best protection index according to this index is IP68. 

The IP67 refers to a total impermeability to dust and a guaranteed waterproofness up to 1 meter and for 30 minutes. 

Waterproof cases to protect your technical and specific products

There are over 30 models in our range of waterproof hard cases and some are available with wheels for smoother, less effortful transport.

All cases have specific dimensions that can hold any object, regardless of its size. The measurements listed in the product title are the outside dimensions, for useful inside dimensions, see the features/download tab of the product sheet.  

Our waterproof transport cases are designed to protect technical and professional equipment, of great market value or extremely fragile. Our waterproof hardcases can carry weapons, valuable electronic devices, cameras, vaccines... The list of possibilities is endless. 

Customization of waterproof cases.

example different sizes waterproof casesOur carrying waterproof hard cases are customizable. There are two customization options available on all cases.

The first is custom foam machining. This machined foam is denser, stronger and machined to the dimensions of your equipment. You have the choice of the foam used: cross-linked polyethylene foam (plastitrogen, XPE), polyurethane foam and on request, all specific types (antistatic foam, conductive foam, fireproof foam, etc.). 

It is also possible to color the foam for a better visualization of the presence or absence of material in the case.

The second option is industrial marking. A product marked with your brand allows you to spread your brand image to your customers. It is quite possible to put your logo, your tagline, a serial number on your valid. The serial number can be a real asset if each of your salesmen or employees has his own case. 

The marking can be done via two techniques: screen printing (high quality printing but more expensive) or via adhesive lettering (use of vinyl, simpler and more economical).

Don't hesitate to ask for a quote to know the price of your personalized case.

Simplified transportation with cases with retractable handles and wheels

For the most cumbersome cases and likely to carry large and heavy objects, we have a range of cases with wheels. Your movements will then be easier and more convenient. The retractable handle makes it possible to adjust to the size of the person. There are also waterproof hardcases with oversized wheels so that the cases can be transported even in the most hostile environments.