Self-laminating Asset Labels

Discover our fully or partially customizable labels

You don't know the numbers of your labels in advance? SBE presents you our blank or pre-printed double adhesive polyester labels with your fixed information such as your logo. You can then print your information yourself using a thermal transfer printer.

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the 300 tablets

Customized Mobisafe Antitheft Label with color logo This Antitheft label for mobiles protects your equipment from theft and enables you to identify your...
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100 markings

Much more than a simple label protecting you against theft, this SBE Standard Anti-theft Tamperproof Label is totally tear-proof and permanently imprinted...

Double adhesive polyester label: top-of-the-range and economical product

All your fixed or variable information is printed in high resolution thanks to a thermal transfer printer, with a precision close to screen printing, while respecting your graphic charter. This will strengthen your company's image and certify the ownership of your property permanently. Also take advantage of our highly digressive rate and do not hesitate to estimate the quantity you need.